Russia - National Football League


Zenit St. Petersburg II


FC Tambov




halftime (0:1)
»Game details
Date Tuesday 17th July 2018
Time 16:00 CEST
90'   Ilia Vorobjov
87'   Khyzyr Appaev
84'   out Andrey Murnin
84'   in Valeriu Ciuperca
82'   out Leon Musaev
82'   in Sergey Ivanov
82'   out Anton Sinyak
82'   in Vladislav Molchan
78'   in Andrey Chasovskikh
78'   out Senin Sebai
65'   in Maksim Bachinskiy
65'   out Nikolay Prudnikov
64'   in Ruslan Kazakov
64'   out Ilya Zuev
63'   in Khyzyr Appaev
63'   out Khasan Mamtov
12'   Oleg Chernyshov
Goalkeeper: Nikita Goylo

Substitute player: Mikhail Kizeev
Substitute player: Dmitri Sergeev
Substitute player: Sergey Ivanov
Substitute player: Vladislav Molchan
Substitute player: Maksim Bachinskiy
Substitute player: Ruslan Kazakov

Starter: Daniil Penchikov
Starter: Sergey Bugriev
Starter: Tomas Rukas
Starter: Nikolay Prudnikov
Starter: Kirill Makeev
Starter: Ilya Zuev
Starter: Leon Musaev
Starter: Ilia Vorobjov
Starter: Dmitri Pletnev
Starter: Anton Sinyak
Goalkeeper: Denis Vavilin

Substitute player: Anton Kilin
Substitute player: Valeriu Ciuperca
Substitute player: Ilya Gultyaev
Substitute player: Khyzyr Appaev
Substitute player: Mikhail Mishchenko
Substitute player: Andrey Chasovskikh
Substitute player: Oleg Smirnov
Substitute player: Serhiy Shevchuk

Starter: Evgeniy Ovsienko
Starter: Khasan Mamtov
Starter: Aleksei Rybin
Starter: Senin Sebai
Starter: Aleksandr Gorbatyuk
Starter: Oleg Chernyshov
Starter: Andrey Murnin
Starter: Konstantin Garbuz
Starter: Vagiz Galiulin
Starter: Mladen Kascelan
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Zenit St. Petersburg IIFC Tambov
LOST in last 1 National Football League's games.WON in last 2 National Football League's games.
NOT DRAW in last 2 National Football League's games.NOT LOST in last 5 National Football League's games.

20.League position1.
  7pts.Last five games  13pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  9pts.
»Head to Head matches
17th Jul 18 Russia - National Football LeagueZenit St. Petersburg II : FC Tambov 1:2
19th Nov 17 Russia - National Football LeagueFC Tambov : Zenit St. Petersburg II 3:1
05th Aug 17 Russia - National Football LeagueZenit St. Petersburg II : FC Tambov 0:1
12th Apr 17 Russia - National Football LeagueZenit St. Petersburg II : FC Tambov 3:3
17th Sep 16 Russia - National Football LeagueFC Tambov : Zenit St. Petersburg II 0:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Anzhi Makhachkala00000:00
1FC Tambov28176546:2557
2Tom Tomsk28149532:1651
3PFC Sochi28139648:2848
4Avangard Kursk27135936:2844
5Shinnik Yaroslavl28128830:2344
6Nizhny Novgorod28127927:2343
7Chertanovo Moscow281261049:4142
8FC Krasnodar II271010735:3440
11Spartak Moscow II281071133:3437
12Luch Energiya Vladivostok28813722:1937
14FC Rotor Volgograd28812824:2736
17Armavir FC286101225:3928
19Sibir Novosibirsk28591421:3824
20Zenit St. Petersburg II28361916:4215
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

1Tom Tomsk15113124:536
2Avangard Kursk1493222:1230
3PFC Sochi1583424:1527
4Chertanovo Moscow1574428:1925
5FC Tambov1374225:1225
6Shinnik Yaroslavl1567215:925
7Nizhny Novgorod1373313:824
8FC Rotor Volgograd1465314:1123
11Luch Energiya Vladivostok1463511:921
13Spartak Moscow II1555518:1820
16FC Krasnodar II1454517:1919
17Sibir Novosibirsk1344510:1116
18Armavir FC1327415:1913
20Zenit St. Petersburg II142399:209
21Anzhi Makhachkala00000:00
1FC Tambov15102321:1332
3FC Krasnodar II1356218:1521
4PFC Sochi1356224:1321
5Nizhny Novgorod1554614:1519
7Shinnik Yaroslavl1361615:1419
8Chertanovo Moscow1352621:2217
9Spartak Moscow II1352615:1617
10Luch Energiya Vladivostok14210211:1016
11Armavir FC1543810:2015
12Tom Tomsk133648:1115
14Avangard Kursk1342714:1614
15FC Rotor Volgograd1427510:1613
18Sibir Novosibirsk1515911:278
19Zenit St. Petersburg II1413107:226
21Anzhi Makhachkala00000:00

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Tambov541010:413
2PFC Sochi54109:113
3Shinnik Yaroslavl53115:210
4Nizhny Novgorod52215:48
5FC Rotor Volgograd52214:38
7Chertanovo Moscow52127:57
8Zenit St. Petersburg II52124:67
10Sibir Novosibirsk52125:57
13Avangard Kursk51226:75
14Tom Tomsk51222:35
15FC Krasnodar II51133:84
16Armavir FC50411:24
18Luch Energiya Vladivostok50323:63
20Spartak Moscow II50232:62
21Anzhi Makhachkala00000:00

1PFC Sochi550013:315
2Avangard Kursk541013:613
3Tom Tomsk54106:013
5Shinnik Yaroslavl53205:211
6FC Tambov53119:410
7Luch Energiya Vladivostok53114:310
8Chertanovo Moscow530210:49
12FC Rotor Volgograd52214:38
14Sibir Novosibirsk52215:38
15Nizhny Novgorod52123:37
16FC Krasnodar II52125:57
17Zenit St. Petersburg II52122:27
18Armavir FC51313:46
20Spartak Moscow II51136:84
21Anzhi Makhachkala00000:00
1FC Tambov53026:49
2Shinnik Yaroslavl53028:49
3Luch Energiya Vladivostok52215:38
4Chertanovo Moscow52129:87
5Armavir FC52123:37
6FC Rotor Volgograd52124:57
9FC Krasnodar II51319:96
10PFC Sochi51313:26
11Tom Tomsk51222:35
12Nizhny Novgorod51135:84
17Spartak Moscow II50142:101
18Zenit St. Petersburg II50142:121
19Avangard Kursk50143:71
20Sibir Novosibirsk50144:111
21Anzhi Makhachkala00000:00

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