Sweden 2. Division Norra Goetaland 2019 Sweden | 2. Division Norra Goetaland | 2019

2. Division Norra Goetaland facts

Home field has no special importance on game result. Home team get average 1.46 points per game.!
Number of draws is on average level. 25% of games finish as draw
Number of goals is extremely high. It's 3.55 goals per game!!!
Number of games with three or more goals is above the average. It's 69% of all games.!
Bet very carefuly here. Outsiders are winning lot of games.!

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Predictions and upcoming games

dateround home team away teamresult prediction# goals tipscore pick
19 Jun13Torslanda IKVaargaarda IK5 on Vaargaarda IKover1:2
19 Jun13Vaenersborgs FKNordvaermland FFdrawover2:2
19 Jun13IFK TidaholmStenungsunds IF5 on Stenungsunds IFover1:2
20 Jun13Saevedalens IFLidkoepings FKdrawover2:2
20 Jun13Grebbestads IFVaenersborgs IF7 on Grebbestads IFover3:0
20 Jun13IFK AamaalIFK Uddevalla2 on IFK Aamaalover2:1
22 Jun13Oerebro Syrianska IFIK Gauthiod3 on Oerebro Syrianska IFover2:1
25 Jun16Vaenersborgs FKVaargaarda IKdrawover2:2
25 Jun16IFK AamaalStenungsunds IF8 on Stenungsunds IFover0:3
28 Jun14Vaenersborgs IFIFK Tidaholm5 on IFK Tidaholmover0:3
29 Jun14Stenungsunds IFVaenersborgs FK7 on Stenungsunds IFover3:0
29 Jun14IK GauthiodTorslanda IK10 on IK Gauthiodover3:0
29 Jun14Oerebro Syrianska IFGrebbestads IF5 on Oerebro Syrianska IFover2:1
29 Jun14Lidkoepings FKIFK Aamaal6 on Lidkoepings FKover2:1
29 Jun14Nordvaermland FFIFK Uddevalla2 on Nordvaermland FFover3:2

All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Stenungsunds IF1291226:1328
2Oerebro Syrianska IF1282239:1226
3IK Gauthiod1265135:1423
4Grebbestads IF1263325:2121
5Lidkoepings FK1255223:1820
6Saevedalens IF1253423:1618
7IFK Tidaholm1244412:1716
8Vaenersborgs FK1251623:3016
9Vaargaarda IK1243516:1715
10Nordvaermland FF1233623:2612
11IFK Aamaal1233612:2512
12IFK Uddevalla1224617:3410
13Vaenersborgs IF1222812:238
14Torslanda IK1213812:326
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1Stenungsunds IF651014:616
2Oerebro Syrianska IF642024:514
3IK Gauthiod641122:813
4Lidkoepings FK63219:711
5IFK Tidaholm63218:811
6Grebbestads IF631213:1210
7Saevedalens IF631213:610
8Vaargaarda IK62228:88
9IFK Aamaal62229:108
10Vaenersborgs FK621311:137
11Nordvaermland FF612311:115
12IFK Uddevalla61238:145
13Torslanda IK61146:164
14Vaenersborgs IF60154:141
1Oerebro Syrianska IF640215:712
2Stenungsunds IF640212:712
3Grebbestads IF632112:911
4IK Gauthiod624013:610
5Vaenersborgs FK630312:179
6Lidkoepings FK623114:119
7Saevedalens IF622210:108
8Vaargaarda IK62138:97
9Vaenersborgs IF62138:97
10Nordvaermland FF621312:157
11IFK Uddevalla61239:205
12IFK Tidaholm61234:95
13IFK Aamaal61143:154
14Torslanda IK60246:162

