Nigeria - Professional Football League


Remo Stars


Gombe United

halftime (2:0)
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Date Sunday 4th June 2017
Time 17:00 CEST
14'   Ekene Awazie
10'   Oche Salefu
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Remo StarsGombe United
LOST in last 8 Professional Football League's games.LOST in last 2 Professional Football League's games.
NOT WON in last 14 Professional Football League's games.NOT DRAW in last 6 Professional Football League's games.

20.League position19.
  0pts.Last five games  6pts.
  1pts.last 5 home/away only  1pts.

4 on Remo Stars

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
04th Jun 17 Nigeria - Professional Football LeagueRemo Stars : Gombe United 2:0
18th Jan 17 Nigeria - Professional Football LeagueGombe United : Remo Stars 2:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Plateau United381991049:2566
2MFM FC381951442:4162
4Akwa United381791246:3060
5Nasarawa United381681435:3056
6El Kanemi Warriors381821839:4356
7Lobi Stars381591443:3954
8Kano Pillars381661638:3554
9Ifeanyi Ubah United381591439:3854
10Sunshine Stars381731841:4354
11Niger Tornadoes381661631:3554
12Abia Warriors381581544:3653
13Wikki Tourist381651737:4153
14Enugu Rangers3814111339:4453
15Rivers United FC3814101434:3352
16Katsina United381571637:3852
17Shooting Stars3813111432:3850
18ABS FC381471737:5049
19Gombe United3811101732:4943
20Remo Stars38782327:4929
 relegation relegation  

1MFM FC19172033:853
2El Kanemi Warriors19172030:653
3Plateau United19172039:653
5Akwa United19163039:951
6Kano Pillars19162134:850
7Katsina United19154031:949
8Wikki Tourist19154030:849
9Niger Tornadoes19154025:549
10Nasarawa United19154030:749
11Ifeanyi Ubah United19145031:947
12ABS FC19144128:1146
13Lobi Stars19144133:1346
14Abia Warriors19135129:544
15Rivers United FC19135124:844
16Shooting Stars19135123:944
17Enugu Rangers19135128:1444
18Sunshine Stars19141424:943
19Gombe United19117122:1040
20Remo Stars1975721:1826
1Plateau United19271010:1913
2Sunshine Stars19321417:3411
3MFM FC1923149:339
4Abia Warriors19231415:319
5Enugu Rangers19161211:309
6Akwa United1916127:219
7Rivers United FC19151310:258
8Lobi Stars19151310:268
10Ifeanyi Ubah United1914148:297
11Nasarawa United1914145:237
12Shooting Stars1906139:296
13Niger Tornadoes1912166:305
14Wikki Tourist1911177:334
15Kano Pillars1904154:274
16Remo Stars1903166:313
17Katsina United1903166:293
18El Kanemi Warriors1910189:373
19ABS FC1903169:393
20Gombe United19031610:393

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Rivers United FC531110:710
2Enugu Rangers53116:510
4Katsina United53028:39
5Abia Warriors53028:59
6Wikki Tourist53025:69
7Sunshine Stars53027:49
8Nasarawa United53024:59
9Akwa United53028:39
10El Kanemi Warriors52127:77
11Plateau United52124:47
12Shooting Stars52124:57
13Lobi Stars52126:67
14MFM FC52034:46
15ABS FC52036:86
16Niger Tornadoes52035:76
17Kano Pillars52034:56
18Gombe United52033:76
19Ifeanyi Ubah United51133:94
20Remo Stars50052:110

1Shooting Stars55007:115
2Nasarawa United55007:215
3Akwa United550013:215
5Katsina United541010:213
6MFM FC54107:213
7El Kanemi Warriors54107:213
8ABS FC54108:113
9Plateau United54107:113
10Wikki Tourist54107:213
11Niger Tornadoes54106:113
12Kano Pillars54109:113
13Enugu Rangers54108:313
14Sunshine Stars54018:212
15Ifeanyi Ubah United53206:311
16Abia Warriors53207:111
17Rivers United FC532010:411
18Lobi Stars53119:810
19Gombe United52213:38
20Remo Stars50143:81
1Sunshine Stars52033:56
2Abia Warriors51135:74
3Rivers United FC51136:104
4Enugu Rangers51133:84
5MFM FC51042:63
6Wikki Tourist51043:103
7Nasarawa United51042:73
8Plateau United50231:52
9Shooting Stars50232:82
10Lobi Stars50233:62
12Katsina United50144:81
13Ifeanyi Ubah United50141:91
14ABS FC50144:101
15Niger Tornadoes50141:71
16Gombe United50143:111
17Akwa United50141:51
18Remo Stars50052:120
19El Kanemi Warriors50053:90
20Kano Pillars50050:70

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