Mexico Liga Premier - Serie A Grp. 1 2020/2021 Mexico | Liga Premier - Serie A Grp. 1 | 2020/2021

Liga Premier - Serie A Grp. 1 facts

Home field is big advantage for home team. Home team get average 1.77 points per game.!
Draws are less common in this league. 20% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals per game is normal. It's 2.54 goals per game
Number of games with three or more goals is normal. It's 45% of all games.
Average league for betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Alacranes de Durango22154344:1551
2Reboceros de la Piedad22134544:2546
3Gavilanes FC Matamoros22144422:1446
4Colima FC22133636:1945
5Mineros de Fresnillo2295835:2934
6Atletico de San Luis II22931022:2432
7U.A. Zacatecas2286825:2832
9Mazorqueros FC22731223:3624
10Atletico Saltillo Soccer22481023:4022
11Leones Negros II22531425:4219
12Cimarrones de Sonora II22251513:3411

1Gavilanes FC Matamoros101015:131
2Alacranes de Durango92028:629
3Reboceros de la Piedad90229:1127
4Colima FC80321:1024
5Mineros de Fresnillo63224:1221
6U.A. Zacatecas63211:621
7Mazorqueros FC53312:918
8Atletico de San Luis II53313:1118
10Atletico Saltillo Soccer34416:1713
11Leones Negros II23613:189
12Cimarrones de Sonora II2279:178
1Alacranes de Durango1162316:920
2Colima FC1153315:918
3Reboceros de la Piedad1144315:1416
4Gavilanes FC Matamoros114347:1315
5Atletico de San Luis II114079:1312
6Mineros de Fresnillo1132611:1711
8Leones Negros II1130812:249
9U.A. Zacatecas1123614:229
10Atletico Saltillo Soccer111467:237
11Mazorqueros FC1120911:276
12Cimarrones de Sonora II110384:173

Latest results

dateround home team away team
12 Apr22FTColima FC3:2Leones Negros II
10 Apr22FTGavilanes FC Matamoros3:0Reboceros de la Piedad
10 Apr22Finished APAtletico Saltillo Soccer7:8Tecos
10 Apr22FTU.A. Zacatecas1:0Atletico de San Luis II
10 Apr22FTCimarrones de Sonora II2:0Mineros de Fresnillo
10 Apr22FTAlacranes de Durango4:0Mazorqueros FC
4 Apr21FTReboceros de la Piedad1:0Colima FC
3 Apr21FTAtletico de San Luis II1:1Gavilanes FC Matamoros
3 Apr21FTLeones Negros II3:0Atletico Saltillo Soccer
3 Apr21FTTecos1:0Cimarrones de Sonora II
3 Apr21FTMineros de Fresnillo0:1Alacranes de Durango
2 Apr21FTMazorqueros FC3:0U.A. Zacatecas
22 Mar20FTU.A. Zacatecas2:0Mineros de Fresnillo
21 Mar20FTReboceros de la Piedad1:0Atletico de San Luis II
20 Mar20FTGavilanes FC Matamoros1:0Mazorqueros FC
20 Mar20FTAtletico Saltillo Soccer0:1Colima FC

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Alacranes de Durango541013:313
2Colima FC540110:412
3Gavilanes FC Matamoros53207:211
4Reboceros de la Piedad53114:410
5U.A. Zacatecas53115:410
7Leones Negros II52038:96
8Mazorqueros FC51135:84
9Atletico de San Luis II51133:64
10Atletico Saltillo Soccer51134:94
11Cimarrones de Sonora II51044:83
12Mineros de Fresnillo50141:71

1Gavilanes FC Matamoros55008:115
2Reboceros de la Piedad550011:115
3Alacranes de Durango541013:313
4U.A. Zacatecas54016:412
5Colima FC530210:69
6Mazorqueros FC52216:48
7Atletico de San Luis II52217:58
9Atletico Saltillo Soccer51227:85
10Mineros de Fresnillo51226:75
11Cimarrones de Sonora II51134:74
12Leones Negros II51137:94
1Colima FC53029:59
2Gavilanes FC Matamoros52214:48
3Alacranes de Durango52216:38
4Atletico de San Luis II52034:66
5Mineros de Fresnillo52034:66
7Reboceros de la Piedad51226:95
8U.A. Zacatecas51138:124
9Leones Negros II51044:103
10Atletico Saltillo Soccer50144:121
11Cimarrones de Sonora II50142:91
12Mazorqueros FC50052:130

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Reboceros de la Piedad7355413.642.643.14
2Leones Negros II7759362.823.273.05
3Mineros de Fresnillo8659273.272.552.91
4Atletico Saltillo Soccer77594132.732.86
5Mazorqueros FC8255271.913.452.68
6Alacranes de Durango7350273.092.272.68
7Colima FC8645142.822.182.5
8U.A. Zacatecas6841271.553.272.41
10Cimarrones de Sonora II7327142.361.912.14
11Atletico de San Luis II772752.1822.09
12Gavilanes FC Matamoros412351.451.821.64

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team betting index

Teams ordered by SoccerVista tips profitability
Negative number means that team plays less predictable - this team can beat big favourite and lose against weak team. Be very careful when adding this team to your betting slip!

 Total bets Average OddsBetting Index
1Leones Negros II163.638.1
2Atletico Saltillo Soccer1828.3
3Gavilanes FC Matamoros183.825.0
4Alacranes de Durango1824.4
5Cimarrones de Sonora II1722.4
6Colima FC1821.7
7U.A. Zacatecas183.621.7
8Reboceros de la Piedad182.320.6
9Mineros de Fresnillo182.313.3
11Atletico de San Luis II168.1
12Mazorqueros FC18-0.6

Average betting index at Mexico Liga Premier - Serie A Grp. 1 is 19.24 units. That means: Average league for betting.

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