Bolivia Primera Division - Apertura 2019 Bolivia | Primera Division - Apertura | 2019


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28 Mar15LostWonLostWonDrawSan JoseWonWonWonWonWonBlooming6 on Bloomingover1:2More details about San Jose - Blooming football game
30 Mar14LostLostWonDrawWonAlways ReadyLostLostLostLostDrawSport Boys Warnes8 on Always Readyover3:0More details about Always Ready - Sport Boys Warnes football game
30 Mar14WonLostWonDrawLostRoyal PariLostWonLostLostLostOriente Petrolero3 on Royal Pariover2:1More details about Royal Pari - Oriente Petrolero football game
31 Mar14WonLostWonWonLostGuabiraLostDrawLostDrawLostReal Potosi8 on Guabiraover3:0More details about Guabira - Real Potosi football game
31 Mar14LostWonWonWonWonNacional PotosiLostWonLostWonDrawSan Jose10 on Nacional Potosiover3:0More details about Nacional Potosi - San Jose football game
31 Mar14WonDrawWonDrawWonBolivarWonLostWonDrawLostJorge Wilstermann6 on Bolivarover2:1More details about Bolivar - Jorge Wilstermann football game
31 Mar14LostWonDrawLostLostAuroraWonDrawLostWonLostThe Strongest5 on The Strongestover1:2More details about Aurora - The Strongest football game
1 Apr14WonWonWonWonWonBloomingWonLostLostDrawDrawDestroyers10 on Bloomingover4:1More details about Blooming - Destroyers football game
3 Apr15LostLostLostLostDrawSport Boys WarnesLostWonDrawLostLostAurora2 on Sport Boys Warnesover2:1More details about Sport Boys Warnes - Aurora football game
4 Apr15WonLostWonDrawLostJorge WilstermannLostLostWonDrawWonAlways Ready5 on Jorge Wilstermannover2:1More details about Jorge Wilstermann - Always Ready football game
4 Apr15LostWonLostLostLostOriente PetroleroLostDrawLostDrawLostReal Potosi9 on Oriente Petroleroover3:0More details about Oriente Petrolero - Real Potosi football game
4 Apr15LostWonWonWonWonNacional PotosiWonLostWonWonLostGuabira10 on Nacional Potosiover3:0More details about Nacional Potosi - Guabira football game
5 Apr15The StrongestRoyal PariMore details about The Strongest - Royal Pari football game
5 Apr15DestroyersBolivarMore details about Destroyers - Bolivar football game
6 Apr16Always ReadyDestroyersMore details about Always Ready - Destroyers football game
7 Apr16AuroraJorge WilstermannMore details about Aurora - Jorge Wilstermann football game
7 Apr16Real PotosiThe StrongestMore details about Real Potosi - The Strongest football game
7 Apr16BolivarSan JoseMore details about Bolivar - San Jose football game
7 Apr16GuabiraOriente PetroleroMore details about Guabira - Oriente Petrolero football game
8 Apr16BloomingNacional PotosiMore details about Blooming - Nacional Potosi football game
9 Apr16Royal PariSport Boys WarnesMore details about Royal Pari - Sport Boys Warnes football game
13 Apr17Nacional PotosiBolivarMore details about Nacional Potosi - Bolivar football game
13 Apr17Sport Boys WarnesReal PotosiMore details about Sport Boys Warnes - Real Potosi football game
13 Apr17DestroyersAuroraMore details about Destroyers - Aurora football game
14 Apr17San JoseAlways ReadyMore details about San Jose - Always Ready football game
14 Apr17The StrongestOriente PetroleroMore details about The Strongest - Oriente Petrolero football game
14 Apr17Jorge WilstermannRoyal PariMore details about Jorge Wilstermann - Royal Pari football game
15 Apr17BloomingGuabiraMore details about Blooming - Guabira football game
17 Apr18GuabiraThe StrongestMore details about Guabira - The Strongest football game
18 Apr18BolivarBloomingMore details about Bolivar - Blooming football game
18 Apr18Real PotosiJorge WilstermannMore details about Real Potosi - Jorge Wilstermann football game
19 Apr18Royal PariDestroyersMore details about Royal Pari - Destroyers football game
19 Apr18AuroraSan JoseMore details about Aurora - San Jose football game
20 Apr19Sport Boys WarnesThe StrongestMore details about Sport Boys Warnes - The Strongest football game
21 Apr19Nacional PotosiAuroraMore details about Nacional Potosi - Aurora football game
21 Apr19San JoseRoyal PariMore details about San Jose - Royal Pari football game
21 Apr19BolivarGuabiraMore details about Bolivar - Guabira football game
21 Apr19Jorge WilstermannOriente PetroleroMore details about Jorge Wilstermann - Oriente Petrolero football game
22 Apr19BloomingAlways ReadyMore details about Blooming - Always Ready football game
22 Apr19DestroyersReal PotosiMore details about Destroyers - Real Potosi football game
24 Apr18Always ReadyNacional PotosiMore details about Always Ready - Nacional Potosi football game
