Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier League


Zrinjski Mostar


Sloboda Tuzla




halftime (1:0)
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Date Saturday 25th November 2017
Time 15:00 CET
64'   Matija Katanec
16'   Hrvoje Barisic
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Zrinjski MostarSloboda Tuzla
DRAW in last 1 Premier League's games.DRAW in last 2 Premier League's games.
NOT LOST in last 7 Premier League's games.NOT WON in last 3 Premier League's games.

1.League position10.
  13pts.Last five games  5pts.
  15pts.last 5 home/away only  1pts.

9 on Zrinjski Mostar

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
»Head to Head matches
25th Nov 17 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueZrinjski Mostar : Sloboda Tuzla 2:0
20th Aug 17 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueSloboda Tuzla : Zrinjski Mostar 0:2
28th May 17 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier League Championship GroupZrinjski Mostar : Sloboda Tuzla 3:0
22nd Apr 17 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier League Championship GroupSloboda Tuzla : Zrinjski Mostar 0:0
19th Nov 16 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueSloboda Tuzla : Zrinjski Mostar 3:3
13th Aug 16 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueZrinjski Mostar : Sloboda Tuzla 2:0
15th May 16 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueZrinjski Mostar : Sloboda Tuzla 2:1
08th Nov 15 Bosnia-Herzegovina - Premier LeagueSloboda Tuzla : Zrinjski Mostar 2:1
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14.10.Sloboda Tuzla1:3FK SarajevoMore details about Sloboda Tuzla-<b>FK Sarajevo</b> game
01.10.Borac Banja Luka1:0Sloboda TuzlaMore details about <b>Borac Banja Luka</b>-Sloboda Tuzla game
23.9.Sloboda Tuzla1:0ZeljeznicarMore details about <b>Sloboda Tuzla</b>-Zeljeznicar game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Zrinjski Mostar22162440:1850
3Siroki Brijeg22133637:1742
4FK Sarajevo22124644:1940
5FK Krupa2298529:2335
6Radnik Bijeljina2295821:2432
7FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj2278729:2829
8Borac Banja Luka22751014:2226
9GOSK Gabela22731222:3024
10Sloboda Tuzla22561118:2521
11Celik Zenica22411717:5413
 relegation play off relegation play off  

1Siroki Brijeg1191122:628
3Zrinjski Mostar1191122:728
4Radnik Bijeljina1172216:923
5FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj1155117:820
6Borac Banja Luka1162310:620
7FK Krupa1153316:1118
8FK Sarajevo1152421:917
9Sloboda Tuzla1142514:1314
10GOSK Gabela1141611:1313
11Celik Zenica1141611:1913
1FK Sarajevo1172223:1023
3Zrinjski Mostar1171318:1122
4FK Krupa1145213:1217
5Siroki Brijeg1142515:1114
6GOSK Gabela1132611:1711
7FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj1123612:209
8Radnik Bijeljina112365:159
9Sloboda Tuzla111464:127
10Borac Banja Luka111374:166
12Celik Zenica1100116:350

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Zrinjski Mostar541010:513
3GOSK Gabela531110:610
4Radnik Bijeljina52216:38
5FK Sarajevo52216:38
6Siroki Brijeg52128:67
7FK Krupa51226:85
8FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj51226:65
9Borac Banja Luka51224:75
10Sloboda Tuzla51223:45
11Celik Zenica51045:123

2Zrinjski Mostar550012:215
3Radnik Bijeljina54108:113
4Sloboda Tuzla532012:311
5FK Sarajevo532012:211
6Siroki Brijeg53119:510
7GOSK Gabela53027:59
8FK Krupa52128:77
9Borac Banja Luka52124:47
10FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj51315:56
12Celik Zenica51043:123
2FK Krupa52307:49
3FK Sarajevo53029:59
4Siroki Brijeg52129:57
5Zrinjski Mostar52127:67
6Radnik Bijeljina51223:65
7FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj51135:84
8GOSK Gabela50234:92
9Borac Banja Luka50232:92
10Sloboda Tuzla50140:61
12Celik Zenica50054:170

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