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Betting FAQ

Frequently asked question (FAQ)

What does 1X2 mean?

1x2 is the name of the most frequent type of bet. 1 means the odds for the home team to win. X is the odds for the draw, and 2 is the odds of the away team winning the game.

What does 6 on Manchester City mean?

This number symbolises confidence in the outcome calculated by our predicting model. There is a scale from 1 to 10. 1 is the unlikeliest to happen, while 10 is the likeliest.

What does it under/over mean?

Under/over is a very popular bet type. It means that fewer or more goals will be scored in a specific game. The primary value for under/over is 2.5 goals. Under means that less than three goals will be scored during the match. Over means that more than two goals will be scored.

What bankroll for betting is enough?

We do not recommend using more than 1-5% of your betting budget (depending on the odds value you are betting on). Most online bookmakers enable bets of only $1 or less.

Do you have data of previous predictions?

No, we display predictions for future games only.

How can I deposit money on SoccerVista?

SoccerVista is not a bookmaker and does not operate with money. On, we only provide sports statistics, predictions and results.

What bookmaker do you recommend to bet with?

Our recommended bookmakers can be found in our bookmakers section. They offer very good odds, and they are stable and strong brands. You can trust them to deposit there.

Is online betting reliable?

Yes, in most countries. In some countries, online betting is illegal. Make sure to check the specific situation in your country.

Is SoccerVista free for users, or are there some paid services?

SoccerVista is completely free of charge. We offer free professional services to our users.

Do you cover other sports such as horse racing, tennis or basketball?

Unfortunately, we currently offer just soccer games. Based on our name and long history - SoccerVista!

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