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Botola Pro facts

Home field is advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.65 points per game.
Draw occurrence in this league is extremely high. 34% of games finish as draw!!!
Number of goals is lower than typical. It's 2.16 goals per game!
Number of games with three or more goals is lower than typical. It's 39% of all games.!
Average league for betting.

Predictions and upcoming games

dateround  1X2result predictionGoals (2.5)Score tip
10 Aug21Wydad Casablanca
OCK Khouribga
1.334.295 on Wydad Casablancaunder2:0
10 Aug21Difaa El Jadida
FAR Rabat on FAR Rabatunder1:1
11 Aug21Ittihad Tanger
RSB Berkane
6 on RSB Berkaneunder0:1
11 Aug21Hassania Agadir
Raja Casablanca
5 on Raja Casablancaunder0:2
11 Aug21Youssoufia Berrechid
MCO Oujda
11 Aug21FUS Rabat
Raja Beni Mellal
10 on FUS Rabatunder2:0
11 Aug21Olympic Club de Safi
MAT Tetouan
22.754.23 on MAT Tetouanunder0:1
14 Aug22Raja Beni Mellal
Difaa El Jadida
4 on Difaa El Jadidaunder0:1
14 Aug22FAR Rabat
Wydad Casablanca
2 on Wydad Casablancaunder1:1
14 Aug22Renaissance Club Zemamra
FUS Rabat
3 on FUS Rabatunder0:1
14 Aug22OCK Khouribga
Ittihad Tanger
6 on OCK Khouribgaunder2:0
15 Aug22Olympic Club de Safi
Youssoufia Berrechid
15 Aug22MAT Tetouan
Hassania Agadir
6 on MAT Tetouanunder2:0
15 Aug22RSB Berkane
MCO Oujda
18 Aug23Ittihad Tanger
FAR Rabat
6 on FAR Rabatunder0:2
18 Aug23MCO Oujda
OCK Khouribga
6 on MCO Oujdaunder2:0
18 Aug23Difaa El Jadida
Renaissance Club Zemamra
2 on Difaa El Jadidaunder1:0
19 Aug23FUS Rabat
Raja Casablanca
2 on FUS Rabatunder1:0
19 Aug23Hassania Agadir
Olympic Club de Safi
2 on Hassania Agadirunder1:0
19 Aug23Rapide Club Oued Zem
MAT Tetouan
22 Aug24MAT Tetouan
FUS Rabat
22 Aug24Hassania Agadir
Youssoufia Berrechid
3 on Hassania Agadirunder1:0
22 Aug24Olympic Club de Safi
Rapide Club Oued Zem
23 Aug24Raja Casablanca
Difaa El Jadida
8 on Raja Casablancaunder2:0
23 Aug24FAR Rabat
MCO Oujda
23 Aug24Renaissance Club Zemamra
Wydad Casablanca
4 on Wydad Casablancaover1:2

All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Raja Casablanca20116328:1539
2Wydad Casablanca20114533:1937
3RSB Berkane2099221:1636
4MCO Oujda2098325:1735
5FUS Rabat2098324:1835
6FAR Rabat2094726:2131
7MAT Tetouan2078519:1429
8Difaa El Jadida2069518:1627
9Renaissance Club Zemamra2166931:2924
10Youssoufia Berrechid20731026:3524
11OCK Khouribga2058718:2423
12Rapide Club Oued Zem2158818:1823
13Olympic Club de Safi20312517:2121
14Hassania Agadir2056922:2721
15Ittihad Tanger20361111:2915
16Raja Beni Mellal20151410:288
 relegation relegation  

1Raja Casablanca81116:625
2MCO Oujda72214:923
3Youssoufia Berrechid62218:1320
4RSB Berkane55116:1020
5MAT Tetouan5509:220
6FUS Rabat62112:820
7Wydad Casablanca53216:918
8FAR Rabat52413:1017
9Difaa El Jadida3617:515
10Renaissance Club Zemamra42418:1314
11Rapide Club Oued Zem35211:814
12OCK Khouribga35311:1414
13Hassania Agadir42310:914
14Ittihad Tanger3438:1013
15Olympic Club de Safi2529:911
16Raja Beni Mellal1459:157
1Wydad Casablanca1061317:1019
2RSB Berkane94415:616
3FUS Rabat1136212:1015
4Raja Casablanca1035212:914
5FAR Rabat942313:1114
6MCO Oujda926111:812
7Difaa El Jadida1033411:1112
8Renaissance Club Zemamra1124513:1610
9Olympic Club de Safi111738:1210
10Rapide Club Oued Zem112367:109
11OCK Khouribga92347:109
12MAT Tetouan1023510:129
13Hassania Agadir1114612:187
14Youssoufia Berrechid101188:224
15Ittihad Tanger100283:192
16Raja Beni Mellal100191:131

