Brazil - Paulista A1 Trophy Interior


Sao Bento


Ponte Preta

halftime (1:0)
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Date Saturday 24th March 2018
Time 23:00 CET
90'   Anderson Cavalo
87'   Aaron Ibilola
52'   Lucas Farias
34'   Diogo Oliveira
28'    Joao Vitor
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Sao BentoPonte Preta
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3.League position2.
  4pts.Last five games  6pts.
  3pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.
»Head to Head matches
02nd Nov 18 Brazil - Serie BPonte Preta : Sao Bento 2:1
14th Jul 18 Brazil - Serie BSao Bento : Ponte Preta 0:2
24th Mar 18 Brazil - Paulista A1 Trophy InteriorSao Bento : Ponte Preta 3:1
28th Jan 18 Brazil - Paulista A1Sao Bento : Ponte Preta 0:1
26th Mar 17 Brazil - Paulista A1Sao Bento : Ponte Preta 1:2
20th Feb 16 Brazil - Paulista A1Ponte Preta : Sao Bento 0:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Ponte Preta32015:36
3Sao Bento31116:54
5Ituano FC31114:54
6Red Bull Brasil30124:81

2Sao Bento21014:33
4Ponte Preta11002:03
5Red Bull Brasil10102:21
6Ituano FC20112:41
2Ituano FC11002:13
3Ponte Preta21013:33
5Sao Bento10102:21
6Red Bull Brasil20022:60

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