26 Apr18Oriente PetroleroSport Boys WarnesMore details about Oriente Petrolero - Sport Boys Warnes football game
27 Apr20Always ReadyBolivarMore details about Always Ready - Bolivar football game
27 Apr20Real PotosiSan JoseMore details about Real Potosi - San Jose football game
28 Apr20Royal PariNacional PotosiMore details about Royal Pari - Nacional Potosi football game
28 Apr20GuabiraSport Boys WarnesMore details about Guabira - Sport Boys Warnes football game
28 Apr20The StrongestJorge WilstermannMore details about The Strongest - Jorge Wilstermann football game
28 Apr20AuroraBloomingMore details about Aurora - Blooming football game
29 Apr20Oriente PetroleroDestroyersMore details about Oriente Petrolero - Destroyers football game
1 May21Always ReadyGuabiraMore details about Always Ready - Guabira football game
1 May21Nacional PotosiReal PotosiMore details about Nacional Potosi - Real Potosi football game
1 May21BolivarAuroraMore details about Bolivar - Aurora football game
1 May21DestroyersThe StrongestMore details about Destroyers - The Strongest football game
2 May21BloomingRoyal PariMore details about Blooming - Royal Pari football game
3 May21Jorge WilstermannSport Boys WarnesMore details about Jorge Wilstermann - Sport Boys Warnes football game
3 May21San JoseOriente PetroleroMore details about San Jose - Oriente Petrolero football game
4 May22Royal PariBolivarMore details about Royal Pari - Bolivar football game
4 May22AuroraAlways ReadyMore details about Aurora - Always Ready football game
5 May22GuabiraJorge WilstermannMore details about Guabira - Jorge Wilstermann football game
5 May22Real PotosiBloomingMore details about Real Potosi - Blooming football game
5 May22The StrongestSan JoseMore details about The Strongest - San Jose football game
6 May22Oriente PetroleroNacional PotosiMore details about Oriente Petrolero - Nacional Potosi football game
7 May22Sport Boys WarnesDestroyersMore details about Sport Boys Warnes - Destroyers football game
11 May23BolivarReal PotosiMore details about Bolivar - Real Potosi football game
11 May23Always ReadyRoyal PariMore details about Always Ready - Royal Pari football game
11 May23AuroraGuabiraMore details about Aurora - Guabira football game
12 May23DestroyersJorge WilstermannMore details about Destroyers - Jorge Wilstermann football game
12 May23Nacional PotosiThe StrongestMore details about Nacional Potosi - The Strongest football game
12 May23San JoseSport Boys WarnesMore details about San Jose - Sport Boys Warnes football game
13 May23BloomingOriente PetroleroMore details about Blooming - Oriente Petrolero football game
15 May24Royal PariAuroraMore details about Royal Pari - Aurora football game
16 May24Real PotosiAlways ReadyMore details about Real Potosi - Always Ready football game
16 May24The StrongestBloomingMore details about The Strongest - Blooming football game
16 May24Jorge WilstermannSan JoseMore details about Jorge Wilstermann - San Jose football game
19 May25Nacional PotosiJorge WilstermannMore details about Nacional Potosi - Jorge Wilstermann football game
19 May25AuroraReal PotosiMore details about Aurora - Real Potosi football game
19 May25San JoseDestroyersMore details about San Jose - Destroyers football game
19 May25Always ReadyOriente PetroleroMore details about Always Ready - Oriente Petrolero football game
19 May25BolivarThe StrongestMore details about Bolivar - The Strongest football game
19 May25BloomingSport Boys WarnesMore details about Blooming - Sport Boys Warnes football game
19 May25Royal PariGuabiraMore details about Royal Pari - Guabira football game
22 May26Oriente PetroleroAuroraMore details about Oriente Petrolero - Aurora football game
22 May26GuabiraSan JoseMore details about Guabira - San Jose football game
22 May26Real PotosiRoyal PariMore details about Real Potosi - Royal Pari football game
22 May26DestroyersNacional PotosiMore details about Destroyers - Nacional Potosi football game
22 May26Jorge WilstermannBloomingMore details about Jorge Wilstermann - Blooming football game
22 May26Sport Boys WarnesBolivarMore details about Sport Boys Warnes - Bolivar football game
22 May26The StrongestAlways ReadyMore details about The Strongest - Always Ready football game
29 May24GuabiraDestroyersMore details about Guabira - Destroyers football game
29 May24Sport Boys WarnesNacional PotosiMore details about Sport Boys Warnes - Nacional Potosi football game
29 May24Oriente PetroleroBolivarMore details about Oriente Petrolero - Bolivar football game

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