Australia - NPL Youth Queensland


Moreton Bay United U20


Lions FC U20

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Date Monday 26th March 2018
Time 11:30 CEST
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Moreton Bay United U20Lions FC U20
LOST in last 1 NPL Youth Queensland's games.WON in last 1 NPL Youth Queensland's games.
NOT WON in last 2 NPL Youth Queensland's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 NPL Youth Queensland's games.

9.League position5.
  7pts.Last five games  4pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.

9 on Lions FC U20

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:3
»Head to Head matches
13th Sep 20 Australia - NPL Youth QueenslandMoreton Bay United U20 : Lions FC U20 4:1
03rd Mar 20 Australia - NPL Youth QueenslandLions FC U20 : Moreton Bay United U20 1:1
28th May 19 Australia - NPL Youth QueenslandMoreton Bay United U20 : Lions FC U20 0:2
16th Feb 19 Australia - NPL Youth QueenslandLions FC U20 : Moreton Bay United U20 5:2
14th Jul 18 Australia - NPL Youth QueenslandLions FC U20 : Moreton Bay United U20 2:1
26th Mar 18 Australia - NPL Youth QueenslandMoreton Bay United U20 : Lions FC U20 3:3
»Latest games
Moreton Bay United U20
Australia - NPL Youth Queensland 2020
07.11.Moreton Bay United U202:3Brisbane City U20
30.10.Eastern Suburbs U203:2Moreton Bay United U20
25.10.Moreton Bay United U202:1Gold Coast United FC U20
18.10.Olympic FC U201:4Moreton Bay United U20
10.10.Moreton Bay United U204:2Gold Coast Knights U20
03.10.Moreton Bay United U203:1Brisbane Strikers U20
20.9.Sunshine Coast Wanderers U201:2Moreton Bay United U20
13.9.Moreton Bay United U204:1Lions FC U20
06.9.Brisbane Roar U207:2Moreton Bay United U20
01.9.Brisbane City U201:1Moreton Bay United U20
22.8.Moreton Bay United U204:2Eastern Suburbs U20
16.8.Moreton Bay United U201:1Peninsula Power U20
08.8.Capalaba Bulldogs U200:1Moreton Bay United U20
02.8.Gold Coast United FC U204:0Moreton Bay United U20
24.7.Redlands United U201:6Moreton Bay United U20
31.8.Moreton Bay United U201:3Peninsula Power U20
28.8.Gold Coast Knights U204:1Moreton Bay United U20
25.8.Sunshine Coast U204:3Moreton Bay United U20
17.8.Moreton Bay United U202:1Redlands United U20
10.8.SWQ Thunder U202:0Moreton Bay United U20
03.8.Moreton Bay United U205:2Western Pride U20
13.7.Moreton Bay United U201:3Olympic FC U20
29.6.Moreton Bay United U200:4Brisbane Roar U20
23.6.Moreton Bay United U200:2Brisbane Strikers U20
Lions FC U20
Australia - NPL Youth Queensland 2020
07.11.Lions FC U203:3Olympic FC U20
01.11.Sunshine Coast Wanderers U202:2Lions FC U20
21.10.Capalaba Bulldogs U200:6Lions FC U20
03.10.Lions FC U201:7Gold Coast United FC U20
27.9.Lions FC U200:2Brisbane Roar U20
23.9.Lions FC U202:4Gold Coast Knights U20
19.9.Lions FC U206:2Redlands United U20
13.9.Moreton Bay United U204:1Lions FC U20
06.9.Lions FC U202:2Peninsula Power U20
30.8.Olympic FC U201:2Lions FC U20
23.8.Lions FC U202:2Sunshine Coast Wanderers U20
16.8.Brisbane Strikers U201:2Lions FC U20
09.8.Lions FC U204:3Eastern Suburbs U20
04.8.Brisbane City U207:2Lions FC U20
31.8.Lions FC U203:2Sunshine Coast U20
24.8.Redlands United U201:0Lions FC U20
17.8.Lions FC U201:1SWQ Thunder U20
15.8.Brisbane City U203:1Lions FC U20
10.8.Lions FC U201:0Western Pride U20
07.8.Lions FC U204:3Eastern Suburbs U20
28.7.Olympic FC U201:1Lions FC U20
21.7.Brisbane Roar U201:3Lions FC U20
13.7.Lions FC U204:2Gold Coast Knights U20
30.6.Lions FC U204:2Brisbane Strikers U20


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Brisbane City U2020171265:2652
2Western Pride U2020151455:2446
3Brisbane Roar U2020150571:2645
4Brisbane Strikers U2020110950:4033
5Lions FC U202074943:4225
6Gold Coast United FC U2020811139:4625
7Olympic FC U202074936:4425
8SWQ Thunder U2020721138:5223
9Moreton Bay United U2020631123:5021
10Redlands United U2020521334:5917
11Sunshine Coast U2020221619:648

1Brisbane City U201091032:1328
2Brisbane Roar U201090139:827
3Western Pride U201071230:1422
4Lions FC U201060427:1718
5Brisbane Strikers U201060426:1818
6Moreton Bay United U20104249:1214
7Gold Coast United FC U201041519:2313
8Redlands United U201041517:2213
9Olympic FC U201032518:2211
10SWQ Thunder U201030723:349
11Sunshine Coast U20111287:265
1Western Pride U201080225:1024
2Brisbane City U201080233:1324
3Brisbane Roar U201060432:1818
4Brisbane Strikers U201050524:2215
5SWQ Thunder U201042415:1814
6Olympic FC U201042418:2214
7Gold Coast United FC U201040620:2312
8Lions FC U201014516:257
9Moreton Bay United U201021714:387
10Redlands United U201011817:374
11Sunshine Coast U20910812:383

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Brisbane Roar U20550020:215
2Brisbane City U20540112:712
3Olympic FC U20531110:910
4Western Pride U20530214:89
5Gold Coast United FC U2052126:97
6SWQ Thunder U2052127:67
7Moreton Bay United U2052127:97
8Lions FC U2051137:144
9Brisbane Strikers U2051138:84
10Redlands United U2050147:171
11Sunshine Coast U2050141:131

1Brisbane Roar U20550017:215
2Brisbane City U20541014:413
3Western Pride U20540120:1012
4Brisbane Strikers U20530215:89
5Olympic FC U20530210:109
6Redlands United U20521211:127
7Lions FC U2052039:146
8SWQ Thunder U20520312:136
9Moreton Bay United U2051226:65
10Gold Coast United FC U2051133:104
11Sunshine Coast U2050231:112
1Brisbane Roar U20540116:312
2Olympic FC U20531111:810
3Gold Coast United FC U2053029:129
4Western Pride U20530213:79
5Brisbane City U20530212:79
6SWQ Thunder U2052127:77
7Brisbane Strikers U2052129:77
8Lions FC U2051226:105
9Moreton Bay United U2051134:114
10Redlands United U2050056:220
11Sunshine Coast U2050053:160

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