El Salvador - Primera Division - Clausura




CD Audaz

halftime (2:0)
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Date Saturday 13th January 2018
Time 22:00 CET
80'   Jose Salinas
22'   Raul Antonio Guzman
11'   Daniel Melgar
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PasaquinaCD Audaz
LOST in last 2 Primera Division - Clausura's games.LOST in last 1 Primera Division - Clausura's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 Primera Division - Clausura's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Primera Division - Clausura's games.

9.League position6.
  4pts.Last five games  10pts.
  4pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.
»Head to Head matches
04th Nov 18 El Salvador - Primera Division - AperturaCD Audaz : Pasaquina 2:1
02nd Sep 18 El Salvador - Primera Division - AperturaPasaquina : CD Audaz 4:1
11th Mar 18 El Salvador - Primera Division - ClausuraCD Audaz : Pasaquina 2:1
13th Jan 18 El Salvador - Primera Division - ClausuraPasaquina : CD Audaz 3:0
08th Oct 17 El Salvador - Primera Division - AperturaCD Audaz : Pasaquina 2:2
05th Aug 17 El Salvador - Primera Division - AperturaPasaquina : CD Audaz 2:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Alianza FC22163337:1551
2Santa Tecla FC22145340:1247
3CD FAS22143539:2345
4CD Aguila2296723:2133
6CD Audaz22751025:3926
7Municipal Limeno22661031:3124
8CD Sonsonate22661023:3224
10CD Chalatenango22641221:2922
11CD Dragon2249916:2521
12Isidro Metapan22471126:4119

1Santa Tecla FC11101024:331
2Alianza FC1191122:828
3CD FAS1181223:1025
4CD Sonsonate1154215:919
5CD Audaz1153317:1518
6Municipal Limeno1153320:1418
8CD Aguila1145211:717
10CD Chalatenango1141612:1413
11Isidro Metapan1126313:1612
12CD Dragon112368:139
1Alianza FC1172215:723
2CD FAS1162316:1320
3Santa Tecla FC1144316:916
4CD Aguila1151512:1416
5CD Dragon112638:1212
8CD Chalatenango112369:159
9CD Audaz112278:248
10Isidro Metapan1121813:257
11Municipal Limeno1113711:176
12CD Sonsonate111288:235

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Santa Tecla FC541010:313
2Alianza FC540111:412
3CD Audaz531110:810
4CD FAS531111:510
5CD Aguila53118:510
6CD Sonsonate51228:95
7Municipal Limeno51225:55
8Isidro Metapan51225:75
10CD Chalatenango51135:104
12CD Dragon50233:82

1CD FAS550014:315
2Santa Tecla FC54108:213
3CD Audaz54019:612
4Alianza FC540112:512
5Isidro Metapan52308:69
6CD Chalatenango53027:69
7CD Aguila52304:29
8CD Sonsonate52218:48
9Municipal Limeno52128:67
11CD Dragon51223:65
1Santa Tecla FC531110:410
2Alianza FC53027:49
3CD FAS52126:77
4CD Aguila52128:97
6CD Audaz51135:124
8Municipal Limeno51135:64
9CD Dragon50322:53
10CD Sonsonate50144:111
11Isidro Metapan50144:121
12CD Chalatenango50143:101

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