Venezuela Primera Division - Apertura 2019 Venezuela | Primera Division - Apertura | 2019

Primera Division - Apertura facts

Home field is big advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.68 points per game.!
Draws are more common in this league. 29% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals per game is normal. It's 2.69 goals per game
Number of games with three or more goals is above the average. It's 56% of all games.!
Average league for betting.

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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Carabobo FC19134231:1443
3Mineros De Guayana19104535:2334
4Estudiantes Merida1979324:1230
5Aragua FC1996420:1630
6Zamora FC1985627:2429
8Atletico Venezuela1969425:2127
9Deportivo Tachira1983828:2527
10Deportivo La Guaira1975736:2526
11Academia Puerto Cabello1968532:2826
12Metropolitanos FC1975721:1826
13Monagas SC1975726:2726
14Deportivo Lara1966723:2124
15Lala FC1957722:3322
16Estudiantes de Caracas19541025:3619
17Portuguesa FC1939721:3018
18Llaneros de Guanare19351127:4611
19Trujillanos FC19321417:4111
20Deportivo Anzoategui19421320:358

1Mineros De Guayana1081119:725
2Estudiantes Merida1064021:722
3Deportivo Tachira971119:922
4Carabobo FC963015:721
6Monagas SC1062218:1020
7Academia Puerto Cabello1054121:1319
8Deportivo La Guaira961224:919
10Zamora FC954020:919
11Aragua FC105329:618
12Metropolitanos FC1043314:1015
13Deportivo Lara943214:715
14Atletico Venezuela92616:612
15Lala FC932415:1911
16Estudiantes de Caracas932412:1411
17Deportivo Anzoategui1032511:1511
18Portuguesa FC925212:1111
19Llaneros de Guanare913513:186
20Trujillanos FC101096:233
1Carabobo FC1071216:722
2Atletico Venezuela1043319:1515
3Aragua FC943211:1015
5Lala FC102537:1411
6Metropolitanos FC93247:811
8Zamora FC103167:1510
9Deportivo Lara102359:149
10Mineros De Guayana923416:169
11Estudiantes de Caracas1022613:228
12Estudiantes Merida91533:58
13Llaneros de Guanare1022614:288
14Trujillanos FC922511:188
15Academia Puerto Cabello914411:157
16Deportivo La Guaira1014512:167
17Portuguesa FC101459:197
18Monagas SC91358:176
19Deportivo Tachira101279:165
20Deportivo Anzoategui91089:203

Latest results

dateround home team away team
19 May19FTAcademia Puerto Cabello2:2Deportivo Tachira
19 May19FTEstudiantes Merida2:2Deportivo La Guaira
19 May19FTTrujillanos FC0:3Zamora FC
19 May19FTMineros De Guayana6:0Portuguesa FC
19 May19FTZulia1:0Deportivo Lara
19 May19FTAragua FC1:0Metropolitanos FC
19 May19FTAtletico Venezuela2:1Estudiantes de Caracas
19 May19FTMonagas SC3:0Lala FC
18 May19FTCaracas5:0Llaneros de Guanare
18 May19FTDeportivo Anzoategui0:1Carabobo FC
12 May18FTEstudiantes de Caracas4:2Deportivo Anzoategui
12 May18FTLala FC1:1Estudiantes Merida
12 May18FTLlaneros de Guanare0:1Zulia
12 May18FTZamora FC2:2Academia Puerto Cabello
12 May18FTDeportivo La Guaira1:4Caracas
12 May18FTPortuguesa FC3:1Monagas SC

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Aragua FC54017:412
3Mineros De Guayana532013:511
4Carabobo FC53208:311
5Metropolitanos FC53026:39
6Zamora FC522110:68
8Atletico Venezuela52126:67
9Estudiantes Merida51408:47
10Lala FC51318:106
11Academia Puerto Cabello513111:106
12Llaneros de Guanare52036:116
13Portuguesa FC51316:106
14Estudiantes de Caracas51229:95
15Deportivo La Guaira512212:105
16Monagas SC51228:95
17Deportivo Tachira51228:105
18Deportivo Lara51134:74
19Deportivo Anzoategui51046:103
20Trujillanos FC50053:160

1Mineros De Guayana540113:512
2Deportivo Tachira540112:712
3Lala FC532010:611
4Academia Puerto Cabello532013:811
5Estudiantes Merida532013:411
6Deportivo La Guaira531116:610
7Monagas SC531110:710
8Aragua FC53115:210
9Atletico Venezuela52305:39
11Deportivo Anzoategui53028:69
12Zamora FC52309:59
13Carabobo FC52307:49
14Metropolitanos FC52217:48
15Deportivo Lara52218:58
17Estudiantes de Caracas52128:97
18Portuguesa FC51409:77
19Llaneros de Guanare51047:113
20Trujillanos FC50053:140
1Carabobo FC541010:213
3Aragua FC52216:68
4Atletico Venezuela52128:77
5Zamora FC52036:66
6Lala FC51225:95
7Academia Puerto Cabello51228:105
9Llaneros de Guanare51227:125
10Deportivo Tachira51227:95
11Metropolitanos FC51132:44
12Trujillanos FC51136:134
13Estudiantes Merida50322:43
14Deportivo Anzoategui51048:113
15Estudiantes de Caracas50234:102
16Deportivo La Guaira50237:102
17Mineros De Guayana50235:102
18Monagas SC50235:92
19Portuguesa FC50233:132
20Deportivo Lara50142:81

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Llaneros de Guanare8984633.444.23.84
2Estudiantes de Caracas8474322.893.53.21
3Deportivo La Guaira7963423.672.83.21
4Academia Puerto Cabello8958423.42.893.16
5Trujillanos FC8978282.93.223.05
6Mineros De Guayana7856282.63.563.05
7Lala FC7963373.782.12.89
8Deportivo Anzoategui6868372.63.222.89
9Monagas SC7958322.82.782.79
10Deportivo Tachira7474323.112.52.79
11Zamora FC7458263.222.22.68
12Portuguesa FC8947262.562.82.68
14Atletico Venezuela6847261.333.42.42
15Carabobo FC6853162.442.32.37
16Deportivo Lara7442162.332.32.32
17Metropolitanos FC6342112.41.672.05
19Estudiantes Merida5832162.80.891.89
20Aragua FC683751.52.331.89

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team betting index

Teams ordered by SoccerVista tips profitability
Negative number means that team plays less predictable - this team can beat big favourite and lose against weak team. Be very careful when adding this team to your betting slip!

 Total bets Average OddsBetting Index
1Trujillanos FC1437.1
2Carabobo FC1535.3
3Llaneros de Guanare1532.7
4Deportivo Lara1430.7
5Deportivo Tachira1525.3
7Estudiantes de Caracas1422.1
9Deportivo Anzoategui1520
10Mineros De Guayana1420
11Estudiantes Merida1514.7
12Deportivo La Guaira1510.7
13Lala FC147.1
14Metropolitanos FC155.3
15Monagas SC153.3
16Portuguesa FC152
17Zamora FC141.4
18Atletico Venezuela15-0.7
19Aragua FC15-16.7
20Academia Puerto Cabello15-20

Average betting index at Venezuela Primera Division - Apertura is 13.49 units. That means: Average league for betting.

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