Egypt - 2. Division Grp. 2


Olympic El Qanah FC


Al Nasr

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Date Saturday 11th March 2017
Time 14:00 CET
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Olympic El Qanah FCAl Nasr
LOST in last 1 2. Division Grp. 2's games.DRAW in last 1 2. Division Grp. 2's games.
NOT WON in last 3 2. Division Grp. 2's games.NOT LOST in last 2 2. Division Grp. 2's games.

6.League position1.
  5pts.Last five games  6pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  8pts.
»Head to Head matches
11th Mar 17 Egypt - 2. Division Grp. 2Olympic El Qanah FC : Al Nasr 2:2
14th Nov 16 Egypt - 2. Division Grp. 2Al Nasr : Olympic El Qanah FC 2:0
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Olympic El Qanah FC
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Al Nasr
Egypt - Premier League 2017/2018
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04.12.Al Nasr0:0El DakhleyaMore details about Al Nasr-El Dakhleya game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Al Nasr362310362:2579
2FC Masr361713657:3364
3Montakhab Suez361514744:3059
4Ceramica Cleopatra361512944:2857
5Coca Cola361414839:3056
6Olympic El Qanah FC3613121137:3351
7Gomhoreyet Shbeen3613111238:3550
8Nogoom FC3612111347:4847
9Al Tersana3610161042:4646
10Kahrbaa Alasmalia3612101429:3446
11Ittihad Al Shorta361291540:4245
13Al zarka3610131341:4743
14National Bank3610121442:4742
15El Sekka El Hadid369151234:4842
17El Sharkeyah Lelddukhan366191134:4237
19Manshyat el Shohadaa366102036:7028
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1Al Nasr18153035:948
2Montakhab Suez18106224:1236
3FC Masr1898132:1735
4Ceramica Cleopatra1896325:1133
5Nogoom FC1895433:2532
6Gomhoreyet Shbeen1895425:1632
8Kahrbaa Alasmalia1886416:1330
9Olympic El Qanah FC1877421:1528
10Al Tersana1877424:2328
11Coca Cola1868415:1426
12Al zarka1866617:1824
13Ittihad Al Shorta1873824:2324
14National Bank1858524:2523
15El Sharkeyah Lelddukhan1857620:2122
17El Sekka El Hadid1837811:2616
19Manshyat el Shohadaa18261016:2912
1Al Nasr1887327:1631
2Coca Cola1886424:1630
3FC Masr1885525:1629
4El Sekka El Hadid1868423:2226
5Ceramica Cleopatra1866619:1724
6Olympic El Qanah FC1865716:1823
7Montakhab Suez1858520:1823
8Ittihad Al Shorta1856716:1921
9National Bank1854918:2219
10Al zarka1847724:2919
11Gomhoreyet Shbeen1846813:1918
12Al Tersana1839618:2318
13Manshyat el Shohadaa18441020:4116
15Kahrbaa Alasmalia18441013:2116
17Nogoom FC1836914:2315
18El Sharkeyah Lelddukhan18112514:2115

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Gomhoreyet Shbeen541010:413
2Al Tersana53207:211
3Ittihad Al Shorta53119:410
4Kahrbaa Alasmalia53025:59
5Ceramica Cleopatra52216:58
6FC Masr52218:78
7Nogoom FC52126:67
8Montakhab Suez51404:37
9Al zarka51314:56
10El Sekka El Hadid51315:66
11Al Nasr51313:36
12Coca Cola51225:55
13Olympic El Qanah FC51223:45
14El Sharkeyah Lelddukhan51227:75
16Manshyat el Shohadaa51139:114
19National Bank50235:102

1Nogoom FC54109:313
2Al Nasr541014:413
3Ceramica Cleopatra53206:111
4Gomhoreyet Shbeen532010:511
5Al zarka53117:610
6Al Tersana53118:710
7Coca Cola52305:29
8FC Masr52307:49
9Kahrbaa Alasmalia53025:59
10El Sharkeyah Lelddukhan52218:58
12Montakhab Suez51405:47
13Ittihad Al Shorta52127:47
14National Bank51229:125
15Olympic El Qanah FC51223:45
16Manshyat el Shohadaa51136:104
19El Sekka El Hadid50230:72
1Olympic El Qanah FC53116:510
2Coca Cola53029:69
3Al Tersana52306:29
4FC Masr52217:58
5Gomhoreyet Shbeen52214:38
6Al Nasr52216:38
7Kahrbaa Alasmalia52036:66
8El Sekka El Hadid51318:76
9Ceramica Cleopatra51227:85
10Al zarka50506:65
12Manshyat el Shohadaa51137:104
13Montakhab Suez50412:34
14Ittihad Al Shorta51133:74
16El Sharkeyah Lelddukhan50326:103
18National Bank50141:81
19Nogoom FC50142:81

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