Japan - J. League


Sanfrecce Hiroshima


Yokohama F.Marinos




halftime (0:1)
»Game details
Date Wednesday 11th April 2018
Time 12:00 CEST
90'  Assist Hayao Kawabe
90'   Patric
79'   Patric
77'   out Hugo Vieira
77'   in Sho Ito
71'   in Yuki Otsu
71'   out Olivier Boumal
71'   out Kaina Yoshio
71'   in Jun Amano
64'   out Daiki Watari
64'   in Patric
60'   in Toshihiro Aoyama
60'   out Taishi Matsumoto
51'   penalty Teerasil Dangda
49'   Milos Degenek
41'   penalty Hugo Vieira
35'   in Hiroki Mizumoto
35'   out Daiki Niwa

Goalkeeper: Takuto Hayashi

Defence: Daiki Niwa
Defence: Takuya Wada
Defence: Sho Sasaki
Defence: Yuki Nogami

Midfield: Kyohei Yoshino
Midfield: Taishi Matsumoto
Midfield: Hayao Kawabe
Midfield: Yoshifumi Kashiwa

Forward: Daiki Watari
Forward: Teerasil Dangda

Substitute player: Felipe
Substitute player: Hiroki Mizumoto
Substitute player: Patric
Substitute player: Hirotsugu Nakabayashi
Substitute player: Toshihiro Aoyama
Substitute player: Kazuaki Mawatari
Substitute player: Sho Inagaki
Goalkeeper: Hiroki Iikura

Defence: Yuji Nakazawa
Defence: Takashi Kanai
Defence: Ryosuke Yamanaka
Defence: Milos Degenek

Midfield: Kaina Yoshio
Midfield: Kosuke Nakamachi
Midfield: Takahiro Ogihara

Forward: Il-Lok Yun
Forward: Hugo Vieira
Forward: Olivier Boumal

Substitute player: Ken Matsubara
Substitute player: Takumi Shimohira
Substitute player: Sho Ito
Substitute player: Daichi Sugimoto
Substitute player: Keita Endo
Substitute player: Yuki Otsu
Substitute player: Jun Amano
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Sanfrecce HiroshimaYokohama F.Marinos
DRAW in last 1 J. League's games.LOST in last 1 J. League's games.
NOT LOST in last 2 J. League's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 J. League's games.

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1.League position13.
  10pts.Last five games  8pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

4 on Sanfrecce Hiroshima

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
11th Apr 18 Japan - J. LeagueSanfrecce Hiroshima : Yokohama F.Marinos 3:1
20th Sep 17 Japan - CupYokohama F.Marinos : Sanfrecce Hiroshima 3:2
08th Jul 17 Japan - J. LeagueYokohama F.Marinos : Sanfrecce Hiroshima 1:1
31st May 17 Japan - League Cup Grp. BYokohama F.Marinos : Sanfrecce Hiroshima 1:2
16th Apr 17 Japan - J. LeagueSanfrecce Hiroshima : Yokohama F.Marinos 0:1
17th Jul 16 Japan - J. League 2nd stageSanfrecce Hiroshima : Yokohama F.Marinos 2:2
24th Apr 16 Japan - J. League 1st stageYokohama F.Marinos : Sanfrecce Hiroshima 1:2
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Sanfrecce Hiroshima17132226:841
2FC Tokyo17104327:1534
3Kawasaki Frontale17103425:1333
4Cerezo Osaka1676321:1827
5Consadole Sapporo1776421:1927
6Vissel Kobe1774624:2025
7Vegalta Sendai1774620:2625
8Shimizu S-Pulse1773724:2224
9Jubilo Iwata1765618:1823
10Kashima Antlers1664621:2122
11Shonan Bellmare1764721:2322
12Urawa Red Diamonds1756616:1521
13Yokohama F.Marinos1755733:3120
14Kashiwa Reysol1762921:2620
15V-Varen Nagasaki17521021:2817
16Gamba Osaka17431015:2515
17Sagan Tosu1735915:2314
18Nagoya Grampus Eight17241115:3310
 relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1FC Tokyo962118:1020
2Sanfrecce Hiroshima861113:319
3Cerezo Osaka853015:918
4Kashima Antlers952214:717
5Consadole Sapporo851212:716
6Gamba Osaka942312:814
7Shonan Bellmare94239:1014
8Kawasaki Frontale941412:913
9Jubilo Iwata933310:1212
10V-Varen Nagasaki832312:1111
11Urawa Red Diamonds83237:611
12Shimizu S-Pulse832310:711
13Kashiwa Reysol93159:1010
14Vissel Kobe831414:1210
15Vegalta Sendai82338:179
16Yokohama F.Marinos823317:159
17Sagan Tosu92259:128
18Nagoya Grampus Eight81347:116
1Sanfrecce Hiroshima971113:522
2Kawasaki Frontale862013:420
3Vegalta Sendai951312:916
4Vissel Kobe943210:815
5FC Tokyo84229:514
6Shimizu S-Pulse941414:1513
7Consadole Sapporo92529:1211
8Jubilo Iwata83238:611
9Yokohama F.Marinos932416:1611
10Kashiwa Reysol831412:1610
11Urawa Red Diamonds92439:910
12Cerezo Osaka82336:99
13Shonan Bellmare822412:138
14V-Varen Nagasaki92079:176
15Sagan Tosu81346:116
16Kashima Antlers71247:145
17Nagoya Grampus Eight91178:224
18Gamba Osaka80173:171

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Kawasaki Frontale54018:412
2FC Tokyo53208:211
3Sanfrecce Hiroshima53119:310
4Kashima Antlers531113:810
5Vegalta Sendai53029:139
6Vissel Kobe53027:59
7Shimizu S-Pulse530210:99
8Yokohama F.Marinos522117:118
9Cerezo Osaka52216:58
10Shonan Bellmare52128:87
11Sagan Tosu51314:36
12Urawa Red Diamonds51314:36
13Consadole Sapporo51223:65
14Jubilo Iwata51225:75
15V-Varen Nagasaki51046:103
16Kashiwa Reysol51047:133
17Nagoya Grampus Eight50234:102
18Gamba Osaka50232:92

1Cerezo Osaka54109:413
2FC Tokyo541013:613
3Sanfrecce Hiroshima54019:212
4Consadole Sapporo53116:310
5Gamba Osaka53116:210
6Kashima Antlers531111:610
7V-Varen Nagasaki53027:39
8Kawasaki Frontale53028:59
9Shimizu S-Pulse53029:59
10Yokohama F.Marinos522114:108
11Urawa Red Diamonds52215:38
12Shonan Bellmare52125:67
13Vissel Kobe52128:57
14Jubilo Iwata51226:85
15Sagan Tosu51134:64
16Kashiwa Reysol51044:73
17Nagoya Grampus Eight50324:73
18Vegalta Sendai50235:162
1Kawasaki Frontale54108:313
2FC Tokyo53204:011
3Jubilo Iwata53118:310
4Sanfrecce Hiroshima53118:410
5Vissel Kobe53116:410
6Vegalta Sendai53027:59
7Shonan Bellmare521210:97
8Consadole Sapporo51314:76
9Kashiwa Reysol52038:126
10Shimizu S-Pulse52036:106
11Urawa Red Diamonds51223:35
12Cerezo Osaka51223:55
13Yokohama F.Marinos511313:134
14V-Varen Nagasaki51046:123
15Sagan Tosu50231:62
16Gamba Osaka50141:111
17Kashima Antlers50146:141
18Nagoya Grampus Eight50053:140

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