Australia - Queensland


Moreton Bay United


Lions FC

halftime (2:1)
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Date Wednesday 29th May 2019
Time 11:30 CEST
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Moreton Bay UnitedLions FC
LOST in last 1 Queensland's games.WON in last 11 Queensland's games.
NOT DRAW in last 10 Queensland's games.NOT LOST in last 20 Queensland's games.

11.League position1.
  6pts.Last five games  15pts.
  3pts.last 5 home/away only  15pts.

10 on Lions FC

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:3
»Head to Head matches
13th Sep 20 Australia - QueenslandMoreton Bay United : Lions FC 2:1
04th Mar 20 Australia - QueenslandLions FC : Moreton Bay United 4:1
29th May 19 Australia - QueenslandMoreton Bay United : Lions FC 2:2
16th Feb 19 Australia - QueenslandLions FC : Moreton Bay United 2:0
02nd Sep 18 Australia - Queensland PlayoffLions FC : Moreton Bay United 4:2
14th Jul 18 Australia - QueenslandLions FC : Moreton Bay United 1:0
24th Mar 18 Australia - QueenslandMoreton Bay United : Lions FC 0:2
»Latest games
Moreton Bay United
Australia - Queensland 2020
15.11.Moreton Bay United1:4Brisbane Roar FC Youth
07.11.Moreton Bay United2:1Brisbane City
04.11.Moreton Bay United5:5Gold Coast United FC
31.10.Eastern Suburbs2:1Moreton Bay United
17.10.Moreton Bay United2:1Redlands United
10.10.Moreton Bay United4:2Gold Coast Knights
07.10.Olympic FC4:1Moreton Bay United
03.10.Moreton Bay United1:2Brisbane Strikers
20.9.Sunshine Coast Wanderers1:2Moreton Bay United
13.9.Moreton Bay United2:1Lions FC
09.9.Peninsula Power4:3Moreton Bay United
06.9.Brisbane Roar FC Youth1:2Moreton Bay United
01.9.Moreton Bay United1:1Eastern Suburbs
29.8.Brisbane City1:2Moreton Bay United
25.8.Moreton Bay United3:5Capalaba
16.8.Moreton Bay United0:3Peninsula Power
08.8.Capalaba3:2Moreton Bay United
02.8.Gold Coast United FC1:1Moreton Bay United
25.7.Redlands United1:1Moreton Bay United
14.3.Gold Coast Knights1:1Moreton Bay United
08.3.Moreton Bay United0:4Olympic FC
04.3.Lions FC4:1Moreton Bay United
29.2.Brisbane Strikers1:4Moreton Bay United
17.2.Moreton Bay United4:2Sunshine Coast Wanderers
Lions FC
Australia - Queensland Playoff 2020
28.11.Lions FC1:0Olympic FC
21.11.Peninsula Power1:4Lions FC
14.11.Peninsula Power3:0Lions FC
07.11.Lions FC0:3Olympic FC
30.10.Sunshine Coast Wanderers0:2Lions FC
24.10.Lions FC2:0Brisbane City
17.10.Gold Coast Knights2:1Lions FC
07.10.Capalaba0:3Lions FC
03.10.Lions FC6:2Gold Coast United FC
27.9.Lions FC4:0Brisbane Roar FC Youth
19.9.Lions FC4:0Redlands United
13.9.Moreton Bay United2:1Lions FC
09.9.Lions FC4:1Brisbane Strikers
05.9.Lions FC3:1Peninsula Power
30.8.Olympic FC1:0Lions FC
27.8.Eastern Suburbs1:1Lions FC
22.8.Lions FC4:1Sunshine Coast Wanderers
15.8.Brisbane Strikers2:0Lions FC
08.8.Lions FC5:1Eastern Suburbs
01.8.Brisbane City1:1Lions FC
29.7.Lions FC0:0Gold Coast Knights
07.3.Lions FC4:0Capalaba
04.3.Lions FC4:1Moreton Bay United
29.2.Gold Coast United FC4:4Lions FC


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Lions FC28242289:2074
2Gold Coast Knights28224277:2270
3Peninsula Power28230584:3669
4Olympic FC28183785:4357
5Brisbane Strikers281441079:5046
6Brisbane City281231359:5739
7Gold Coast United FC281141346:4937
8Brisbane Roar FC Youth281131461:5836
9Eastern Suburbs281131467:6636
10Redlands United281121547:7235
11Moreton Bay United281041447:5134
12Magpies Crusaders28751643:10426
13Western Pride28811937:7025
14SWQ Thunder28532050:10418
15Sunshine Coast28212525:947
 relegation relegation  

1Gold Coast Knights14122034:638
2Lions FC13111145:934
3Peninsula Power14100439:2230
4Olympic FC1492340:1829
5Brisbane Strikers1563638:3021
6Gold Coast United FC1462625:2320
7Redlands United1460827:3918
8Eastern Suburbs1452733:3017
9Moreton Bay United1452721:2917
10Western Pride1450923:3815
11Brisbane City1443729:3215
12Brisbane Roar FC Youth1441926:3613
13SWQ Thunder1441929:4313
14Magpies Crusaders14311021:6610
15Sunshine Coast14211114:317
1Lions FC15131144:1140
2Peninsula Power14130145:1439
3Gold Coast Knights14102243:1632
4Olympic FC1491445:2528
5Brisbane Strikers1381441:2025
6Brisbane City1480630:2524
7Brisbane Roar FC Youth1472535:2223
8Eastern Suburbs1461734:3619
9Moreton Bay United1452726:2217
10Gold Coast United FC1452721:2617
11Redlands United1452720:3317
12Magpies Crusaders1444622:3816
13Western Pride14311014:3210
14SWQ Thunder14121121:615
15Sunshine Coast14001411:630

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Gold Coast Knights550017:215
2Lions FC550023:215
3Peninsula Power540118:712
4Brisbane Strikers531120:610
5Brisbane City521211:107
6Redlands United52129:77
7Moreton Bay United52038:96
8Magpies Crusaders51226:215
9Eastern Suburbs512215:125
10Brisbane Roar FC Youth51133:144
11SWQ Thunder51138:214
12Western Pride51135:114
13Gold Coast United FC51134:124
14Olympic FC51138:134
15Sunshine Coast50052:180

1Gold Coast Knights550015:215
2Lions FC550023:315
3Western Pride540115:812
4Redlands United540116:512
5Brisbane Strikers531123:910
6Peninsula Power530216:109
7Olympic FC53029:59
8Brisbane City521212:127
9Magpies Crusaders52039:266
10Eastern Suburbs512214:125
11Gold Coast United FC51226:95
12Brisbane Roar FC Youth51139:164
13SWQ Thunder51138:164
14Moreton Bay United51045:143
15Sunshine Coast50053:130
1Lions FC550018:515
2Peninsula Power540118:812
3Brisbane Roar FC Youth540119:612
4Gold Coast Knights531112:510
5Brisbane City530213:79
6Brisbane Strikers530220:89
7Moreton Bay United521210:77
8Redlands United521210:107
9Magpies Crusaders51316:106
10Western Pride51133:104
11Olympic FC511310:144
12Eastern Suburbs51048:163
13SWQ Thunder51049:273
14Gold Coast United FC50143:141
15Sunshine Coast50053:310

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