Argentina - Primera B Metropolitana


Sacachispas FC


Club Atletico Estudiantes




halftime (0:1)
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Date Wednesday 29th November 2017
Time 21:00 CET
82'   Leonardo Dominguez
74'   Rodrigo Paillalef
17'   Lionel Altamirano
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Sacachispas FCClub Atletico Estudiantes
LOST in last 1 Primera B Metropolitana's games.WON in last 2 Primera B Metropolitana's games.
NOT WON in last 3 Primera B Metropolitana's games.NOT LOST in last 3 Primera B Metropolitana's games.

13.League position2.
  6pts.Last five games  10pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.

6 on Club Atletico Estudiantes

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:2
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18th Apr 18 Argentina - Primera B MetropolitanaClub Atletico Estudiantes : Sacachispas FC 0:0
29th Nov 17 Argentina - Primera B MetropolitanaSacachispas FC : Club Atletico Estudiantes 0:2
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Club Atletico Platense341810645:2164
2Club Atletico Estudiantes341810642:2564
5CA Defensores de Belgrano3414101038:2952
6Barracas Central341312945:3851
7Tristan Suarez341481248:3850
8CD UAI Urquiza3413101128:2949
9CA Talleres Remedios de Escalada3413101132:3649
10CA San Miguel3410131132:4043
11San Telmo3411101328:3643
13Sacachispas FC3410101435:4740
14CA Fenix349121338:4339
16Villa San Carlos341081635:4838
17Deportivo Espanol347111627:4031
18Almirante Brown34781927:4429
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off  

1Club Atletico Platense17105228:835
2Club Atletico Estudiantes1797121:1034
3CA Talleres Remedios de Escalada17103420:1333
6CA Defensores de Belgrano1786324:1530
7Barracas Central1785425:1729
8Tristan Suarez1792625:1429
9Villa San Carlos1792625:2129
10Sacachispas FC1783622:2527
11CA San Miguel1775518:1426
12CA Fenix1757520:1722
13CD UAI Urquiza1757515:1722
14San Telmo1757515:1422
16Deportivo Espanol1747615:1719
17Almirante Brown1745813:1617
2Club Atletico Estudiantes1793521:1530
3Club Atletico Platense1785417:1329
4CD UAI Urquiza1783613:1227
5CA Defensores de Belgrano1764714:1422
6Barracas Central1757520:2122
8Tristan Suarez1756623:2421
9San Telmo1763813:2221
12CA San Miguel1738614:2617
13CA Fenix1745818:2617
14CA Talleres Remedios de Escalada1737712:2316
15Sacachispas FC1727813:2213
16Deportivo Espanol17341012:2313
17Almirante Brown17331114:2812
18Villa San Carlos17161010:279

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Club Atletico Platense53208:311
2Club Atletico Estudiantes53117:510
3Barracas Central52216:48
4CA Talleres Remedios de Escalada52126:77
5CD UAI Urquiza52124:37
8Tristan Suarez52127:67
10San Telmo52125:57
11CA Fenix51315:46
12Sacachispas FC51318:76
13Almirante Brown51315:56
14CA San Miguel51222:55
15CA Defensores de Belgrano51224:75
16Deportivo Espanol51221:35
18Villa San Carlos51133:74

1Barracas Central532010:411
2Almirante Brown53208:311
3Sacachispas FC531110:810
6CA Defensores de Belgrano52308:69
7Villa San Carlos53027:59
8Club Atletico Estudiantes52307:59
9CA Talleres Remedios de Escalada52217:58
10Deportivo Espanol52212:18
11Club Atletico Platense52215:28
12CA San Miguel52125:37
13CD UAI Urquiza51403:27
15Tristan Suarez52128:77
16CA Fenix51314:46
17San Telmo51224:45
2Club Atletico Platense52305:39
3San Telmo52216:58
4CA Defensores de Belgrano52125:67
5Barracas Central52125:57
7Club Atletico Estudiantes52124:67
8CA San Miguel51315:76
11CD UAI Urquiza51133:54
12Sacachispas FC50323:63
13Tristan Suarez50324:73
14CA Fenix50234:82
15Deportivo Espanol50234:82
16Villa San Carlos50233:82
17Almirante Brown50234:82
18CA Talleres Remedios de Escalada50142:111

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