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Home field importance If you are interested in what competitions is home field biggest advantage. Check this. Leagues ordered by average points for home team.
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Number of goals Leagues ordered by average number of goals.
Under Over 1.5 Leagues ordered by occurrence of games with more than two goals.
Under Over 2.5 Leagues ordered by occurrence of games with more than three goals.
Under Over 3.5 Leagues ordered by occurrence of games with more than four goals.
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Soccer competitions ordered by draw occurrence.

Group 1Draw occurrence in these leagues is extremely high.
Group 2Draws are more common in these leagues.
Group 3Number of draws is in average.
Group 4Draws are less common in these leagues.
Group 5In these leagues draw occurance is very low.

 countryleagueHome team winsHome team drawshome team lostDraws %
2MoldovaNational Division19221539.29
3PeruPrimera Division - Apertura3020635.71
4InternationalEURO U21 Qualification Grp. 466633.33
5CameroonElite One120957233.1
6BrazilSerie C Grp. A38241332
7BrazilSerie B62514731.88
8IraqPremier League1711208931.58
9KenyaPremier League81645931.37
10UruguaySegunda Division37282630.77
12KenyaNational Super League87615530.05
13ColombiaPrimera B67372029.84
14Sweden1. Division North50404629.41
15BelarusPremier League52394229.32
16ThailandThai League 282452729.22
17GermanyOberliga Bayern South107729.17
18BrazilSerie A73402528.99
19South KoreaK-League 140334128.95
20Norway2. Divisjon Avd. 232242728.92
21ChinaChina League56342828.81
22MalaysiaPremier League46313128.7
24ChilePrimera Division52363928.35
25FinlandKakkonen - Lohko A30222628.21
26JapanJ. League 359414827.7
32InternationalEURO U21 Qualification Grp. 385626.32
33JapanJ. League 2103689225.86
34NigeriaProfessional Football League167611225.42
35IndonesiaLiga 188382425.33
36South KoreaK-League 237253725.25
37Sweden2. Division Norra Goetaland43243124.49
38Sweden2. Division Oestra Goetaland49242524.49
39ChinaSuper League46253224.27
40Norway1. Division32161824.24
42AustraliaSouthern State League49294224.17
44JapanJ. League64365223.68
45ChilePrimera B68303023.44
46South KoreaNational League20142623.33
47GeorgiaErovnuli Liga37213223.33
48AustraliaNew South Wales Premier League 259345423.13
49GermanyOberliga Bayern North116923.08
51Sweden1. Division South67313822.79
52PeruSegunda Division63252422.32
53USAMajor League Soccer124515522.17
54LithuaniaA Lyga26163121.92
55Sweden2. Division Soedra Svealand41213421.88
56KazakhstanPremier League55253521.74
57Norway3. Divisjon Avd. 535183021.69
59Sweden2. Division Norrland43213421.43
61ThailandThai League103466721.3
62Norway1. Divisjon60274021.26
63MalaysiaSuper Liga62263521.14
64RussiaNational Football League541021.05
66FinlandKakkonen - Lohko B40162021.05
67AustraliaBrisbane Premier League47223720.75
68AustraliaNew South Wales49234220.18
69InternationalEURO U21 Qualification Grp. 274920
70InternationalEURO U21 Qualification Grp. 984820
71AustraliaNorthern New South Wales36183620
72JapanNadeshiko League 12091620
73AustraliaVictorian Premier League One80439519.72
74Sweden2. Division Vaestra Goetaland44193419.59
75Ireland1. Division49203619.05
76InternationalEURO U21 Qualification Grp. 6104719.05
77InternationalEURO U21 Qualification Grp. 5114619.05
78InternationalWorld Cup Qualification UEFA Grp. 683518.75
79Norway3. Divisjon Avd. 249183018.56
81IrelandPremier Division65234017.97
82Norway3. Divisjon Avd. 643152617.86
85Norway3. Divisjon Avd. 350173117.35
86BrazilSerie C Grp. B43131917.33
89Iceland1. Deild31122916.67
90FinlandKakkonen - Lohko C39132616.67
91Norway3. Divisjon Avd. 155162616.49
92AustraliaNPL Youth Victoria71234916.08
94InternationalEURO U21 Qualification Grp. 873915.79
95AustraliaTasmania Premier League2892315
96Faroe IslandsPremier League30113514.47
97Norway2. Divisjon Avd. 153143014.43
99Sweden2. Division Norra Svealand42134113.54
100Norway3. Divisjon Avd. 438113313.41
101PhilippinesPhilippines Football League2672112.96
102TaiwanNational League2982612.7
103InternationalWorld Cup Qualification UEFA Grp. 162812.5
104InternationalWorld Cup Qualification UEFA Grp. 462812.5
105GermanyRegionalliga Bayern72712.5
106AustraliaQueensland Premier League61155011.9
107InternationalWorld Cup Qualification UEFA Grp. 762911.76
108Lithuania1. Division43103711.11
109AustraliaBrisbane Capital League Division One45103610.99
110InternationalEURO U21 Qualification Grp. 1112710
111AustraliaNPL Youth Western6414669.72
115AustraliaNPL Youth Queensland518408.08
116InternationalWorld Cup Qualification UEFA Grp. 37186.25
117InternationalWorld Cup Qualification UEFA Grp. 57186.25
118InternationalWorld Cup Qualification UEFA Grp. 210156.25
119InternationalEURO U21 Qualification Grp. 781115

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