Poland - 2. Division


Radomiak Radom


Pogon Siedlce

halftime (1:2)
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Date Saturday 20th October 2018
Time 15:00 CEST
74'   Jakub Rolinc
51'   Leandro
23'   Adam Pazio
16'   Mateusz Bochnak
6'   penalty Leandro
5'   Leandro
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Radomiak RadomPogon Siedlce
LOST in last 1 2. Division's games.WON in last 1 2. Division's games.
NOT DRAW in last 2 2. Division's games.NOT DRAW in last 2 2. Division's games.

1.League position6.
  5pts.Last five games  10pts.
  10pts.last 5 home/away only  10pts.

8 on Radomiak Radom

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:0
»Head to Head matches
04th May 19 Poland - 2. DivisionPogon Siedlce : Radomiak Radom 1:1
20th Oct 18 Poland - 2. DivisionRadomiak Radom : Pogon Siedlce 3:2
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Radomiak Radom34178967:2859
2Olimpia Grudziadz341851165:4459
3GKS Belchatow341612641:2258
4Elana Torun341511851:3756
5Widzew Lodz341316548:2955
6Pogon Siedlce341491154:4251
7Stal Stalowa Wola341561347:4551
8Znicz Pruszkow341371447:6046
9Gornik Leczna3412101249:5546
11SKRA Czestochowa341271532:4843
12Blekitni Stargard341181541:5141
13Olimpia Elblag3410101428:3840
14Gryf Wejherowo341171649:6140
15Siarka Tarnobrzeg341161733:5739
16ROW Rybnik 1964348141233:4138
17Rozwoj Katowice348101638:5234
18Ruch Chorzow347111637:4432
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1Radomiak Radom17132243:841
2GKS Belchatow17124131:1040
3Stal Stalowa Wola17113332:1936
4Olimpia Grudziadz17112438:1735
5Elana Torun17104334:1834
6Widzew Lodz1788128:1132
7SKRA Czestochowa1794419:1831
8Pogon Siedlce1793533:1830
9Gornik Leczna1786333:2130
10Blekitni Stargard1776426:2027
11Siarka Tarnobrzeg1783619:1727
12Gryf Wejherowo1783627:2227
13Znicz Pruszkow1782720:2426
14Ruch Chorzow1767428:1925
16Olimpia Elblag1757515:1522
17ROW Rybnik 19641747617:1819
18Rozwoj Katowice1745820:2517
1Olimpia Grudziadz1773727:2724
2Widzew Lodz1758420:1823
4Elana Torun1757517:1922
5Pogon Siedlce1756621:2421
6Znicz Pruszkow1755727:3620
7GKS Belchatow1748510:1220
8ROW Rybnik 19641747616:2319
9Radomiak Radom1746724:2018
10Olimpia Elblag1753913:2318
11Rozwoj Katowice1745818:2717
12Gornik Leczna1744916:3416
13Stal Stalowa Wola17431015:2615
14Blekitni Stargard17421115:3114
15Gryf Wejherowo17341022:3913
16SKRA Czestochowa17331113:3012
17Siarka Tarnobrzeg17331114:4012
18Ruch Chorzow1714129:257

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Blekitni Stargard53208:111
2Gryf Wejherowo531112:610
3Pogon Siedlce53116:410
4GKS Belchatow53117:510
5Stal Stalowa Wola53117:410
6ROW Rybnik 1964530210:69
7Olimpia Grudziadz53027:79
8Elana Torun530210:89
9Rozwoj Katowice52128:87
10Olimpia Elblag52125:57
11Siarka Tarnobrzeg52034:116
13Znicz Pruszkow52035:106
14Widzew Lodz51226:65
15Radomiak Radom51228:75
16SKRA Czestochowa51135:94
17Gornik Leczna51048:103
18Ruch Chorzow50142:81

1GKS Belchatow541011:313
2Olimpia Grudziadz540114:412
3Elana Torun540113:812
4Pogon Siedlce532010:411
5Siarka Tarnobrzeg53116:410
6Radomiak Radom53118:110
7Blekitni Stargard52307:19
8Gryf Wejherowo530210:99
9Znicz Pruszkow53026:79
10Stal Stalowa Wola53026:79
11Olimpia Elblag52215:38
12SKRA Czestochowa52127:97
14Widzew Lodz51316:46
15Ruch Chorzow51317:56
16ROW Rybnik 196451225:45
17Gornik Leczna51228:75
18Rozwoj Katowice50232:62
1Pogon Siedlce53118:510
2ROW Rybnik 196453117:610
3Olimpia Elblag53025:49
4Rozwoj Katowice52127:87
6Olimpia Grudziadz52125:67
7Znicz Pruszkow52036:106
8Blekitni Stargard51225:85
9GKS Belchatow51223:55
10Stal Stalowa Wola51224:55
11Radomiak Radom51226:75
12SKRA Czestochowa51136:84
13Siarka Tarnobrzeg51135:144
14Gryf Wejherowo51137:104
15Elana Torun51134:84
16Widzew Lodz50414:64
17Gornik Leczna51043:123
18Ruch Chorzow50052:90

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