DR Congo - Super League Championship Group


Sanga Balende


J.S. Bazano

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Date Wednesday 13th June 2018
Time 16:30 CEST
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Sanga BalendeJ.S. Bazano
WON in last 1 Super League Championship Group's games.WON in last 3 Super League Championship Group's games.
NOT DRAW in last 5 Super League Championship Group's games.NOT DRAW in last 11 Super League Championship Group's games.

4.League position10.
  6pts.Last five games  9pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  0pts.

10 on Sanga Balende

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
»Head to Head matches
11th Dec 20 DR Congo - Super LeagueSanga Balende : J.S. Bazano 0:0
09th Feb 20 DR Congo - Super LeagueSanga Balende : J.S. Bazano 0:1
09th Dec 19 DR Congo - Super LeagueJ.S. Bazano : Sanga Balende 0:0
06th Mar 19 DR Congo - Super LeagueJ.S. Bazano : Sanga Balende 1:0
19th Dec 18 DR Congo - Super LeagueSanga Balende : J.S. Bazano 1:0
13th Jun 18 DR Congo - Super League Championship GroupSanga Balende : J.S. Bazano 6:0
21st Mar 18 DR Congo - Super League Championship GroupJ.S. Bazano : Sanga Balende 1:3
27th Feb 18 DR Congo - Super League Zone South CentralSanga Balende : J.S. Bazano 0:1
03rd Jan 18 DR Congo - Super League Zone South CentralJ.S. Bazano : Sanga Balende 0:1
»Latest games
Sanga Balende
DR Congo - Super League 2020/2021
02.5.TP Mazembe1:0Sanga Balende
28.4.Sanga Balende0:1TP Mazembe
18.4.Sanga Balende0:0Motema Pembe
04.4.Sanga Balende1:0Don Bosco
21.3.AC Rangers1:0Sanga Balende
18.3.JSK0:0Sanga Balende
08.3.Sanga Balende2:1Renaissance
28.2.Maniema Union4:1Sanga Balende
26.1.Renaissance0:2Sanga Balende
22.1.RCK0:2Sanga Balende
15.1.Sanga Balende2:0Saint-Eloi Lupopo
07.1.Sanga Balende1:0JSK
03.1.AS Vita Club2:0Sanga Balende
31.12.Motema Pembe0:2Sanga Balende
21.12.Sanga Balende1:0Maniema Union
14.12.Sanga Balende3:0AC Rangers
11.12.Sanga Balende0:0J.S. Bazano
05.12.Sanga Balende1:0FC Lubumbashi Sport
17.11.Sanga Balende1:0Dauphins Noirs
21.10.Blessing FC0:0Sanga Balende
18.10.Simba2:3Sanga Balende
14.10.Don Bosco1:1Sanga Balende
12.3.Nyuki3:0Sanga Balende
09.2.Sanga Balende0:1J.S. Bazano
J.S. Bazano
DR Congo - Super League 2020/2021
28.4.J.S. Bazano2:0JSK
15.4.Motema Pembe0:1J.S. Bazano
11.4.AC Rangers1:0J.S. Bazano
06.4.AS Vita Club2:0J.S. Bazano
19.3.J.S. Bazano0:0TP Mazembe
17.3.J.S. Bazano1:1RCK
07.3.Blessing FC2:1J.S. Bazano
25.2.Dauphins Noirs1:1J.S. Bazano
21.2.J.S. Bazano0:0Simba
18.2.Saint-Eloi Lupopo0:0J.S. Bazano
23.12.J.S. Bazano0:2AC Rangers
19.12.J.S. Bazano2:2Dauphins Noirs
11.12.Sanga Balende0:0J.S. Bazano
03.12.Don Bosco2:1J.S. Bazano
29.11.TP Mazembe2:0J.S. Bazano
22.11.Maniema Union2:0J.S. Bazano
17.11.J.S. Bazano1:2FC Lubumbashi Sport
10.11.J.S. Bazano0:1Motema Pembe
04.11.J.S. Bazano0:0AS Vita Club
31.10.RCK2:1J.S. Bazano
28.10.JSK1:1J.S. Bazano
24.10.Renaissance1:0J.S. Bazano
18.10.J.S. Bazano0:0Blessing FC
10.10.J.S. Bazano0:1Saint-Eloi Lupopo


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1AS Vita Club22182255:956
2TP Mazembe22165139:553
3Motema Pembe22162445:1150
4Sanga Balende22154342:749
5Maniema Union22103928:2533
6Saint-Eloi Lupopo2296723:2133
7Don Bosco22651118:3423
8Mont Bleu22641221:3422
9AC Rangers22521516:4217
10J.S. Bazano22441412:4316
11Dauphins Noirs2233167:4412

1Motema Pembe1292127:529
2TP Mazembe1192021:329
3Sanga Balende1191128:128
4AS Vita Club1081127:525
5Maniema Union1170418:921
6Mont Bleu1162315:720
7Saint-Eloi Lupopo1154215:1019
8Don Bosco1143413:1815
9J.S. Bazano114259:1414
10AC Rangers1231811:2310
11Dauphins Noirs113174:1610
1AS Vita Club12101128:431
2TP Mazembe1173118:224
3Sanga Balende1163214:621
4Motema Pembe1070318:621
5Saint-Eloi Lupopo114258:1114
6Maniema Union1133510:1612
7Don Bosco112275:168
8AC Rangers102175:197
10Mont Bleu110296:272
11J.S. Bazano110293:292
12Dauphins Noirs110293:282

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1AS Vita Club550012:015
2TP Mazembe55009:115
3Motema Pembe54018:212
4J.S. Bazano53023:49
5Saint-Eloi Lupopo52124:57
6AC Rangers52037:76
7Sanga Balende52038:56
8Maniema Union52035:86
9Mont Bleu51133:74
10Dauphins Noirs51132:134
11Don Bosco51133:74

1AS Vita Club550018:115
2TP Mazembe55009:115
3Sanga Balende540114:112
4Motema Pembe540112:412
5Saint-Eloi Lupopo53115:310
6J.S. Bazano53024:59
7Mont Bleu52214:38
8Dauphins Noirs52032:56
9Maniema Union52035:66
10AC Rangers51046:113
11Don Bosco50231:132
1AS Vita Club550014:215
2Motema Pembe54018:212
3TP Mazembe540112:112
4Don Bosco52124:57
5AC Rangers52034:66
6Sanga Balende51222:45
7Maniema Union51133:84
8Saint-Eloi Lupopo51132:54
10Mont Bleu50142:101
11Dauphins Noirs50142:131
12J.S. Bazano50050:170

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