Bulgaria - First Professional League





halftime (1:1)
»Game details
Date Thursday 8th March 2018
Time 16:30 CET
Venue nameBulgarska Armiya
88'   in Ivan Stoyanov
88'   out Daniel Mladenov
86'   Henrique
84'   in Jean Carlos Blanco
84'   out Kristiyan Malinov
78'   Ivan Skerlev
75'   out Alasana Manneh
75'   in Chavdar Ivaylov
73'   out Raoul Loe
73'   in Ruben Pinto
66'   out Edwin Gyasi
66'   in Henrique
59'   Georgi Sarmov
56'   out Yani Pehlivanov
56'   in Ivan Skerlev
42'   Alasana Manneh
23'   Fernando Karanga
Goalkeeper: Vytautas Cerniauskas

Substitute player: Roland Alberg
Substitute player: Jean Carlos Blanco
Substitute player: Ruben Pinto
Substitute player: Aleksandar Georgiev
Substitute player: Georgi Kitanov
Substitute player: Henrique
Substitute player: Stanislav Manolev

Coach: Stamen Belchev

Starter: Tiago Rodrigues
Starter: Edwin Gyasi
Starter: Kiril Despodov
Starter: Nikolay Bodurov
Starter: Raoul Loe
Starter: Geferson
Starter: Kristiyan Malinov
Starter: Stoycho Atanasov
Starter: Alexandre Barthe
Starter: Fernando Karanga
Goalkeeper: Hristo Ivanov

Substitute player: Erik Pochanski
Substitute player: Chavdar Ivaylov
Substitute player: Denis Grgic
Substitute player: Dimo Atanasov
Substitute player: Ivan Skerlev
Substitute player: Ivan Valchanov
Substitute player: Ivan Stoyanov

Coach: Krasimir Balakov
Coach: Stanislav Genchev
Coach: Serdar Dayat

Starter: Alasana Manneh
Starter: Georgi Pashov
Starter: Rumen Rumenov
Starter: Georgi Sarmov
Starter: Ivan Petkov
Starter: Dusan Mladenovic
Starter: Daniel Mladenov
Starter: Yani Pehlivanov
Starter: Veljko Batrovic
Starter: Ventsislav Vasilev
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PFC CSKA-SofiaEtar
WON in last 4 First Professional League's games.LOST in last 1 First Professional League's games.
NOT LOST in last 24 First Professional League's games.NOT WON in last 7 First Professional League's games.

PFC CSKA-Sofia webWebsitesEtar web
2.League position13.
  13pts.Last five games  2pts.
  13pts.last 5 home/away only  1pts.

10 on PFC CSKA-Sofia

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
»Head to Head matches
21st Oct 18 Bulgaria - First Professional LeaguePFC CSKA-Sofia : Etar 3:0
08th Mar 18 Bulgaria - First Professional LeaguePFC CSKA-Sofia : Etar 2:1
30th Sep 17 Bulgaria - First Professional LeagueEtar : PFC CSKA-Sofia 2:2
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03.8.Botev Plovdiv2:0EtarMore details about <b>Botev Plovdiv</b>-Etar game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Ludogorets Razgrad26213263:1366
2PFC CSKA-Sofia26196159:1463
3Levski Sofia26148437:1450
5Botev Plovdiv26119644:2942
7Slavia Sofia26881034:3732
8Septemvri Sofia26941325:4231
9Lokomotiv Plovdiv26871122:3731
10Cherno More Varna26761324:3227
11Pirin Blagoevgrad26681220:2826
12Dunav Ruse26561517:3821
14Vitosha Bistritsa26081812:518
 relegation play off relegation play off  

1Ludogorets Razgrad13102128:732
2Levski Sofia1394020:331
3PFC CSKA-Sofia1393129:530
4Botev Plovdiv1372426:1523
6Slavia Sofia1353523:1918
7Lokomotiv Plovdiv1353511:1418
9Septemvri Sofia1352613:1817
10Pirin Blagoevgrad1342714:1614
12Dunav Ruse132568:1711
13Cherno More Varna132388:189
14Vitosha Bistritsa130679:216
1Ludogorets Razgrad13111135:634
2PFC CSKA-Sofia13103030:933
4Botev Plovdiv1347218:1419
5Levski Sofia1354417:1119
6Cherno More Varna1353516:1418
8Septemvri Sofia1342712:2414
9Slavia Sofia1335511:1814
10Lokomotiv Plovdiv1334611:2313
11Pirin Blagoevgrad132656:1212
12Dunav Ruse133199:2110
14Vitosha Bistritsa1302113:302

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Ludogorets Razgrad550014:215
2PFC CSKA-Sofia54107:213
3Botev Plovdiv531111:510
4Slavia Sofia52216:48
6Levski Sofia52218:58
7Septemvri Sofia52126:67
8Pirin Blagoevgrad52124:57
9Lokomotiv Plovdiv51223:65
11Vitosha Bistritsa50321:53
12Dunav Ruse51042:73
13Cherno More Varna50234:82

1Ludogorets Razgrad550013:215
2PFC CSKA-Sofia541011:113
3Levski Sofia53206:111
4Septemvri Sofia53119:710
5Botev Plovdiv531111:410
7Pirin Blagoevgrad53026:69
8Slavia Sofia52217:48
11Lokomotiv Plovdiv51222:45
12Dunav Ruse51134:94
13Vitosha Bistritsa50323:63
14Cherno More Varna50143:91
1PFC CSKA-Sofia550012:115
2Ludogorets Razgrad540113:312
3Levski Sofia531112:510
5Dunav Ruse52034:76
6Botev Plovdiv51315:46
7Lokomotiv Plovdiv51316:76
9Slavia Sofia51134:94
10Pirin Blagoevgrad51132:74
11Vitosha Bistritsa50231:82
12Septemvri Sofia50234:112
13Cherno More Varna50233:82

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