Romania Liga II 2018/2019 Romania | Liga II | 2018/2019

Liga II facts

Home field is big advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.71 points per game.!
Draws are less common in this league. 21% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals is above the average. It's 2.82 goals per game!
Number of games with three or more goals is normal. It's 52% of all games.
Favourites usually win in this league.!

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Predictions and upcoming games

dateround home team away teamresult prediction# goals tipscore pick
31 May38FC Arges PitestiCS Sportul Snagov4 on FC Arges Pitestiunder1:0
1 Jun38ASU Politehnica TimisoaraFC Metaloglobus Bucuresti2 on ASU Politehnica Timisoaraunder1:0
1 Jun38Daco-Getica BucurestiACS Poli Timisoara7 on Daco-Getica Bucurestiunder2:0
1 Jun38Universitatea ClujPandurii10 on Universitatea Clujover3:0
1 Jun38Farul ConstantaRipensia Timisoara3 on Farul Constantaunder1:0
1 Jun38CS Aerostar BacauCS Balotesti8 on CS Aerostar Bacauover3:0
1 Jun38Luceafarul OradeaDacia Unirea Braila10 on Luceafarul Oradeaover4:1
1 Jun38ACS EnergeticianulChindia Targoviste10 on Chindia Targovisteover0:3
1 Jun38Petrolul PloiestiFC Academica Clincenidrawover2:2
1 Jun38CS MioveniUTA Arad6 on CS Mioveniover2:1

All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Chindia Targoviste37267477:3385
2FC Academica Clinceni37273774:2284
3Universitatea Cluj37247683:2679
4Petrolul Ploiesti37245875:3577
5CS Sportul Snagov37217954:3470
6FC Arges Pitesti371981051:3165
7CS Mioveni371771360:4158
8Luceafarul Oradea3713101451:5949
9FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti371471643:5449
10UTA Arad371381655:6147
11Ripensia Timisoara3712101543:5346
12Farul Constanta371441945:5946
13ASU Politehnica Timisoara371291637:3845
14Daco-Getica Bucuresti3710141351:5444
16ACS Energeticianul379121646:5339
17CS Aerostar Bacau371052253:6635
18ACS Poli Timisoara37782230:6429
19CS Balotesti37662529:8124
20Dacia Unirea Braila37472630:11719
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

1Chindia Targoviste19153150:2048
2FC Academica Clinceni19152244:947
3Universitatea Cluj18133240:1342
4FC Arges Pitesti18133234:942
5Petrolul Ploiesti18124243:1440
6CS Sportul Snagov19123427:1439
7Luceafarul Oradea18105335:1635
8FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti19104527:1234
9CS Mioveni18103533:2233
10Farul Constanta1893627:2230
12ACS Energeticianul1884632:2328
13UTA Arad1984734:3328
14Daco-Getica Bucuresti1876530:2527
15Ripensia Timisoara1975719:2126
16CS Aerostar Bacau1882833:2326
17ASU Politehnica Timisoara1865723:2023
18ACS Poli Timisoara1955920:2920
19CS Balotesti19451017:3217
20Dacia Unirea Braila19441117:4316
1FC Academica Clinceni18121530:1337
2Chindia Targoviste18114327:1337
3Petrolul Ploiesti19121632:2137
4Universitatea Cluj19114443:1337
5CS Sportul Snagov1894527:2031
6CS Mioveni1974827:1925
7FC Arges Pitesti1965817:2223
8ASU Politehnica Timisoara1964914:1822
9Ripensia Timisoara1855824:3220
10UTA Arad1854921:2819
11Daco-Getica Bucuresti1938821:2917
12Farul Constanta19511318:3716
13FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti18431116:4215
14Luceafarul Oradea19351116:4314
16ACS Energeticianul19181014:3011
17CS Aerostar Bacau19231420:439
18ACS Poli Timisoara18231310:359
19CS Balotesti18211512:497
20Dacia Unirea Braila18031513:743

Latest results

dateround home team away team
26 May37FTUTA Arad2:4Petrolul Ploiesti
25 May37FTChindia Targoviste4:1Luceafarul Oradea
25 May37FTCS Balotesti0:2Universitatea Cluj
25 May37FTRipensia Timisoara1:1Daco-Getica Bucuresti
25 May37FTCS Sportul Snagov1:0CS Aerostar Bacau
25 May37FTACS Poli Timisoara1:4CS Mioveni
25 May37FTPandurii1:0ASU Politehnica Timisoara
25 May37FTFC Metaloglobus Bucuresti3:0ACS Energeticianul
25 May37FTDacia Unirea Braila0:2Farul Constanta
24 May37FTFC Academica Clinceni2:1FC Arges Pitesti
21 May36FTUniversitatea Cluj1:0CS Sportul Snagov
20 May36FTPetrolul Ploiesti1:0ACS Poli Timisoara
19 May36FTChindia Targoviste2:1FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti
19 May36FTACS Energeticianul1:2Pandurii
19 May36FTCS Mioveni4:1Ripensia Timisoara
19 May36FTCS Aerostar Bacau0:3FC Academica Clinceni

