Lithuania - 1. Division


Zalgiris Vilnius B


Vilnius Vytis

halftime (1:2)
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Date Monday 11th June 2018
Time 17:00 CEST
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Zalgiris Vilnius BVilnius Vytis
LOST in last 6 1. Division's games.LOST in last 2 1. Division's games.
NOT DRAW in last 8 1. Division's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 1. Division's games.

12.League position6.
  0pts.Last five games  7pts.
  4pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.

3 on Vilnius Vytis

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:2
»Head to Head matches
21st Jun 20 Lithuania - 1. DivisionVilnius Vytis : Zalgiris Vilnius B 4:1
27th Sep 19 Lithuania - 1. DivisionVilnius Vytis : Zalgiris Vilnius B 3:0
12th Jun 19 Lithuania - 1. DivisionZalgiris Vilnius B : Vilnius Vytis 5:3
07th Oct 18 Lithuania - 1. DivisionVilnius Vytis : Zalgiris Vilnius B 5:2
11th Jun 18 Lithuania - 1. DivisionZalgiris Vilnius B : Vilnius Vytis 1:2
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Zalgiris Vilnius B
Lithuania - 1. Division 2020
08.8.Lietava Jonava3:3Zalgiris Vilnius B
01.8.Zalgiris Vilnius B4:0BFA
24.7.Riteriai B4:3Zalgiris Vilnius B
17.7.FK Panevezys B2:0Zalgiris Vilnius B
10.7.Zalgiris Vilnius B3:0FK Atmosfera
04.7.FK Kauno Zalgiris B2:5Zalgiris Vilnius B
27.6.Zalgiris Vilnius B0:3Dziugas Telsiai
21.6.Vilnius Vytis4:1Zalgiris Vilnius B
14.6.Zalgiris Vilnius B0:3Dainava Alytus
05.6.Nevezis1:1Zalgiris Vilnius B
27.10.Dziugas Telsiai1:2Zalgiris Vilnius B
20.10.Hegelmann Litauen8:1Zalgiris Vilnius B
16.10.Zalgiris Vilnius B1:1BFA
03.10.Zalgiris Vilnius B1:2Dainava Alytus
27.9.Vilnius Vytis3:0Zalgiris Vilnius B
22.9.Zalgiris Vilnius B9:0Pakruojis
16.9.Zalgiris Vilnius B3:2Lietava Jonava
01.9.Zalgiris Vilnius B2:2FK Atmosfera
24.8.Zalgiris Vilnius B0:3Banga Gargzdai
17.8.Zalgiris Vilnius B1:4FA Siauliai
13.8.Riteriai B3:3Zalgiris Vilnius B
09.8.FC Kupiskis2:0Zalgiris Vilnius B
03.8.FK Minija4:0Zalgiris Vilnius B
03.7.Zalgiris Vilnius B0:3Dziugas Telsiai
Vilnius Vytis
Lithuania - 1. Division 2020
07.8.Nevezis2:3Vilnius Vytis
01.8.Vilnius Vytis1:0FA Siauliai
25.7.Hegelmann Litauen0:0Vilnius Vytis
18.7.Vilnius Vytis5:0FK Minija
10.7.Lietava Jonava0:0Vilnius Vytis
04.7.Vilnius Vytis4:2BFA
26.6.Riteriai B2:3Vilnius Vytis
21.6.Vilnius Vytis4:1Zalgiris Vilnius B
13.6.FK Atmosfera0:2Vilnius Vytis
05.6.Vilnius Vytis2:0FK Kauno Zalgiris B
27.10.Vilnius Vytis1:0FA Siauliai
20.10.FK Atmosfera0:6Vilnius Vytis
16.10.Vilnius Vytis15:1Pakruojis
05.10.Vilnius Vytis3:2Lietava Jonava
27.9.Vilnius Vytis3:0Zalgiris Vilnius B
21.9.Vilnius Vytis4:3Nevezis
14.9.Vilnius Vytis3:1BFA
08.9.Dziugas Telsiai2:2Vilnius Vytis
30.8.Vilnius Vytis2:0FC Kupiskis
24.8.Hegelmann Litauen0:3Vilnius Vytis
18.8.Riteriai B0:3Vilnius Vytis
10.8.Vilnius Vytis3:0Banga Gargzdai
02.8.Dainava Alytus0:1Vilnius Vytis
27.7.FK Minija1:1Vilnius Vytis


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FK Panevezys26184477:2658
2Dainava Alytus26176359:2257
3Banga Gargzdai26180851:2454
5Dziugas Telsiai26143949:3445
6Vilnius Vytis26135867:4444
8FK Utenis Utena26125946:3341
9Stumbras Kaunas B261061042:3736
10NFA Kaunas26831544:4527
11Riteriai B26751439:5926
12Zalgiris Vilnius B26631726:5721
13FC Kupiskis26422046:9114
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

1FK Panevezys13103044:1333
2Dainava Alytus13100327:930
3Banga Gargzdai13100327:930
4Vilnius Vytis1392244:2029
5Stumbras Kaunas B1382325:1426
7Dziugas Telsiai1372424:1623
8NFA Kaunas1362531:2120
10Riteriai B1352624:2617
11FK Utenis Utena1344522:1916
12Zalgiris Vilnius B1342717:2914
13FC Kupiskis1322918:388
1Dainava Alytus1376032:1327
3FK Utenis Utena1381424:1425
4FK Panevezys1381433:1325
5Banga Gargzdai1380524:1524
7Dziugas Telsiai1371525:1822
8Vilnius Vytis1343623:2415
9Stumbras Kaunas B1324717:2310
10Riteriai B1323815:339
11NFA Kaunas13211013:247
12Zalgiris Vilnius B1321109:287
13FC Kupiskis13201128:536

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Dainava Alytus550018:315
2FK Panevezys532013:611
3Banga Gargzdai530210:49
5NFA Kaunas52128:57
6Stumbras Kaunas B52127:67
7Vilnius Vytis521217:97
8Riteriai B521210:97
9Dziugas Telsiai51224:95
11FK Utenis Utena51135:114
13FC Kupiskis50057:270
14Zalgiris Vilnius B50052:140

1Vilnius Vytis550024:515
2Dainava Alytus550015:315
3FK Panevezys541024:513
4Stumbras Kaunas B540112:612
5Banga Gargzdai540113:312
7Riteriai B52039:96
9Dziugas Telsiai51225:105
10NFA Kaunas51137:104
11Zalgiris Vilnius B51135:164
13FK Utenis Utena50324:103
14FC Kupiskis50236:112
2Dainava Alytus532013:411
3Dziugas Telsiai531110:710
4FK Panevezys53118:510
5FK Utenis Utena530210:79
6Banga Gargzdai53029:79
7Vilnius Vytis51229:105
8NFA Kaunas51135:54
10FC Kupiskis510418:253
11Stumbras Kaunas B50325:93
12Riteriai B50236:142
14Zalgiris Vilnius B50052:140

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