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USA USL Championship 2020 USA | USL Championship | 2020

USL Championship facts

Home field is advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.55 points per game.
Draws are less common in this league. 21% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals is above the average. It's 3.09 goals per game!
Number of games with three or more goals is above the average. It's 60% of all games.!
Average league for betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Reno 1868 FC16113243:2136
2Phoenix Rising FC16112346:1735
3Louisville City FC16112328:1235
4Hartford Athletic16112331:2435
5Pittsburgh Riverhounds16111439:1034
6San Antonio FC16103330:1433
7Tampa Bay Rowdies16103325:1133
8El Paso Locomotive1695224:1432
9Charleston Battery1593326:1530
10Sacramento Republic FC1686227:1730
11Charlotte Independence1684424:2228
12New Mexico United1583423:1727
13LA Galaxy II1682629:3226
14Birmingham Legion1674529:1925
15Saint Louis FC1674522:2125
16FC Tulsa1567221:1625
17Orange County SC1673618:1824
18Indy Eleven1672721:1923
19San Diego Loyal1665517:1823
20Austin Bold1657430:2722
21North Carolina FC1561817:2119
22Sporting Kansas City II16511021:3016
23Memphis 9011544724:3116
24Miami FC1644820:3416
25New York Red Bulls II16501130:3715
26Tacoma Defiance16421025:3214
27Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC1627719:2813
28Atlanta United II16331023:3312
29Real Monarchs SLC16321114:2511
30Las Vegas Lights FC1625924:3411
31OKC Energy FC1617812:2910
32Portland Timbers II16301320:509
33Rio Grande Valley FC1423917:289
34Philadelphia Union II16231120:459
35Loudoun United1313910:286

1Phoenix Rising FC80132:924
2El Paso Locomotive72118:1123
3San Antonio FC71017:522
4Louisville City FC71320:1022
5Hartford Athletic62120:1320
6Saint Louis FC62218:1220
7Sacramento Republic FC54022:1319
8Charleston Battery60114:518
9Reno 1868 FC52122:1117
10Tampa Bay Rowdies52115:717
11Indy Eleven51414:1216
12Pittsburgh Riverhounds51220:616
13FC Tulsa43112:815
14Orange County SC4317:415
15Austin Bold42217:1214
16LA Galaxy II41314:1613
17Charlotte Independence33211:1212
18Birmingham Legion32314:1111
19Miami FC32312:1611
20Las Vegas Lights FC23314:159
21Tacoma Defiance3039:89
22Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC16310:129
23New York Red Bulls II30614:179
24San Diego Loyal2246:118
25Memphis 9012239:118
26Atlanta United II22414:168
27Rio Grande Valley FC21412:167
28Philadelphia Union II21511:217
29Real Monarchs SLC21810:197
30Portland Timbers II20612:206
31North Carolina FC2066:136
32OKC Energy FC0534:115
33Sporting Kansas City II1014:23
34Loudoun United0133:71
35New Mexico United0000:00
1New Mexico United1583423:1727
2Reno 1868 FC861121:1019
3Pittsburgh Riverhounds860219:418
4Charlotte Independence851213:1016
5Tampa Bay Rowdies851210:416
6San Diego Loyal843111:715
7Hartford Athletic750211:1115
8Birmingham Legion842215:814
9Sporting Kansas City II1441917:2813
10Louisville City FC54108:213
11LA Galaxy II841315:1613
12North Carolina FC741211:813
13Charleston Battery833212:1012
14San Antonio FC832313:911
15Sacramento Republic FC73225:411
16Phoenix Rising FC732214:811
17FC Tulsa72419:810
18El Paso Locomotive62316:39
19Orange County SC830511:149
20Austin Bold815213:158
21Memphis 901822415:208
22Indy Eleven62137:77
23New York Red Bulls II720516:206
24Loudoun United91267:215
25Miami FC81258:185
26Tacoma Defiance1012716:245
27OKC Energy FC81258:185
28Saint Louis FC61234:95
29Atlanta United II81169:174
30Real Monarchs SLC51134:64
31Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC61149:164
32Portland Timbers II81078:303
33Las Vegas Lights FC802610:192
34Rio Grande Valley FC70255:122
35Philadelphia Union II80269:242

