Sweden - Superettan


Varbergs BoIS FC


Joenkoepings Soedra




halftime (1:0)
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Date Monday 16th April 2018
Time 19:00 CEST
86'   Gabriel Altemark-Vanneryr
77'   in Joel Palmqvist
77'   out Teddy Bergqvist
71'   Arni Vilhjalmsson
69'   out Jesper Svensson
69'   in Peter Gwargis
69'   out Sebastian Crona
69'   in Fredrik Olsson
64'   out Perparim Beqaj
64'   in Adama Fofana
60'   Daryl Smylie
54'   Zev Taublieb
47'   Matthew Pyzdrowski
40'    Nahom Girmai Netabay
37'   Albert Ejupi
10'   Nahom Girmai Netabay
8'   Jesper Svensson

Goalkeeper: Matthew Pyzdrowski

Defence: Oliver Stanisic
Defence: Hampus Zackrisson
Defence: Joakim Lindner
Defence: Jakob Bergman

Midfield: Zev Taublieb
Midfield: Nahom Girmai Netabay
Midfield: Albert Ejupi
Midfield: Perparim Beqaj

Forward: Teddy Bergqvist
Forward: Gabriel Altemark-Vanneryr

Substitute player: Albin Skoglund
Substitute player: Sebastian Moeller
Substitute player: Hampus Bohman
Substitute player: Joel Palmqvist
Substitute player: Albin Svensson
Substitute player: Axel Olsson
Substitute player: Adama Fofana
Goalkeeper: Frank Pettersson

Defence: Anton Liljenbaeck
Defence: Marcus Johansson
Defence: Joakim Karlsson
Defence: Alexander Jallow

Midfield: Jesper Svensson
Midfield: Daryl Smylie
Midfield: Arni Vilhjalmsson
Midfield: Fredric Fendrich
Midfield: Sebastian Crona

Forward: Jakob Orlov

Substitute player: Amir Al-Ammari
Substitute player: Fredrik Olsson
Substitute player: Max Watson
Substitute player: Ahmad Gero
Substitute player: Carljohan Eriksson
Substitute player: Lukas Eek
Substitute player: Peter Gwargis
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Varbergs BoIS FCJoenkoepings Soedra
DRAW in last 3 Superettan's games.DRAW in last 1 Superettan's games.
NOT WON in last 9 Superettan's games.NOT LOST in last 2 Superettan's games.

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13.League position10.
  3pts.Last five games  8pts.
  2pts.last 5 home/away only  12pts.
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16th Apr 18 Sweden - SuperettanVarbergs BoIS FC : Joenkoepings Soedra 2:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Falkenbergs FF15103233:1733
3Halmstads BK1584325:1828
4AFC Eskilstuna1576222:727
5IK Brage1576225:1927
6Oergryte FF1574427:1925
9Oesters IF1563623:2421
10Joenkoepings Soedra1554614:1719
12Landskrona BoIS1534820:2113
13Varbergs BoIS FC1534821:2813
14IK Frej Taeby1534818:2913
16IFK Vaernamo15121210:325
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

2AFC Eskilstuna844016:316
3Halmstads BK742111:714
4IK Brage742116:1114
5Oergryte FF741214:713
6Falkenbergs FF741213:813
9IK Frej Taeby823310:159
11Varbergs BoIS FC822411:148
12Landskrona BoIS814311:127
13Joenkoepings Soedra81435:97
14Oesters IF71338:106
16IFK Vaernamo81168:154
1Falkenbergs FF862020:920
2Oesters IF850315:1415
3Halmstads BK842214:1114
5IK Brage83419:813
6Oergryte FF833213:1212
7Joenkoepings Soedra74039:812
9AFC Eskilstuna73226:411
12Landskrona BoIS72059:96
14Varbergs BoIS FC712410:145
15IK Frej Taeby71158:144
16IFK Vaernamo70162:171

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1IK Brage54019:712
3Oesters IF531112:710
4Falkenbergs FF531111:510
6Joenkoepings Soedra52215:58
7Halmstads BK52219:88
8IK Frej Taeby52218:88
11AFC Eskilstuna51313:26
12Oergryte FF50327:93
14Varbergs BoIS FC50329:113
15Landskrona BoIS50144:91
16IFK Vaernamo50054:110

2Halmstads BK541010:413
3IK Brage531111:810
4AFC Eskilstuna52309:39
6IK Frej Taeby52215:58
7Oergryte FF521210:67
8Falkenbergs FF52128:77
10Joenkoepings Soedra51315:66
12Oesters IF51225:65
13Landskrona BoIS50325:73
15Varbergs BoIS FC50238:112
16IFK Vaernamo50055:130
1Falkenbergs FF541014:613
2Joenkoepings Soedra54017:412
3Oesters IF530211:119
5Halmstads BK52219:78
6IK Brage52217:78
8AFC Eskilstuna52214:28
9Oergryte FF51226:95
11Varbergs BoIS FC51229:105
12IK Frej Taeby51136:94
14Landskrona BoIS51046:73
16IFK Vaernamo50141:111

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