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Chindia Targoviste550015:215
2Petrolul Ploiesti550019:315
3Universitatea Cluj54109:013
4FC Academica Clinceni532010:411
5Luceafarul Oradea53118:410
6FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti530213:39
7CS Mioveni530214:59
8FC Arges Pitesti53027:59
9Daco-Getica Bucuresti52217:48
10ASU Politehnica Timisoara52128:87
11CS Sportul Snagov52126:57
12Farul Constanta52124:87
14ACS Energeticianul51139:124
15Ripensia Timisoara51134:94
16UTA Arad51045:123
17CS Aerostar Bacau51042:73
18ACS Poli Timisoara51042:93
19CS Balotesti50054:190
20Dacia Unirea Braila50053:240

1Chindia Targoviste550014:215
2FC Academica Clinceni541010:213
3FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti540113:112
4FC Arges Pitesti54018:412
5Luceafarul Oradea531112:510
6Daco-Getica Bucuresti53119:810
7CS Aerostar Bacau530212:69
8CS Sportul Snagov53028:79
9Petrolul Ploiesti530213:69
10Universitatea Cluj53029:69
11CS Mioveni53028:59
12ASU Politehnica Timisoara522111:78
13Farul Constanta52214:58
14ACS Poli Timisoara52124:87
16UTA Arad51229:125
17Ripensia Timisoara51132:64
18Dacia Unirea Braila51043:193
19ACS Energeticianul50238:112
20CS Balotesti50231:92
1Universitatea Cluj541019:213
2Petrolul Ploiesti540112:612
3FC Academica Clinceni53119:310
4Chindia Targoviste53117:310
5Farul Constanta53026:79
6Luceafarul Oradea52216:68
7Ripensia Timisoara52129:117
8ASU Politehnica Timisoara52124:47
9CS Mioveni521212:67
10FC Arges Pitesti52035:56
11Daco-Getica Bucuresti51225:55
12ACS Energeticianul51137:114
13UTA Arad51136:114
14FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti51136:64
15ACS Poli Timisoara51132:44
17CS Sportul Snagov50234:82
18CS Balotesti50054:210
19CS Aerostar Bacau50052:80
20Dacia Unirea Braila50053:300

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Dacia Unirea Braila8968543.164.833.97
3CS Aerostar Bacau8459273.113.323.22
4UTA Arad8668323.532.723.14
5CS Balotesti8157382.583.392.97
6Luceafarul Oradea7359432.833.112.97
7Chindia Targoviste7054413.682.222.97
8Petrolul Ploiesti7657273.172.792.97
9Universitatea Cluj7657302.942.952.95
10Daco-Getica Bucuresti8451273.062.632.84
11Farul Constanta7253252.722.892.81
12CS Mioveni8353253.062.422.73
13ACS Energeticianul7857273.062.322.68
14FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti6546192.053.222.62
15Ripensia Timisoara7838192.113.112.59
16FC Academica Clinceni6849272.792.392.59
17ACS Poli Timisoara6849272.582.52.54
18CS Sportul Snagov6543222.162.612.38
19FC Arges Pitesti6543162.392.052.22
20ASU Politehnica Timisoara5732142.391.682.03

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team betting index

Teams ordered by SoccerVista tips profitability
Negative number means that team plays less predictable - this team can beat big favourite and lose against weak team. Be very careful when adding this team to your betting slip!

 Total bets Average OddsBetting Index
1Dacia Unirea Braila332.1663
2FC Academica Clinceni322.0547.2
3CS Aerostar Bacau322.2339.4
4Chindia Targoviste332.2236.4
5Universitatea Cluj332.5133.9
6ACS Poli Timisoara322.5130.9
7ACS Energeticianul322.4927.8
8CS Sportul Snagov332.5623.6
9CS Balotesti332.6623.3
10Petrolul Ploiesti332.7522.4
12Farul Constanta322.3716.9
13Luceafarul Oradea332.7216.1
14FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti332.6612.4
15ASU Politehnica Timisoara322.6111.6
16CS Mioveni322.6511.6
17UTA Arad322.669.1
18Daco-Getica Bucuresti333.047
19Ripensia Timisoara322.76.9
20FC Arges Pitesti322.711.9

Average betting index at Romania Liga II is 23.05 units. That means: Favourites usually win in this league.

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