Latest results

dateround home team away team
5 Oct1FTMiami FC3:1Atlanta United II
5 Oct1FTNew York Red Bulls II0:2Hartford Athletic
5 Oct1FTAustin Bold2:1San Antonio FC
4 Oct1FTReal Monarchs SLC0:4El Paso Locomotive
4 Oct1FTPhoenix Rising FC4:1LA Galaxy II
4 Oct1FTLas Vegas Lights FC2:4Orange County SC
4 Oct1FTSacramento Republic FC4:0Portland Timbers II
4 Oct1FTTacoma Defiance1:2Reno 1868 FC
4 Oct1FTRio Grande Valley FC4:2OKC Energy FC
4 Oct1FTFC Tulsa2:0Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC
4 Oct1FTMemphis 9013:1Birmingham Legion
4 Oct1FTLouisville City FC2:1Sporting Kansas City II
4 Oct1FTTampa Bay Rowdies1:2Charleston Battery
4 Oct1FTSaint Louis FC2:1Indy Eleven
4 Oct1FTNorth Carolina FC0:1Charlotte Independence
4 Oct1FTPittsburgh Riverhounds2:1Philadelphia Union II

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Louisville City FC550012:215
2Hartford Athletic541010:313
3Phoenix Rising FC540114:512
4Pittsburgh Riverhounds540111:212
5San Diego Loyal532010:411
6El Paso Locomotive53207:111
7Reno 1868 FC532013:811
8FC Tulsa53209:511
9Charlotte Independence53116:410
10Charleston Battery53119:610
11Memphis 901530212:119
12Tampa Bay Rowdies53026:49
13North Carolina FC53028:59
14LA Galaxy II522110:108
15Austin Bold52128:67
16New Mexico United52126:57
17Miami FC52127:77
18Tacoma Defiance52128:97
19Saint Louis FC52126:87
20Atlanta United II520310:116
21San Antonio FC52037:76
22Rio Grande Valley FC520310:106
23Portland Timbers II52038:136
24Sacramento Republic FC513111:86
25Orange County SC52036:86
26Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC51224:65
27Birmingham Legion51138:94
28Indy Eleven51135:84
29Sporting Kansas City II51046:123
30New York Red Bulls II51049:173
31Las Vegas Lights FC50238:122
32OKC Energy FC50235:102
33Loudoun United50142:111
34Philadelphia Union II50148:141
35Real Monarchs SLC50142:91

1San Antonio FC550014:415
2Louisville City FC550014:315
3Charleston Battery550010:315
4El Paso Locomotive54108:413
5FC Tulsa54109:413
6Phoenix Rising FC540114:512
7Austin Bold532013:511
8Reno 1868 FC532015:711
9Sacramento Republic FC532014:811
10LA Galaxy II531111:1010
11Pittsburgh Riverhounds531112:410
12Orange County SC53115:310
13Saint Louis FC53119:710
14Tampa Bay Rowdies53119:410
15Tacoma Defiance53028:59
16Hartford Athletic52218:88
17San Diego Loyal52125:67
18Memphis 90152125:57
19Miami FC52128:107
20Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC51404:37
21Charlotte Independence52126:87
22Rio Grande Valley FC520310:106
23Philadelphia Union II520310:106
24Portland Timbers II520311:116
25New York Red Bulls II520311:126
26Las Vegas Lights FC51228:105
27Birmingham Legion51136:94
28Atlanta United II51138:104
29Indy Eleven51135:94
30Sporting Kansas City II21014:23
31Real Monarchs SLC51045:103
32OKC Energy FC50321:73
33North Carolina FC51045:103
34Loudoun United40133:71
35New Mexico United00000:00
1Reno 1868 FC541014:713
2Louisville City FC54108:213
3Hartford Athletic54019:712
4Charlotte Independence54018:312
5Pittsburgh Riverhounds54019:112
6Birmingham Legion531112:510
7Sacramento Republic FC53115:310
8San Diego Loyal52308:49
9Tampa Bay Rowdies53025:39
10North Carolina FC53028:69
11El Paso Locomotive52216:38
12FC Tulsa52217:68
13Charleston Battery522110:78
14New Mexico United52126:57
15Memphis 901521211:127
16LA Galaxy II52129:117
17Phoenix Rising FC521210:77
18Saint Louis FC51224:75
19Atlanta United II51138:114
20San Antonio FC51135:64
21Miami FC51133:94
22Real Monarchs SLC51134:64
23Indy Eleven51133:54
24Austin Bold50327:103
25Sporting Kansas City II51046:123
26Portland Timbers II51045:163
27New York Red Bulls II51049:163
28Orange County SC51046:103
29Philadelphia Union II50237:152
30OKC Energy FC50235:102
31Loudoun United50143:131
32Las Vegas Lights FC50148:151
33Rio Grande Valley FC50144:101
34Tacoma Defiance50146:131
35Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC50147:151

