Peru - Primera Division - Apertura


Sport Rosario


Alianza Lima




halftime (2:1)
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Date Sunday 20th May 2018
Time 0:45 CEST
87'   penalty Alejandro Hohberg
68'   Tulio Enrique Etchemaite
62'   Maximiliano Lemos
36'   Aldair Fuentes
32'   Carlos Olascuaga
24'   penalty Tulio Enrique Etchemaite
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Sport RosarioAlianza Lima
LOST in last 3 Primera Division - Apertura's games.WON in last 1 Primera Division - Apertura's games.
NOT DRAW in last 7 Primera Division - Apertura's games.NOT LOST in last 4 Primera Division - Apertura's games.

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11.League position2.
  6pts.Last five games  8pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.
»Head to Head matches
20th May 18 Peru - Primera Division - AperturaSport Rosario : Alianza Lima 3:2
22nd Apr 18 Peru - Primera Division Torneo de Verano Grp. AAlianza Lima : Sport Rosario 3:1
05th Mar 18 Peru - Primera Division Torneo de Verano Grp. ASport Rosario : Alianza Lima 1:1
29th Sep 17 Peru - Primera Division - ClausuraSport Rosario : Alianza Lima 0:1
25th Jun 17 Peru - Primera Division - AperturaAlianza Lima : Sport Rosario 4:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Sporting Cristal1384124:528
2Alianza Lima1272321:1323
4FBC Melgar1254316:1419
5Real Garcilaso1261513:1519
6Deportivo Municipal1253418:1318
7Sport Boys1346317:1618
8CD UT Cajamarca1145211:817
9Sport Huancayo1345415:1317
10Union Comercio124539:1117
11Sport Rosario1262419:1916
12Universitario de Deportes1226412:1712
13Academia Cantolao1224614:2510
14Universidad San Martin1216513:179
15Ayacucho FC1323813:199
16Comerciantes Unidos121479:217

1Alianza Lima660015:318
3Sporting Cristal751117:316
4Sport Rosario650116:915
5Real Garcilaso55008:215
6Deportivo Municipal650114:115
7Sport Boys743010:615
8Union Comercio64207:014
9FBC Melgar541010:313
10CD UT Cajamarca63307:312
11Universitario de Deportes62408:610
12Academia Cantolao623111:99
13Sport Huancayo72327:69
14Ayacucho FC722310:98
15Universidad San Martin61328:76
16Comerciantes Unidos50414:74
1Sporting Cristal63307:212
2Sport Huancayo62228:78
3FBC Melgar71336:116
4Sport Rosario61233:105
5CD UT Cajamarca51224:55
6Alianza Lima61236:105
7Real Garcilaso71155:134
9Comerciantes Unidos71065:143
10Union Comercio60332:113
11Deportivo Municipal60334:123
12Universidad San Martin60335:103
13Sport Boys60337:103
14Universitario de Deportes60244:112
15Academia Cantolao60153:161
16Ayacucho FC60153:101

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Sporting Cristal54109:013
3Sport Boys53116:410
4Real Garcilaso53024:39
5Union Comercio52304:19
6CD UT Cajamarca52214:38
7Alianza Lima52216:58
8FBC Melgar52215:68
9Deportivo Municipal52127:87
10Universitario de Deportes52124:67
11Sport Rosario52037:96
12Ayacucho FC52035:46
13Sport Huancayo51226:75
14Universidad San Martin51049:113
15Academia Cantolao50234:102
16Comerciantes Unidos50234:82

1Real Garcilaso55008:215
2Alianza Lima550014:315
4FBC Melgar541010:313
5Sporting Cristal541012:113
6Sport Rosario540113:712
7Deportivo Municipal540110:112
8CD UT Cajamarca53206:211
9Union Comercio53205:011
10Sport Boys53207:411
11Universitario de Deportes52307:59
12Academia Cantolao522110:88
13Sport Huancayo52216:38
14Ayacucho FC52217:48
15Universidad San Martin51228:75
16Comerciantes Unidos50414:74
1Sporting Cristal53206:111
2Sport Rosario51223:65
3CD UT Cajamarca51224:55
4Sport Huancayo51225:75
5Alianza Lima51224:75
7Real Garcilaso51043:73
8Union Comercio50322:73
9Sport Boys50327:93
10Deportivo Municipal50234:122
11Universidad San Martin50234:92
12FBC Melgar50233:102
13Academia Cantolao50143:141
14Ayacucho FC50143:71
15Universitario de Deportes50143:101
16Comerciantes Unidos50053:120

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