Netherlands - Eerste Divisie


NEC Nijmegen


Jong PSV




halftime (2:2)
»Game details
Date Friday 14th September 2018
Time 20:00 CEST
Venue nameStadion De Goffert
90'   Josef Kvida
86'   in Lennerd Daneels
86'   out Bart Ramselaar
85'   Ole ter Haar Romeny
85'  Assist Mathias Bossaerts
81'   Bart Ramselaar
81'  Assist Ramon-Pascal Lundqvist
80'   out Brahim Darri
80'   in Josef Kvida
73'   Bart Ramselaar
71'   Steven Theunissen
63'   in Marlon Frey
63'   out Cody Gakpo
52'   Joey van den Berg
47'   in Ole ter Haar Romeny
47'   out Jonathan Okita
45'  Assist Cody Gakpo
45'   Joel Piroe
45'   Matthias Verreth
45'  Assist Cody Gakpo
39'  Assist Tom Overtoom
39'   Sven Braken
28'   in Matthias Verreth
28'   out Zakaria Aboukhlal
10'  Assist Jonathan Okita
10'   Sven Braken

Goalkeeper: Norbert Alblas

Defence: Terry Lartey-Sanniez
Defence: Leroy Labylle
Defence: Mathias Bossaerts
Defence: Rens van Eijden

Midfield: Tom Overtoom
Midfield: Anass Achahbar
Midfield: Joey van den Berg

Forward: Brahim Darri
Forward: Sven Braken
Forward: Jonathan Okita

Substitute player: Paolo Sabak
Substitute player: Josef Kvida
Substitute player: Kevin Jansen
Substitute player: Guus Joppen
Substitute player: Marco van Duin
Substitute player: Lance Duijvestijn
Substitute player: Ole ter Haar Romeny
Substitute player: Mart Dijkstra
Substitute player: Frank Sturing
Substitute player: Robin Buwalda
Goalkeeper: Yanick van Osch

Defence: Steven Theunissen
Defence: Armando Obispo
Defence: Maxime Soulas
Defence: Dirk Abels

Midfield: Laros Duarte
Midfield: Ramon-Pascal Lundqvist
Midfield: Bart Ramselaar

Forward: Cody Gakpo
Forward: Joel Piroe
Forward: Zakaria Aboukhlal

Substitute player: Matthias Verreth
Substitute player: Lennerd Daneels
Substitute player: Robin Schoonbrood
Substitute player: Youri Roulaux
Substitute player: Bertalan Kun
Substitute player: Amar Catic
Substitute player: Jaell Hattu
Substitute player: Baggio Wallenburg
Substitute player: Marlon Frey
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NEC NijmegenJong PSV
DRAW in last 2 Eerste Divisie's games.WON in last 3 Eerste Divisie's games.
NOT LOST in last 5 Eerste Divisie's games.NOT LOST in last 7 Eerste Divisie's games.

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15.League position5.
  7pts.Last five games  11pts.
  8pts.last 5 home/away only  11pts.

10 on NEC Nijmegen

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 3:0
»Head to Head matches
14th Sep 18 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieNEC Nijmegen : Jong PSV 4:4
08th Feb 18 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieNEC Nijmegen : Jong PSV 2:0
25th Sep 17 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieJong PSV : NEC Nijmegen 3:3
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FC Twente24172549:2453
2FC Den Bosch25146544:2648
3Go Ahead Eagles25145646:3147
4Sparta Rotterdam25129450:3045
5Jong PSV24127556:4143
6Roda JC Kerkrade25125844:3641
7MVV Maastricht25116834:3139
8RKC Waalwijk251221138:3538
9TOP Oss25115931:2938
10Jong Ajax251141050:4137
11Almere City FC251141038:4137
12FC Eindhoven251051032:3035
13FC Volendam2598833:3535
15NEC Nijmegen2588944:4432
17FC Dordrecht25461530:5418
18Jong AZ Alkmaar25381429:5217
19Helmond Sport25281523:4314
20Jong FC Utrecht25351730:6014
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off  

1Sparta Rotterdam1292132:1229
2Go Ahead Eagles1383226:1127
3Jong Ajax1281327:1325
4Jong PSV1273227:1524
5FC Den Bosch1273223:1524
6Roda JC Kerkrade1373328:1624
7FC Twente1280421:1424
8FC Volendam1364319:1522
9RKC Waalwijk1362520:1820
11TOP Oss1353516:1818
12MVV Maastricht1352618:1917
13NEC Nijmegen1245323:1917
14Almere City FC1252517:1717
15FC Eindhoven1334614:1813
16Jong FC Utrecht1233619:2612
18Jong AZ Alkmaar1324715:2210
19FC Dordrecht1323815:309
20Helmond Sport1223715:199
1FC Twente1292128:1029
2FC Den Bosch1373321:1124
3MVV Maastricht1264216:1222
4FC Eindhoven1271418:1222
5TOP Oss1262415:1120
6Go Ahead Eagles1262420:2020
7Almere City FC1362521:2420
8Jong PSV1254329:2619
9RKC Waalwijk1260618:1718
10Roda JC Kerkrade1252516:2017
11Sparta Rotterdam1337318:1816
12NEC Nijmegen1343621:2515
14FC Volendam1234514:2013
16Jong Ajax1333723:2812
17FC Dordrecht1223715:249
18Jong AZ Alkmaar1214714:307
19Helmond Sport130588:245
20Jong FC Utrecht13021111:342

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Twente550013:215
2MVV Maastricht541014:513
3RKC Waalwijk540111:412
4Jong PSV532012:711
5FC Eindhoven53118:410
6Almere City FC53027:69
7FC Volendam52218:78
8Go Ahead Eagles522111:98
9Roda JC Kerkrade521211:117
10NEC Nijmegen514011:87
11FC Dordrecht52128:117
12Sparta Rotterdam51319:96
13Jong Ajax512211:125
14FC Den Bosch51225:55
16Jong AZ Alkmaar51134:104
17TOP Oss51134:104
19Jong FC Utrecht50056:150
20Helmond Sport50052:110

1Roda JC Kerkrade540113:612
2FC Den Bosch532010:411
3Jong PSV531116:810
4Jong Ajax531111:610
5RKC Waalwijk530210:79
6MVV Maastricht530210:69
7FC Twente53029:79
8Sparta Rotterdam522113:68
9NEC Nijmegen522111:58
10Go Ahead Eagles52217:68
11FC Volendam52126:77
12FC Eindhoven52128:87
13Helmond Sport52036:56
14TOP Oss51225:75
15Jong AZ Alkmaar51133:64
16Jong FC Utrecht51139:114
17Almere City FC51136:94
20FC Dordrecht50147:171
1FC Twente550011:215
2FC Eindhoven550012:315
3RKC Waalwijk540110:512
4Jong PSV532011:611
5MVV Maastricht53118:610
7Jong Ajax522113:128
8FC Dordrecht52217:88
9FC Volendam52128:97
10Go Ahead Eagles521210:127
11Sparta Rotterdam513110:96
12TOP Oss52033:76
13Almere City FC52037:146
14FC Den Bosch51227:65
15Jong AZ Alkmaar51136:154
16Roda JC Kerkrade51138:114
18NEC Nijmegen50328:113
19Helmond Sport50233:102
20Jong FC Utrecht50143:111

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