Indonesia - Liga 1


Persib Bandung


Sriwijaya FC

halftime (2:0)
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Date Saturday 4th August 2018
Time 11:00 CEST
29'   Patrick Steve Wanggai
16'   Jonathan Jesus Bauman
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Persib BandungSriwijaya FC
LOST in last 2 Liga 1's games.LOST in last 1 Liga 1's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 Liga 1's games.NOT DRAW in last 9 Liga 1's games.

3.League position16.
  4pts.Last five games  6pts.
  4pts.last 5 home/away only  0pts.

7 on Persib Bandung

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
»Head to Head matches
04th Aug 18 Indonesia - Liga 1Persib Bandung : Sriwijaya FC 2:0
01st Apr 18 Indonesia - Liga 1Sriwijaya FC : Persib Bandung 3:1
04th Sep 17 Indonesia - Liga 1Sriwijaya FC : Persib Bandung 1:4
29th Apr 17 Indonesia - Liga 1Persib Bandung : Sriwijaya FC 2:0
10th Sep 16 Indonesia - Soccer Championship ASriwijaya FC : Persib Bandung 3:0
30th Apr 16 Indonesia - Soccer Championship APersib Bandung : Sriwijaya FC 1:1
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Persib Bandung
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Indonesia - Liga 1 2018
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18.5.PSMS1:0Sriwijaya FCMore details about <b>PSMS</b>-Sriwijaya FC game
12.5.Sriwijaya FC2:1Bhayangkara FCMore details about <b>Sriwijaya FC</b>-Bhayangkara FC game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1PSM Makassar31159748:4154
2Persija Jakarta31158846:3253
3Persib Bandung311471043:3549
4Bhayangkara FC311471039:3849
5Pusamania Borneo311361246:4345
6Bali United Pusam311291043:4045
7Persebaya Surabaya311281158:4444
8Madura United311281143:4544
9Barito Putera3111101047:4943
11Persela Lamongan311191149:4642
13Persipura Jayapura311181245:4141
14Mitra Kukar311131742:5336
15PS TIRA301061441:5236
16Sriwijaya FC311061542:5036
17Perseru Serui31981428:3935
 relegation relegation  

1PSM Makassar15113131:1636
2Persela Lamongan16106034:1136
5Persipura Jayapura15103228:1033
6Barito Putera1688031:1832
7Mitra Kukar16101529:2031
8Bali United Pusam1694327:1831
9Persija Jakarta1594221:931
10Sriwijaya FC1694336:2131
11Pusamania Borneo1593329:1630
12Madura United1593330:1630
13Persebaya Surabaya1592428:1329
14Persib Bandung1592423:1329
15Perseru Serui1684419:1028
16Bhayangkara FC1577123:1328
17PS TIRA1681724:2425
1Persija Jakarta1664625:2322
2Bhayangkara FC1670916:2521
3Persib Bandung1655620:2220
4PSM Makassar1646617:2518
5Persebaya Surabaya1636730:3115
6Pusamania Borneo1643917:2715
7Bali United Pusam1535716:2214
8Madura United1635813:2914
9PS TIRA1425717:2811
10Barito Putera15321016:3111
14Persipura Jayapura16151017:318
15Perseru Serui1514109:297
16Persela Lamongan15131115:356
17Mitra Kukar15121213:335
18Sriwijaya FC1512126:295

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Persebaya Surabaya540116:512
3PS TIRA52218:48
4Persija Jakarta52218:58
5Pusamania Borneo521210:97
6Perseru Serui52127:107
7Mitra Kukar52128:77
8Bhayangkara FC52125:67
11PSM Makassar52127:107
12Persela Lamongan52129:87
13Barito Putera52036:96
14Persipura Jayapura52037:96
15Sriwijaya FC52036:76
16Bali United Pusam51227:95
17Madura United51137:114
18Persib Bandung51133:74

3PSM Makassar541011:513
4Persela Lamongan541012:213
5Persija Jakarta54109:113
6Persebaya Surabaya540114:212
7Perseru Serui53209:311
8Persipura Jayapura53117:410
9Sriwijaya FC531112:810
10PS TIRA530210:49
11Pusamania Borneo53028:59
12Barito Putera52309:69
13Bali United Pusam52218:88
14Bhayangkara FC52217:48
15Mitra Kukar52126:77
17Madura United51137:74
18Persib Bandung51136:104
1PSM Makassar53028:99
3Persebaya Surabaya521213:107
4Pusamania Borneo52128:97
5Persib Bandung52124:67
6Persija Jakarta52127:97
7PS TIRA51314:46
8Bhayangkara FC52033:86
10Madura United51135:124
11Mitra Kukar51046:113
12Bali United Pusam50235:92
13Perseru Serui50144:141
14Barito Putera50143:101
16Persela Lamongan50144:131
17Persipura Jayapura50146:121
18Sriwijaya FC50050:110

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