Latest results

dateround home team away team
8 Aug20FTRaja Casablanca2:0Olympic Club de Safi
7 Aug20FTRenaissance Club Zemamra2:2Hassania Agadir
6 Aug20FTRSB Berkane2:1Wydad Casablanca
5 Aug19FTMAT Tetouan0:0Raja Casablanca
2 Aug18FTRaja Casablanca2:0Youssoufia Berrechid
30 Jul17FTRaja Casablanca3:1Renaissance Club Zemamra
30 Jul19FTDifaa El Jadida0:0RSB Berkane
28 Jul19FTWydad Casablanca1:1MCO Oujda
27 Jul19FTHassania Agadir1:0Raja Beni Mellal
27 Jul9FTDifaa El Jadida0:0Raja Casablanca
13 Mar21FTRapide Club Oued Zem2:1Renaissance Club Zemamra
12 Mar18FTFAR Rabat1:1Hassania Agadir
12 Mar18FTRSB Berkane0:1FUS Rabat
12 Mar18FTIttihad Tanger0:2Wydad Casablanca
9 Mar20FTRaja Beni Mellal1:0Rapide Club Oued Zem
8 Mar20FTOCK Khouribga1:0Difaa El Jadida

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FUS Rabat54017:412
2Raja Casablanca53207:111
3OCK Khouribga52214:38
4MCO Oujda52215:48
5MAT Tetouan52215:38
6Rapide Club Oued Zem51314:46
7Youssoufia Berrechid52038:96
8RSB Berkane51313:36
9Hassania Agadir51316:66
10FAR Rabat51317:76
11Raja Beni Mellal51222:35
12Renaissance Club Zemamra51138:104
13Ittihad Tanger51133:84
14Wydad Casablanca51136:74
15Difaa El Jadida50412:34
16Olympic Club de Safi50323:73

1FUS Rabat55007:215
2Youssoufia Berrechid541012:413
3Raja Casablanca541010:313
4MCO Oujda54106:213
5Hassania Agadir53117:510
6FAR Rabat53116:410
7OCK Khouribga52305:39
8Renaissance Club Zemamra521212:87
9MAT Tetouan51402:07
10Difaa El Jadida51404:37
11Rapide Club Oued Zem51315:56
12RSB Berkane51316:66
13Raja Beni Mellal51314:46
14Wydad Casablanca51316:66
15Olympic Club de Safi51227:85
16Ittihad Tanger51134:94
1Wydad Casablanca53029:79
2FUS Rabat52216:58
3FAR Rabat52216:58
4RSB Berkane51311:56
5Raja Casablanca51314:46
6Olympic Club de Safi51314:56
7MCO Oujda51317:76
8Renaissance Club Zemamra51137:94
9OCK Khouribga51134:74
10MAT Tetouan51136:84
11Difaa El Jadida51134:64
12Rapide Club Oued Zem50321:33
13Youssoufia Berrechid51044:93
14Hassania Agadir50327:93
15Ittihad Tanger50232:72
16Raja Beni Mellal50140:51

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Youssoufia Berrechid9055403.133.05
2Renaissance Club Zemamra8662293.12.642.86
3Wydad Casablanca7550252.52.72.6
4Hassania Agadir7550202.112.732.45
5FAR Rabat6540202.092.672.35
6Raja Casablanca6540202.22.12.15
7OCK Khouribga5535252.271.892.1
8MCO Oujda6540152.092.112.1
9FUS Rabat6535102.2222.1
10Ittihad Tanger6035151.82.22
11Raja Beni Mellal5035202.41.41.9
12Olympic Club de Safi70251521.821.9
13RSB Berkane5525152.361.221.85
14Rapide Club Oued Zem4833191.91.551.71
15Difaa El Jadida553051.22.21.7
16MAT Tetouan552551.12.21.65

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team betting index

Teams ordered by SoccerVista tips profitability
Negative number means that team plays less predictable - this team can beat big favourite and lose against weak team. Be very careful when adding this team to your betting slip!

 Total bets Average OddsBetting Index
1Raja Beni Mellal152.2345.3
2MCO Oujda142.7331.4
3Ittihad Tanger162.3826.3
4Raja Casablanca162.418.1
5OCK Khouribga162.716.9
6Wydad Casablanca162.7814.4
7Rapide Club Oued Zem152.9410.7
8FAR Rabat142.519.3
9Hassania Agadir162.617.5
10RSB Berkane163.025.6
11Olympic Club de Safi162.723.8
12MAT Tetouan152.491.3
13FUS Rabat142.79-2.9
14Renaissance Club Zemamra162.64-3.1
15Youssoufia Berrechid162.85-3.1
16Difaa El Jadida152.76-3.3

Average betting index at Morocco Botola Pro is 11.06 units. That means: Average league for betting.

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