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2. Division Norrland description

Home field is advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.53 points per game.
Draws are less common in this league. 21% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals is extremely high. It's 3.55 goals per game!!!
Number of games with three or more goals is above the average. It's 68% of all games.!
Favourites usually win in this league.!

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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Hudiksvalls FF14102232:1532
3IFK Luleaa1484229:1328
4IFK Timraa1483335:2227
5Ytterhogdals IK1482432:2026
6Bodens BK1467132:1825
7Gottne IF1463518:1921
8Friska Viljor1453627:2018
9IFK Oestersund1445520:1717
10Taefteaa IK1444621:2616
11IFK Umeaa1442818:3214
13Haernoesands FF14121113:405
13Moroen BK00000:00
14Gaellivare Malmbergets FF14111217:554
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1Hudiksvalls FF751117:1016
3Friska Viljor750221:615
4IFK Luleaa742115:414
5Ytterhogdals IK741215:813
6Bodens BK734014:713
7IFK Timraa833219:1312
8IFK Oestersund731312:710
10Gottne IF72328:89
11Taefteaa IK722311:118
12IFK Umeaa622211:108
13Haernoesands FF711511:194
14Gaellivare Malmbergets FF710610:243
15Moroen BK00000:00
1Hudiksvalls FF751115:516
2IFK Timraa650116:915
3IFK Luleaa742114:914
4Ytterhogdals IK741217:1213
6Gottne IF740310:1112
7Bodens BK733118:1112
8Taefteaa IK722310:158
9IFK Oestersund71428:107
10IFK Umeaa82067:226
11Friska Viljor70346:143
13Gaellivare Malmbergets FF70167:311
14Haernoesands FF70162:211
15Moroen BK00000:00

Latest results

dateround home team away team
8 Jul14FTGaellivare Malmbergets FF1:3Ytterhogdals IKMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Jul14FTHaernoesands FF1:2IFK UmeaaMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Jul14FTPiteaa2:1IFK OestersundMore details about  -  soccer game
7 Jul14FTIFK Timraa2:2Friska ViljorMore details about  -  soccer game
6 Jul14FTHudiksvalls FF3:2Kramfors-AlliansenMore details about  -  soccer game
5 Jul14FTIFK Luleaa0:0Bodens BKMore details about  -  soccer game
4 Jul14FTTaefteaa IK0:1Gottne IFMore details about  -  soccer game
1 Jul13FTFriska Viljor0:2Hudiksvalls FFMore details about  -  soccer game
30 Jun13FTYtterhogdals IK3:0Haernoesands FFMore details about  -  soccer game
30 Jun13FTIFK Oestersund5:0IFK UmeaaMore details about  -  soccer game
30 Jun13FTIFK Timraa3:1IFK LuleaaMore details about  -  soccer game
30 Jun13FTKramfors-Alliansen6:1Gaellivare Malmbergets FFMore details about  -  soccer game
28 Jun13FTGottne IF1:2PiteaaMore details about  -  soccer game
27 Jun13FTBodens BK1:1Taefteaa IKMore details about  -  soccer game
24 Jun12FTPiteaa1:1Kramfors-AlliansenMore details about  -  soccer game
21 Jun12FTIFK Umeaa1:4IFK LuleaaMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Ytterhogdals IK550014:215
2Hudiksvalls FF541013:613
4Bodens BK523012:49
5IFK Timraa522114:108
7Gottne IF52127:77
8IFK Oestersund52129:67
9IFK Luleaa52127:67
10Taefteaa IK51227:75
11IFK Umeaa51135:154
12Friska Viljor511312:104
13Gaellivare Malmbergets FF50055:280
14Moroen BK00000:00
15Haernoesands FF50054:180

1Hudiksvalls FF540113:812
2Friska Viljor540119:412
3Ytterhogdals IK531112:510
5Bodens BK523011:59
6Gottne IF52216:58
7IFK Luleaa52219:38
8Taefteaa IK52127:67
9IFK Umeaa521211:107
10IFK Oestersund52128:57
12IFK Timraa513110:96
13Gaellivare Malmbergets FF51048:203
14Moroen BK00000:00
15Haernoesands FF50054:130
1Hudiksvalls FF541013:413
2IFK Timraa540114:812
3IFK Luleaa540110:512
4Bodens BK532015:511
5Ytterhogdals IK531115:1010
7Gottne IF53027:79
8IFK Umeaa52034:116
9Taefteaa IK51229:125
10IFK Oestersund50325:83
11Friska Viljor50326:103
13Gaellivare Malmbergets FF50142:231
14Moroen BK00000:00
15Haernoesands FF50052:160

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Moroen BK   000
2Gaellivare Malmbergets FF9386864.865.435.14
4IFK Timraa86867144.174.07
5Haernoesands FF8679504.293.293.79
6Ytterhogdals IK9371503.294.143.71
7IFK Umeaa7979503.53.633.57
8Bodens BK86646434.143.57
9Taefteaa IK8664363.143.573.36
10Hudiksvalls FF9357433.862.863.36
12Friska Viljor8657363.862.863.36
13IFK Luleaa8664502.713.293
14Gottne IF7143292.2932.64
15IFK Oestersund7950292.712.572.64

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team profit

If you bet on every game team plays. Each bet is 100 units.
 Total profitProfit per game
1Taefteaa IK00
3Gottne IF00
4Gaellivare Malmbergets FF00
5IFK Umeaa00
6Ytterhogdals IK00
7IFK Oestersund00
8Moroen BK00
9Haernoesands FF00
10IFK Timraa00
11Hudiksvalls FF00
12Bodens BK00
14Friska Viljor00
15IFK Luleaa00

Teams with positive numbers can be undervalued by bookmakers.
Only games with odds from bookmakers included

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