International - Copa Sudamericana


Nacional Potosi






halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Friday 11th May 2018
Time 2:45 CEST
90'   out Junior Sornoza
90'   in Mateus Norton
84'   out Fernando Montenegro
84'   in Aldo Velasco
84'   out Edson Perez
84'   in Miguel Quiroga
80'   Gum
74'   in Ronald Gallegos
74'   out Jorge Pinero
67'   in Robson
67'   out Pablo Dyego
61'   penalty Harold Reina
56'   Pablo Dyego
55'   Victor Martin Galain
51'   Harold Reina
46'   in Marlon
46'   out Ayrton Lucas
31'   Richard
Goalkeeper: Leonardo Romero

Substitute player: Aldo Velasco
Substitute player: Miguel Quiroga
Substitute player: Walter Rioja
Substitute player: Juan Galvis
Substitute player: Jorge Flores
Substitute player: Jorge Ruth
Substitute player: Ronald Gallegos

Starter: Fernando Montenegro
Starter: Wilder Salazar
Starter: Luis Torrico
Starter: Aldo Paniagua
Starter: Saul Torres
Starter: Harold Reina
Starter: Edson Perez
Starter: Jorge Pinero
Starter: Victor Martin Galain
Starter: Brian Meza
Goalkeeper: Julio Cesar

Substitute player: Mateus Norton
Substitute player: Robson
Substitute player: Marlon
Substitute player: Douglas Augusto
Substitute player: Leo
Substitute player: Rodolfo
Substitute player: Joao Carlos

Starter: Renato Chaves
Starter: Jadson
Starter: Gum
Starter: Junior Sornoza
Starter: Frazan
Starter: Pedro
Starter: Ayrton Lucas
Starter: Richard
Starter: Gilberto Junior
Starter: Pablo Dyego
»Head to Head matches
11th May 18 International - Copa SudamericanaNacional Potosi : Fluminense 2:0
12th Apr 18 International - Copa SudamericanaFluminense : Nacional Potosi 3:0
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