Czech Republic - 1. Liga


Mlada Boleslav


Slovan Liberec




halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Monday 15th April 2019
Time 18:00 CEST
Venue nameAdidas Arena
90'   Damjan Vuklisevic
90'   in Damjan Vuklisevic
90'   penalty Tomas Prikryl
90'   out Tomas Malinsky
88'  Assist Petar Musa
88'   Tomas Malinsky
88'   out Libor Kozak
88'   in Petar Musa
82'   Ladislav Takacs
67'  Assist Tomas Malinsky
67'   Roman Potocny
66'   in Tomas Ladra
66'   out Marco Tulio
64'   in Ladislav Takacs
64'   out Aleksei Tataev
60'   out Kamso Mara
60'   in Jakub Pesek
52'   Libor Kozak
51'   Marek Matejovsky
50'   Aleksei Tataev
46'   out Pavel Bucha
46'   in Petr Mares
29'   Tomas Prikryl
20'   Pavel Bucha
7'   Taras Kacharaba

Goalkeeper: Jan Seda

Defence: Marco Tulio
Defence: Tomas Hajek
Defence: Jakub Jugas
Defence: Jakub Fulnek

Midfield: Michal Hubinek
Midfield: Marek Matejovsky
Midfield: Tomas Prikryl
Midfield: Pavel Bucha
Midfield: Aleksei Tataev

Forward: Muris Mesanovic

Substitute player: Jan Stejskal
Substitute player: Petr Mares
Substitute player: Tomas Ladra
Substitute player: Jakub Klima
Substitute player: Tomas Wiesner
Substitute player: Ladislav Takacs
Substitute player: Adam Provaznik

Coach: Jozef Weber
Goalkeeper: Filip Nguyen

Defence: Matej Hybs
Defence: Ondrej Karafiat
Defence: Taras Kacharaba
Defence: Martin Koscelnik

Midfield: Tomas Malinsky
Midfield: Roman Potocny
Midfield: Kamso Mara
Midfield: Oscar Dorley
Midfield: Radim Breite

Forward: Libor Kozak

Substitute player: Milan Knobloch
Substitute player: Erik Micovcak
Substitute player: Jan Pazler
Substitute player: Jakub Pesek
Substitute player: Damjan Vuklisevic
Substitute player: Michal Fukala
Substitute player: Petar Musa

Coach: Zsolt Hornyak
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Mlada BoleslavSlovan Liberec
WON in last 1 1. Liga's games.LOST in last 1 1. Liga's games.
NOT LOST in last 2 1. Liga's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 1. Liga's games.

7.League position6.
  8pts.Last five games  8pts.
  12pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

5 on Mlada Boleslav

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:0
»Head to Head matches
15th Apr 19 Czech Republic - 1. LigaMlada Boleslav : Slovan Liberec 1:2
05th Nov 18 Czech Republic - 1. LigaSlovan Liberec : Mlada Boleslav 1:0
24th Feb 18 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionSlovan Liberec : Mlada Boleslav 1:0
19th Aug 17 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionMlada Boleslav : Slovan Liberec 0:3
27th May 17 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionSlovan Liberec : Mlada Boleslav 4:0
31st Jul 16 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionMlada Boleslav : Slovan Liberec 3:0
14th May 16 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionMlada Boleslav : Slovan Liberec 2:2
26th Jul 15 Czech Republic - 1. DivisionSlovan Liberec : Mlada Boleslav 4:2
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Mlada Boleslav
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Slavia Prague30233472:2372
2Viktoria Plzen30215447:2768
3Sparta Prague30176752:2757
5Banik Ostrava301361138:3645
6Slovan Liberec301191033:2842
7Mlada Boleslav301191052:4442
8Sigma Olomouc301241437:4340
9FC Fastav Zlin301231532:4039
11Bohemians 1905308101229:3734
16Dukla Praha30552025:6220
 relegation play off relegation play off  

1Viktoria Plzen15141030:743
2Slavia Prague15122140:1138
3Sparta Prague15103230:1333
5Banik Ostrava1583420:1227
6Slovan Liberec1575320:1026
7Mlada Boleslav1575328:1526
8FC Fastav Zlin1581617:1525
10Sigma Olomouc1572619:2323
15Dukla Praha1543818:3115
16Bohemians 19051528510:1514
1Slavia Prague15111332:1234
2Viktoria Plzen1574417:2025
3Sparta Prague1573522:1424
4Bohemians 19051562719:2220
6Banik Ostrava1553718:2418
7Sigma Olomouc1552818:2017
8Slovan Liberec1544713:1816
9Mlada Boleslav1544724:2916
10FC Fastav Zlin1542915:2514
16Dukla Praha1512127:315

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Viktoria Plzen541011:413
4Sigma Olomouc53029:69
5Slovan Liberec52217:68
6Mlada Boleslav52218:58
7Slavia Prague52219:58
8Bohemians 190552216:58
9Sparta Prague52128:67
10Banik Ostrava52036:96
15FC Fastav Zlin51041:93
16Dukla Praha50144:151

1Viktoria Plzen550012:315
3Sparta Prague540112:612
4Mlada Boleslav54019:312
5Sigma Olomouc540110:512
6Slavia Prague532012:311
8Slovan Liberec53116:310
9Banik Ostrava53119:510
14FC Fastav Zlin52033:66
15Bohemians 190551221:45
16Dukla Praha51137:154
1Sparta Prague53119:510
2Bohemians 1905531110:510
3Slavia Prague530210:49
4Mlada Boleslav51406:47
5Viktoria Plzen52125:87
6Sigma Olomouc52039:66
7Slovan Liberec51136:84
10FC Fastav Zlin51042:93
15Dukla Praha50052:120
16Banik Ostrava50053:150

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