Tunisia - Ligue I


US Monastir


CA Bizertin

halftime (1:1)
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Date Thursday 31st December 2020
Time 14:00 CET
85'   penalty Elyes Jelassi
79'   Idriss Mhirssi
60'   Chihebeddine Ben Fradj
41'  Own Shafiu Mumuni
11'   penalty Elyes Jelassi
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US MonastirCA Bizertin
DRAW in last 2 Ligue I's games.WON in last 1 Ligue I's games.
NOT LOST in last 6 Ligue I's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Ligue I's games.

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8.League position12.
  11pts.Last five games  4pts.
  13pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.


under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
31st Dec 20 Tunisia - Ligue IUS Monastir : CA Bizertin 2:2
29th Aug 20 Tunisia - Ligue ICA Bizertin : US Monastir 2:1
01st Dec 19 Tunisia - Ligue IUS Monastir : CA Bizertin 2:0
26th May 19 Tunisia - Ligue IUS Monastir : CA Bizertin 2:1
08th Dec 18 Tunisia - Ligue ICA Bizertin : US Monastir 3:1
08th Apr 18 Tunisia - Ligue ICA Bizertin : US Monastir 1:0
17th Nov 17 Tunisia - Ligue IUS Monastir : CA Bizertin 1:1
»Latest games
US Monastir
Tunisia - Ligue I 2020/2021
25.2.Stade Tunisien0:0US Monastir
07.2.AS Slimane0:0US Monastir
03.2.US Monastir1:0Etoile Metlaoui
30.1.US Monastir4:0US Tataouine
27.1.Club Africain1:3US Monastir
23.1.US Monastir2:0Olympique de Beja
13.1.AS Rejiche1:0US Monastir
10.1.US Monastir1:0JS Kairouanaise
31.12.US Monastir2:2CA Bizertin
27.12.Etoile du Sahel3:1US Monastir
19.12.US Monastir0:0Ben Guerdane
13.12.US Monastir0:1Esperance
10.12.CS Sfaxien2:1US Monastir
13.9.US Monastir1:1Ben Guerdane
10.9.AS Slimane1:2US Monastir
07.9.US Monastir0:1Esperance
29.8.CA Bizertin2:1US Monastir
26.8.US Monastir1:1US Tataouine
23.8.JS Kairouanaise0:0US Monastir
16.8.US Monastir1:1Etoile Metlaoui
11.8.US Monastir3:1CS Hammam-Lif
08.8.Sportif de Chebba2:3US Monastir
02.8.US Monastir0:0Club Africain
23.2.Stade Tunisien0:4US Monastir
CA Bizertin
Tunisia - Ligue I 2020/2021
04.3.CA Bizertin1:0Stade Tunisien
07.2.CA Bizertin0:1Ben Guerdane
03.2.Esperance1:0CA Bizertin
30.1.CA Bizertin0:0JS Kairouanaise
27.1.AS Rejiche1:0CA Bizertin
23.1.CA Bizertin1:1CS Sfaxien
13.1.Olympique de Beja0:1CA Bizertin
09.1.CA Bizertin1:1Club Africain
03.1.US Tataouine1:0CA Bizertin
31.12.US Monastir2:2CA Bizertin
26.12.CA Bizertin2:1AS Slimane
20.12.Etoile Metlaoui1:0CA Bizertin
13.12.Stade Tunisien2:0CA Bizertin
06.12.CA Bizertin1:2Etoile du Sahel
13.9.US Tataouine1:0CA Bizertin
10.9.CA Bizertin1:0JS Kairouanaise
05.9.Etoile Metlaoui0:0CA Bizertin
29.8.CA Bizertin2:1US Monastir
26.8.Sportif de Chebba0:0CA Bizertin
22.8.CA Bizertin0:1Club Africain
16.8.Stade Tunisien0:0CA Bizertin
12.8.CA Bizertin2:2Etoile du Sahel
09.8.CS Sfaxien0:0CA Bizertin
01.8.CA Bizertin0:0Ben Guerdane


Main table plus home and away only tables.
2CS Sfaxien1483321:827
3Etoile du Sahel1483320:1227
4Ben Guerdane1567213:625
5AS Rejiche1565416:1123
6Olympique de Beja1555515:1620
7AS Slimane1555519:2220
8US Monastir1354415:1019
9US Tataouine1546512:1618
10Stade Tunisien1537516:1616
11Etoile Metlaoui154478:1416
12CA Bizertin143479:1413
13Club Africain1526716:2512
14JS Kairouanaise1502138:352
 relegation play off relegation play off  

2CS Sfaxien760114:418
3AS Rejiche852111:417
4Ben Guerdane75118:116
5Etoile du Sahel751110:316
6US Monastir742110:314
7AS Slimane83329:912
8Etoile Metlaoui83236:811
9US Tataouine72415:310
10CA Bizertin72326:69
11Olympique de Beja82339:119
12Stade Tunisien71516:58
13Club Africain714211:127
14JS Kairouanaise70074:200
2Olympique de Beja73226:511
3Etoile du Sahel732210:911
4Ben Guerdane81615:59
5CS Sfaxien72327:49
6AS Slimane722310:138
7US Tataouine82247:138
8Stade Tunisien822410:118
9AS Rejiche71335:76
10Etoile Metlaoui71242:65
11US Monastir61235:75
12Club Africain81255:135
13CA Bizertin71153:84
14JS Kairouanaise80264:152

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2US Monastir53208:111
3US Tataouine53119:910
4Olympique de Beja53116:310
5Etoile du Sahel53116:410
6CS Sfaxien53027:39
7AS Rejiche52218:48
8Ben Guerdane52215:48
9Club Africain51227:85
10CA Bizertin51131:34
11AS Slimane50324:83
12Stade Tunisien50325:73
13Etoile Metlaoui50232:72
14JS Kairouanaise50053:150

2Ben Guerdane54106:013
3US Monastir541010:213
4CS Sfaxien54019:312
5AS Rejiche53207:311
6Etoile du Sahel53115:210
7US Tataouine52215:38
8Olympique de Beja52126:77
9AS Slimane51315:66
10CA Bizertin51313:36
11Club Africain51228:95
12Etoile Metlaoui51133:84
13Stade Tunisien50412:34
14JS Kairouanaise50053:140
2CS Sfaxien52217:38
3Etoile du Sahel52217:68
4AS Slimane52128:97
5US Tataouine52125:87
6Olympique de Beja52123:37
7Ben Guerdane51314:46
8Etoile Metlaoui51222:35
9US Monastir51224:55
10AS Rejiche51134:64
11CA Bizertin51133:54
12Stade Tunisien50234:72
13Club Africain50233:72
14JS Kairouanaise50143:101

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