Czech Republic - 1. Liga


Sigma Olomouc


FC Fastav Zlin




halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Saturday 20th October 2018
Time 15:00 CEST
Venue nameAndruv Stadion
90'   in Libor Holik
90'   out Robert Matejov
88'   Lukas Bartosak
88'   Zoran Gajic
86'   Robert Matejov
79'   in Alexander Jakubov
79'   out Tomas Poznar
76'   Jiri Texl
76'  Assist Jakub Plsek
74'   in Jiri Texl
74'   out Jan Sterba
73'   Stanislav Dostal
70'   out Lukas Holik
70'   in Petr Hronek
59'   in Pavel Dvorak
59'   out Juraj Chvatal
57'   Milos Buchta
50'   Jean-David Beauguel
29'   Petr Jiracek
23'   Martin Sladky
10'   in Juraj Chvatal
10'   out Roman Polom

Goalkeeper: Milos Buchta

Defence: Michal Veprek
Defence: Jan Sterba
Defence: Roman Polom
Defence: Martin Sladky

Midfield: Lukas Kalvach
Midfield: Vaclav Pilar
Midfield: David Houska
Midfield: Jakub Plsek
Midfield: Tomas Zahradnicek

Forward: Martin Nespor

Substitute player: Jiri Texl
Substitute player: Budje Manzia
Substitute player: Juraj Chvatal
Substitute player: Jan Kotouc
Substitute player: Pavel Dvorak
Substitute player: Jakub Yunis
Substitute player: Ales Mandous

Coach: Vaclav Jilek
Goalkeeper: Stanislav Dostal

Defence: Zoran Gajic
Defence: Petr Buchta
Defence: Ondrej Baco

Midfield: Josef Hnanicek
Midfield: Robert Matejov
Midfield: Lukas Bartosak
Midfield: Petr Jiracek
Midfield: Lukas Holik

Forward: Tomas Poznar
Forward: Jean-David Beauguel

Substitute player: Josip Balic
Substitute player: Tomas Masar
Substitute player: Alexander Jakubov
Substitute player: Petr Hronek
Substitute player: Libor Holik
Substitute player: Pavel Vyhnal
Substitute player: Jan Siska

Coach: Michal Bilek
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Sigma OlomoucFC Fastav Zlin
LOST in last 1 1. Liga's games.LOST in last 1 1. Liga's games.
NOT DRAW in last 6 1. Liga's games.NOT DRAW in last 13 1. Liga's games.

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10.League position6.
  12pts.Last five games  6pts.
  9pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.

7 on FC Fastav Zlin

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:3
»Head to Head matches
15th Nov 18 Czech Republic - CupSigma Olomouc : FC Fastav Zlin 2:1
20th Oct 18 Czech Republic - 1. LigaSigma Olomouc : FC Fastav Zlin 1:1
12th May 18 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionFC Fastav Zlin : Sigma Olomouc 1:4
18th Nov 17 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionSigma Olomouc : FC Fastav Zlin 2:0
19th Mar 16 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionFC Fastav Zlin : Sigma Olomouc 0:0
26th Sep 15 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionSigma Olomouc : FC Fastav Zlin 1:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Slavia Prague25211363:1864
2Viktoria Plzen25174436:2355
3Sparta Prague25155544:2150
5Banik Ostrava25116832:2739
6FC Fastav Zlin251131131:3136
7Mlada Boleslav2597944:3934
8Slovan Liberec2597926:2234
10Sigma Olomouc25941228:3731
14Bohemians 190525681123:3226
15Dukla Praha25541621:4719
 relegation play off relegation play off  

1Viktoria Plzen12111021:434
2Slavia Prague12110136:833
3Sparta Prague1393127:1030
5Slovan Liberec1364317:822
6FC Fastav Zlin1371516:1322
7Banik Ostrava1363415:1121
8Mlada Boleslav1255222:1220
11Sigma Olomouc1352614:2117
14Dukla Praha1342715:2414
16Bohemians 1905131759:1510
1Slavia Prague13101227:1031
2Viktoria Plzen1363415:1921
3Sparta Prague1262417:1120
5Banik Ostrava1253417:1618
6Bohemians 19051251614:1716
7Mlada Boleslav1342722:2714
8Sigma Olomouc1242614:1614
9FC Fastav Zlin1242615:1814
12Slovan Liberec123369:1412
16Dukla Praha121296:235

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Sparta Prague550013:515
2Slavia Prague540113:212
3Sigma Olomouc540110:312
4Mlada Boleslav53207:211
5Viktoria Plzen53026:79
7Bohemians 190552125:47
8Slovan Liberec52035:56
10FC Fastav Zlin52036:86
13Banik Ostrava51136:114
14Dukla Praha51045:123

1Slavia Prague550016:315
2Viktoria Plzen54108:213
3Sparta Prague540110:412
7Slovan Liberec53028:39
8Mlada Boleslav52305:29
9Sigma Olomouc53026:79
10Banik Ostrava52216:48
13FC Fastav Zlin52034:66
15Dukla Praha51136:114
16Bohemians 190550320:43
1Slavia Prague540110:412
2Sparta Prague53119:610
3Sigma Olomouc52126:47
4Viktoria Plzen52126:87
7Bohemians 190552036:66
8Mlada Boleslav51227:75
9Slovan Liberec51133:54
11Banik Ostrava51136:104
14FC Fastav Zlin51045:113
15Dukla Praha50231:52

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