Czech Republic - 1. Division


FC Fastav Zlin


Sigma Olomouc




halftime (0:2)
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Date Saturday 12th May 2018
Time 18:00 CEST
Venue nameLetna Stadion
89'   David Houska
89'   in Jakub Yunis
89'   out Jakub Plsek
83'   in Adnan Dzafic
83'   out Lukas Zeleznik
81'   in Pavel Moulis
81'   out Simon Falta
71'   out Jakub Reznicek
71'   in Roman Polom
67'   in Jean-David Beauguel
67'   out Daniel Holzer
54'   Jakub Reznicek
52'   Lukas Zeleznik
46'   out Ubong Ekpai
46'   in Vukadin Vukadinovic
42'  Own Zoran Gajic
7'   Jakub Reznicek

Goalkeeper: Zdenek Zlamal

Defence: Lukas Bartosak
Defence: Zoran Gajic
Defence: Ondrej Baco
Defence: Robert Matejov

Midfield: Daniel Holzer
Midfield: Petr Jiracek
Midfield: Petr Hronek
Midfield: Josef Hnanicek
Midfield: Ubong Ekpai

Forward: Lukas Zeleznik

Substitute player: Vukadin Vukadinovic
Substitute player: Ibrahim Traore
Substitute player: Adnan Dzafic
Substitute player: Jonathan Bijimine
Substitute player: Jakub Dostal
Substitute player: Jean-David Beauguel

Coach: Vlastimil Petrzela
Coach: Bohumil Panik
Goalkeeper: Milos Buchta

Defence: Michal Veprek
Defence: Uros Radakovic
Defence: Vaclav Jemelca
Defence: Martin Hala

Midfield: Tomas Zahradnicek
Midfield: Simon Falta
Midfield: David Houska
Midfield: Jakub Plsek
Midfield: Lukas Kalvach

Forward: Jakub Reznicek

Substitute player: Jakub Yunis
Substitute player: Pavel Moulis
Substitute player: Jiri Texl
Substitute player: Martin Sladky
Substitute player: Roman Polom
Substitute player: Budje Manzia
Substitute player: Michal Reichl

Coach: Vaclav Jilek
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FC Fastav ZlinSigma Olomouc
WON in last 1 1. Division's games.WON in last 1 1. Division's games.
NOT LOST in last 2 1. Division's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 1. Division's games.

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10.League position4.
  5pts.Last five games  10pts.
  4pts.last 5 home/away only  10pts.

6 on Sigma Olomouc

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:2
»Head to Head matches
15th Nov 18 Czech Republic - CupSigma Olomouc : FC Fastav Zlin 2:1
20th Oct 18 Czech Republic - 1. LigaSigma Olomouc : FC Fastav Zlin 1:1
12th May 18 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionFC Fastav Zlin : Sigma Olomouc 1:4
18th Nov 17 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionSigma Olomouc : FC Fastav Zlin 2:0
19th Mar 16 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionFC Fastav Zlin : Sigma Olomouc 0:0
26th Sep 15 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionSigma Olomouc : FC Fastav Zlin 1:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Viktoria Plzen30206455:2366
2Slavia Prague30178550:1959
4Sigma Olomouc301510541:2255
5Sparta Prague301411543:2553
6Slovan Liberec301371037:3546
7Bohemians 1905309111030:2938
8Mlada Boleslav30971431:4334
10FC Fastav Zlin30891331:4833
11Dukla Praha30951632:5532
13Banik Ostrava307101336:4331
15Vysocina Jihlava30861630:4830
16FC Zbrojovka Brno30661820:4324
 champions league champions league   champions league qualification champions league qualification   uefa qualification uefa qualification   relegation relegation  

1Sparta Prague15113128:936
2Slavia Prague15111330:1134
4Sigma Olomouc1596021:533
5Viktoria Plzen15103228:1133
6Slovan Liberec1584321:1428
7Bohemians 19051576219:1127
9Dukla Praha1572621:2123
10Banik Ostrava1557323:1822
11FC Fastav Zlin1564519:2522
14Vysocina Jihlava1553716:2218
15FC Zbrojovka Brno1545610:1717
16Mlada Boleslav1534812:2013
1Viktoria Plzen15103227:1233
2Slavia Prague1567220:825
4Sigma Olomouc1564520:1722
5Mlada Boleslav1563619:2321
6Slovan Liberec1553716:2118
7Sparta Prague1538415:1617
8Vysocina Jihlava1533914:2612
9FC Fastav Zlin1525812:2311
10Bohemians 19051525811:1811
14Dukla Praha15231011:349
15Banik Ostrava15231013:259
16FC Zbrojovka Brno15211210:267

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Sparta Prague53116:410
3Slavia Prague53118:310
4Sigma Olomouc531110:410
5Viktoria Plzen531110:510
6Banik Ostrava52306:39
7Mlada Boleslav52214:48
8Dukla Praha52036:106
9Vysocina Jihlava51223:45
10FC Fastav Zlin51227:95
12Slovan Liberec51134:94
14FC Zbrojovka Brno51135:84
15Bohemians 190550323:63

1Sparta Prague541011:413
3Banik Ostrava53208:311
4Sigma Olomouc52307:39
5Viktoria Plzen52218:68
7Bohemians 190552219:68
8Slovan Liberec52125:57
9Slavia Prague52127:77
10Dukla Praha52037:116
11Mlada Boleslav51313:36
13FC Fastav Zlin51135:94
15Vysocina Jihlava50231:82
16FC Zbrojovka Brno50231:72
1Slavia Prague53209:311
3Sigma Olomouc53119:510
4Mlada Boleslav52216:68
5FC Fastav Zlin52216:58
6Viktoria Plzen521210:97
7Dukla Praha52035:86
8Sparta Prague51316:66
9Vysocina Jihlava51316:66
10Banik Ostrava51222:35
13Slovan Liberec51133:84
15FC Zbrojovka Brno51045:83
16Bohemians 190550233:72

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