Latest results

dateround home team away team
15 Jun12FTStenungsunds IF3:2Torslanda IK
15 Jun12FTIFK Aamaal3:4Vaenersborgs FK
15 Jun12FTIFK Uddevalla1:4IK Gauthiod
15 Jun12FTVaenersborgs IF0:4Oerebro Syrianska IF
15 Jun12FTNordvaermland FF1:1Saevedalens IF
15 Jun12FTVaargaarda IK2:3Grebbestads IF
13 Jun12FTLidkoepings FK2:1IFK Tidaholm
8 Jun11FTIFK Tidaholm1:4Nordvaermland FF
8 Jun11FTVaenersborgs FK2:2IFK Uddevalla
8 Jun11FTIK Gauthiod2:1Vaenersborgs IF
8 Jun11FTOerebro Syrianska IF3:0Vaargaarda IK
8 Jun11FTGrebbestads IF2:1Stenungsunds IF
8 Jun11FTTorslanda IK3:2Lidkoepings FK
8 Jun11FTSaevedalens IF1:0IFK Aamaal
2 Jun10FTStenungsunds IF2:1Oerebro Syrianska IF
2 Jun10FTLidkoepings FK1:1Grebbestads IF

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Stenungsunds IF54019:612
2Oerebro Syrianska IF531112:510
3Vaenersborgs FK531113:810
4Grebbestads IF522110:98
5IK Gauthiod52219:68
6Saevedalens IF52129:57
7IFK Tidaholm52125:77
8Lidkoepings FK51317:76
9Nordvaermland FF513112:106
10Vaargaarda IK51225:75
11IFK Aamaal51224:55
12IFK Uddevalla51225:135
13Torslanda IK51226:95
14Vaenersborgs IF50052:110

1Stenungsunds IF541010:413
2IK Gauthiod540120:612
3Oerebro Syrianska IF532018:411
4Grebbestads IF531112:910
5IFK Tidaholm53117:710
6Lidkoepings FK52217:78
7IFK Aamaal52219:88
8Vaenersborgs FK521210:97
9Vaargaarda IK52128:87
10Saevedalens IF521210:57
11IFK Uddevalla51227:125
12Torslanda IK51136:124
13Nordvaermland FF50237:102
14Vaenersborgs IF50053:130
1Grebbestads IF531110:710
2Oerebro Syrianska IF530212:69
3Vaenersborgs FK530212:159
4Stenungsunds IF53028:69
5Saevedalens IF52218:68
6Vaargaarda IK52127:67
7IK Gauthiod51409:67
8Lidkoepings FK513112:116
9Vaenersborgs IF52037:86
10IFK Uddevalla51228:145
11Nordvaermland FF511310:144
12IFK Aamaal51132:114
13IFK Tidaholm51134:94
14Torslanda IK50145:151

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Vaenersborgs FK100925844.834.42
2Oerebro Syrianska IF9275584.833.674.25
3IFK Uddevalla9292673.674.834.25
4Nordvaermland FF10083583.674.54.08
5IK Gauthiod100755853.174.08
6Grebbestads IF9283584.173.53.83
7Torslanda IK8367583.673.673.67
8Lidkoepings FK10050332.674.173.42
9Saevedalens IF7550503.173.333.25
10Stenungsunds IF9275253.333.173.25
11IFK Aamaal6758423.1733.08
12Vaenersborgs IF83582532.832.92
13Vaargaarda IK8358332.672.832.75
14IFK Tidaholm5850252.672.172.42

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team betting index

Teams ordered by SoccerVista tips profitability
Negative number means that team plays less predictable - this team can beat big favourite and lose against weak team. Be very careful when adding this team to your betting slip!

 Total bets Average OddsBetting Index
1Oerebro Syrianska IF82.9147.5
2IK Gauthiod83.0737.5
3Vaenersborgs IF82.6126.3
4Torslanda IK82.5522.5
5IFK Uddevalla82.3618.8
6Vaenersborgs FK82.8812.5
7IFK Tidaholm83.6311.3
8Stenungsunds IF82.327.5
9Saevedalens IF82.866.3
10Nordvaermland FF82.931.3
11IFK Aamaal83.2-2.5
12Lidkoepings FK83.59-15
13Vaargaarda IK83.28-21.3
14Grebbestads IF83.54-22.5

Average betting index at Sweden 2. Division Norra Goetaland is 9.29 units. That means: Bet very carefuly here. Outsiders are winning lot of games.

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