Germany - 2. Bundesliga




Jahn Regensburg




halftime (1:0)
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Date Friday 10th August 2018
Time 18:30 CEST
85'   in Uwe Huenemeier
85'   out Sebastian Schonlau
80'   in Lukas Boeder
80'   out Mohamed Draeger
76'   Benedikt Saller
75'   out Bernhard Tekpetey
75'   in Marlon Ritter
70'   in Hamadi Al Ghaddioui
70'   out Albion Vrenezi
68'   Alexander Nandzik
67'   in Jonas Nietfeld
67'   out Marc Lais
62'   in Alexander Nandzik
62'   out Marcel Correia
61'   Philipp Klement
61'  Assist Sven Michel
57'   Marcel Correia
45'   Marco Gruettner
31'   Klaus Gjasula
31'  Assist Philipp Klement
9'   Sven Michel

Goalkeeper: Leopold Zingerle

Defence: Jamilu Collins
Defence: Christian Strohdiek
Defence: Sebastian Schonlau
Defence: Mohamed Draeger

Midfield: Tobias Schwede
Midfield: Christopher Antwi-Adjej
Midfield: Philipp Klement
Midfield: Klaus Gjasula

Forward: Sven Michel
Forward: Bernhard Tekpetey

Substitute player: Sebastian Vasiliadis
Substitute player: Ben Zolinski
Substitute player: Marlon Ritter
Substitute player: Lukas Boeder
Substitute player: Uwe Huenemeier
Substitute player: Phillip Tietz
Substitute player: Michael Ratajczak
Goalkeeper: Philipp Pentke

Defence: Jonas Foehrenbach
Defence: Marcel Correia
Defence: Asger Soerensen
Defence: Benedikt Saller

Midfield: Jan George
Midfield: Sargis Adamyan
Midfield: Andreas Geipl
Midfield: Marc Lais

Forward: Albion Vrenezi
Forward: Marco Gruettner

Substitute player: Jonas Nietfeld
Substitute player: Julian-Maurice Derstroff
Substitute player: Sebastian Stolze
Substitute player: Maximilian Thalhammer
Substitute player: Alexander Nandzik
Substitute player: Hamadi Al Ghaddioui
Substitute player: Andre Weiss
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PaderbornJahn Regensburg
WON in last 1 2. Bundesliga's games.LOST in last 1 2. Bundesliga's games.
NOT DRAW in last 2 2. Bundesliga's games.NOT DRAW in last 2 2. Bundesliga's games.

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7.League position11.
  3pts.Last five games  3pts.
  3pts.last 5 home/away only  0pts.
»Head to Head matches
10th Aug 18 Germany - 2. BundesligaPaderborn : Jahn Regensburg 2:0
18th Mar 17 Germany - 3. LigaPaderborn : Jahn Regensburg 0:2
24th Sep 16 Germany - 3. LigaJahn Regensburg : Paderborn 3:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1St. Pauli22004:16
2Holstein Kiel21104:14
3Greuther Fuerth21104:24
4FC Cologne21103:14
5Arminia Bielefeld21103:24
6Union Berlin21102:14
8Hamburger SV21013:33
10Dynamo Dresden21012:23
11Jahn Regensburg21012:33
13FC Heidenheim20202:22
16Erzgebirge Aue20110:11
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Arminia Bielefeld11002:13
2Dynamo Dresden11001:03
4Greuther Fuerth11003:13
6St. Pauli11002:03
7Union Berlin11001:03
8Jahn Regensburg11002:13
9FC Heidenheim10101:11
10FC Cologne10101:11
11Erzgebirge Aue10100:01
13Holstein Kiel10101:11
15Hamburger SV10010:30
2Hamburger SV11003:03
3FC Cologne11002:03
4St. Pauli11002:13
5Holstein Kiel11003:03
6FC Heidenheim10101:11
7Arminia Bielefeld10101:11
8Greuther Fuerth10101:11
10Union Berlin10101:11
11Dynamo Dresden10011:20
13Erzgebirge Aue10010:10
18Jahn Regensburg10010:20

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