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Chindia Targoviste




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Date Saturday 12th August 2017
Time 10:00 CEST
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PanduriiChindia Targoviste
DRAW in last 1 Liga II's games.DRAW in last 1 Liga II's games.
NOT LOST in last 3 Liga II's games.NOT LOST in last 8 Liga II's games.

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14.League position3.
  8pts.Last five games  7pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  7pts.
»Head to Head matches
10th Dec 17 Romania - Liga IIChindia Targoviste : Pandurii 1:0
12th Aug 17 Romania - Liga IIPandurii : Chindia Targoviste 3:3
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Chindia Targoviste
Romania - Liga II 2018/2019
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Romania - Liga II 2017/2018
02.6.Chindia Targoviste3:0FC Olimpia Satu MareMore details about <b>Chindia Targoviste</b>-FC Olimpia Satu Mare game
26.5.FC Dunarea Calarasi0:0Chindia TargovisteMore details about FC Dunarea Calarasi-Chindia Targoviste game
19.5.Chindia Targoviste2:1CS AfumatiMore details about <b>Chindia Targoviste</b>-CS Afumati game
16.5.CS Balotesti0:0Chindia TargovisteMore details about CS Balotesti-Chindia Targoviste game
13.5.Chindia Targoviste1:1HermannstadtMore details about Chindia Targoviste-Hermannstadt game
08.5.CS Mioveni2:2Chindia TargovisteMore details about CS Mioveni-Chindia Targoviste game
29.4.Chindia Targoviste1:0FC Academica ClinceniMore details about <b>Chindia Targoviste</b>-FC Academica Clinceni game
25.4.FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti1:1Chindia TargovisteMore details about FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti-Chindia Targoviste game
22.4.CS Sportul Snagov1:2Chindia TargovisteMore details about CS Sportul Snagov-<b>Chindia Targoviste</b> game
15.4.Chindia Targoviste2:4FC Arges PitestiMore details about Chindia Targoviste-<b>FC Arges Pitesti</b> game
05.4.Dacia Unirea Braila1:0Chindia TargovisteMore details about <b>Dacia Unirea Braila</b>-Chindia Targoviste game
31.3.Chindia Targoviste3:0Tirgu MuresMore details about <b>Chindia Targoviste</b>-Tirgu Mures game
27.3.Chindia Targoviste2:0AS Stiinta MiroslavaMore details about <b>Chindia Targoviste</b>-AS Stiinta Miroslava game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FC Dunarea Calarasi38296375:2493
3Chindia Targoviste372012568:2872
4FC Arges Pitesti382081061:3568
5CS Afumati382081053:3268
6FC Academica Clinceni3816101263:5458
7FC Arges2197528:1634
7ASU Politehnica Timisoara361761352:4057
8Luceafarul Oradea381581565:5953
9CS Mioveni3814101454:4652
10CS Sportul Snagov381491551:3751
11Ripensia Timisoara381391672:6048
12CS Balotesti381381754:7447
13UTA Arad3711111557:5544
15Dacia Unirea Braila381181970:7241
16FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti381181938:5541
17AS Stiinta Miroslava381072148:7337
18Foresta Suceava381032537:10833
19Tirgu Mures36942340:8631
20FC Olimpia Satu Mare36622819:84-50
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation relegation  

2FC Dunarea Calarasi19163044:951
3Chindia Targoviste18142238:1144
4CS Afumati19134233:1143
5ASU Politehnica Timisoara19123429:1639
6FC Arges Pitesti19114426:1237
7FC Academica Clinceni19111738:2634
8Luceafarul Oradea19104536:2334
9CS Sportul Snagov1994621:1431
10Ripensia Timisoara1985649:2829
11CS Balotesti1984725:3028
12CS Mioveni1977532:2428
13Dacia Unirea Braila1976642:3427
14FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti1974823:2725
15FC Arges1164115:522
16Foresta Suceava19631023:4121
18UTA Arad1855832:3120
19AS Stiinta Miroslava19541028:3819
20Tirgu Mures1854921:3819
21FC Olimpia Satu Mare18421211:3814
1FC Dunarea Calarasi19133331:1542
3FC Arges Pitesti1994635:2331
4Chindia Targoviste19610330:1728
5CS Afumati1974820:2125
6UTA Arad1966725:2424
7FC Academica Clinceni1959525:2824
8CS Mioveni1973922:2224
10CS Sportul Snagov1955930:2320
11Ripensia Timisoara19541023:3219
12CS Balotesti19541029:4419
13Luceafarul Oradea19541029:3619
14ASU Politehnica Timisoara1753923:2418
15AS Stiinta Miroslava19531120:3518
16FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti19441115:2816
17Dacia Unirea Braila19421328:3814
18FC Arges1033413:1112
19Foresta Suceava19401514:6712
20Tirgu Mures18401419:4812
21FC Olimpia Satu Mare1820168:466

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Arges540111:412
2Luceafarul Oradea531111:710
4ASU Politehnica Timisoara53027:59
5CS Afumati52216:58
6FC Dunarea Calarasi52215:38
7FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti52218:48
8CS Sportul Snagov522115:48
10AS Stiinta Miroslava52128:107
11Chindia Targoviste51405:47
12FC Academica Clinceni51316:46
13Tirgu Mures52038:156
14CS Balotesti51225:115
15CS Mioveni51224:55
16FC Arges Pitesti51225:55
17Ripensia Timisoara51136:94
18UTA Arad511313:124
19Dacia Unirea Braila51137:74
20FC Olimpia Satu Mare51047:143
21Foresta Suceava51046:263

2ASU Politehnica Timisoara54108:313
3FC Dunarea Calarasi541010:213
4CS Afumati53208:511
5FC Arges53207:311
6CS Balotesti53119:710
7Chindia Targoviste53118:610
8Luceafarul Oradea530210:79
9FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti52218:48
10FC Olimpia Satu Mare52127:87
11Dacia Unirea Braila52127:107
12Tirgu Mures521212:117
13FC Arges Pitesti52127:47
15UTA Arad520314:146
16Ripensia Timisoara51226:75
17CS Sportul Snagov51224:45
18FC Academica Clinceni51137:84
19AS Stiinta Miroslava51046:113
20Foresta Suceava51045:203
21CS Mioveni50324:63
2FC Dunarea Calarasi53116:310
3CS Sportul Snagov531119:510
4FC Arges Pitesti531111:710
5Dacia Unirea Braila53028:59
6CS Mioveni53025:49
7CS Afumati52125:57
8FC Arges52127:47
9Luceafarul Oradea52128:97
10Chindia Targoviste51405:47
11Ripensia Timisoara52038:116
12Tirgu Mures52038:146
13UTA Arad51226:75
14CS Balotesti51226:125
15AS Stiinta Miroslava51224:55
16FC Academica Clinceni51228:95
18ASU Politehnica Timisoara51048:83
19FC Metaloglobus Bucuresti50142:111
20FC Olimpia Satu Mare50055:130
21Foresta Suceava50053:180

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