Greece - Football League


OFI Crete


Aiginiakos FC

halftime (4:0)
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Date Sunday 12th November 2017
Time 14:00 CET
85'   Dimitrios Manos
75'   Angelos Chanti
44'   Armiche Ortega
42'   Armiche Ortega
20'   Angelos Chanti
7'   Emmanouil Papasterianos
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OFI CreteAiginiakos FC
WON in last 5 Football League's games.LOST in last 2 Football League's games.
NOT LOST in last 18 Football League's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 Football League's games.

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1.League position11.
  15pts.Last five games  4pts.
  15pts.last 5 home/away only  3pts.
»Head to Head matches
07th Mar 18 Greece - Football LeagueAiginiakos FC : OFI Crete 0:3
12th Nov 17 Greece - Football LeagueOFI Crete : Aiginiakos FC 6:0
11th Jun 17 Greece - Football LeagueOFI Crete : Aiginiakos FC 6:1
22nd Feb 17 Greece - Football LeagueAiginiakos FC : OFI Crete 0:1
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27.1.Kissamikos FC3:1Aiginiakos FCMore details about <b>Kissamikos FC</b>-Aiginiakos FC game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1OFI Crete34275286:1486
2Aris Thessaloniki FC34267165:1385
4Kissamikos FC34197864:3264
5Doxa Dramas34189757:2563
7Apollon Pontou341411943:2753
8AE Karaiskakis341391235:3248
10Apollon Larissa341611745:5443
11Aiginiakos FC341171636:5437
12AE Sparti341171629:4634
13Anagennisi Karditsas341171632:4134
14Panserraikos FC34961943:5227
17Veria FC33522613:705
18Acharnaikos FC3310322:95-51
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1OFI Crete17160155:648
2Aris Thessaloniki FC17143036:345
3Kissamikos FC17121436:1537
5Apollon Larissa17120532:1936
6AE Karaiskakis17112426:1235
7Doxa Dramas1797137:1134
8Anagennisi Karditsas17103422:1133
9AE Sparti1794420:1731
11Apollon Pontou1787221:731
13Aiginiakos FC1775521:2026
15Panserraikos FC1765627:2323
17Veria FC1630135:319
18Acharnaikos FC1710161:483
1Aris Thessaloniki FC17124129:1040
2OFI Crete17115131:838
4Doxa Dramas1792620:1429
5Kissamikos FC1776428:1727
7Apollon Pontou1764722:2022
9Aiginiakos FC17421115:3414
10Apollon Larissa17411213:3513
11AE Karaiskakis172789:2013
12Panserraikos FC17311316:2910
13AE Sparti1723129:299
15Veria FC1722138:398
16Anagennisi Karditsas17141210:307
18Acharnaikos FC1600161:470

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Aris Thessaloniki FC550011:015
2OFI Crete550019:115
3Doxa Dramas541017:513
5Kissamikos FC531114:410
8Apollon Larissa52036:156
9Apollon Pontou52035:66
10AE Karaiskakis51224:65
11Panserraikos FC51228:85
12Aiginiakos FC51134:94
13Anagennisi Karditsas51134:94
15Acharnaikos FC31022:53
16Veria FC51043:93
17AE Sparti50143:191

1Aris Thessaloniki FC550014:215
2OFI Crete550022:215
3Kissamikos FC541014:313
5Doxa Dramas532013:211
8Apollon Larissa530211:109
9AE Karaiskakis53026:59
10Aiginiakos FC52216:48
11Anagennisi Karditsas52216:58
12AE Sparti52126:87
13Apollon Pontou51313:36
16Acharnaikos FC11001:03
17Veria FC51043:73
18Panserraikos FC50236:102
1OFI Crete53208:311
2Aris Thessaloniki FC53116:210
4Kissamikos FC522110:68
6Doxa Dramas52038:86
8Apollon Pontou51135:84
9Aiginiakos FC51043:113
10Panserraikos FC51044:83
11AE Karaiskakis50232:92
13Veria FC50232:82
14AE Sparti50141:161
15Anagennisi Karditsas50144:141
16Apollon Larissa50051:180
17Acharnaikos FC20021:50

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