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Portland Timbers II94945644.754.38
2New York Red Bulls II8781503.445.144.19
3Philadelphia Union II94755644.134.06
4Reno 1868 FC8175564.133.884
5Phoenix Rising FC8767604.563.143.94
6LA Galaxy II8781563.753.883.81
7Memphis 9018773672.864.383.67
8Las Vegas Lights FC8162563.633.633.63
9Austin Bold8762563.633.53.56
10Tacoma Defiance8787502.8343.56
11Atlanta United II8775373.753.253.5
12Hartford Athletic8775503.673.143.44
13Miami FC8769443.53.253.38
14Rio Grande Valley FC79574342.433.21
15Sporting Kansas City II87813133.213.19
16Pittsburgh Riverhounds7569373.252.883.06
17Birmingham Legion8762373.132.883
18Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC7556252.24.172.94
19Loudoun United8562382.53.112.92
20Charlotte Independence7556442.882.882.88
21San Antonio FC7550312.752.752.75
22Sacramento Republic FC6250313.891.292.75
23Charleston Battery8047202.712.752.73
24Saint Louis FC75443132.172.69
25New Mexico United73532002.672.67
26OKC Energy FC8150251.883.252.56
27North Carolina FC6053272.382.712.53
28Louisville City FC6944252.7322.5
29Indy Eleven6944192.62.332.5
30FC Tulsa8740202.52.432.47
31Real Monarchs SLC6244192.6422.44
32El Paso Locomotive5656312.91.52.38
33Orange County SC6244191.383.132.25
34Tampa Bay Rowdies754462.751.752.25
35San Diego Loyal7333132.132.252.19

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team betting index

Teams ordered by SoccerVista tips profitability
Negative number means that team plays less predictable - this team can beat big favourite and lose against weak team. Be very careful when adding this team to your betting slip!

 Total bets Average OddsBetting Index
1Portland Timbers II1251.7
2Reno 1868 FC1051.0
3Philadelphia Union II1045.0
4Atlanta United II1042.0
5Tampa Bay Rowdies1042.0
6Real Monarchs SLC1240.8
7Hartford Athletic1239.2
8San Antonio FC936.7
9Rio Grande Valley FC936.7
10Loudoun United934.4
11Sacramento Republic FC1034.0
12New York Red Bulls II1130.0
13Phoenix Rising FC926.7
14Pittsburgh Riverhounds1126.4
15OKC Energy FC1023.0
16FC Tulsa1120.9
17Las Vegas Lights FC1220.0
18Orange County SC1118.2
19LA Galaxy II1018.0
20New Mexico United1117.3
21Louisville City FC1115.5
22El Paso Locomotive1212.5
23Miami FC127.5
24Saint Louis FC115.5
25North Carolina FC114.5
26Sporting Kansas City II124.2
27Charleston Battery104.0
28Charlotte Independence120.8
29Austin Bold11-0.9
30San Diego Loyal8-1.3
31Tacoma Defiance9-6.7
32Birmingham Legion11-7.3
33Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC11-10.9
34Indy Eleven10-19.0
35Memphis 90110-29.0

Average betting index at USA USL Championship is 18.06 units. That means: Average league for betting.

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