Austria - Regionalliga East


Mattersburg (A)


FCM Arkadia Traiskirchen

halftime (0:2)
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Date Friday 9th November 2018
Time 19:00 CET
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Mattersburg (A)FCM Arkadia Traiskirchen
WON in last 1 Regionalliga East's games.LOST in last 1 Regionalliga East's games.
NOT DRAW in last 5 Regionalliga East's games.NOT DRAW in last 7 Regionalliga East's games.

10.League position8.
  9pts.Last five games  9pts.
  9pts.last 5 home/away only  8pts.

3 on Mattersburg (A)

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:1
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09th Nov 18 Austria - Regionalliga EastMattersburg (A) : FCM Arkadia Traiskirchen 2:3
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Mattersburg (A)
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21.9.Schwechat3:4FCM Arkadia TraiskirchenMore details about Schwechat-<b>FCM Arkadia Traiskirchen</b> game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1ASK Ebreichsdorf27203480:1963
2FC Mauerwerk27175552:2656
3FC Marchfeld Mannsdorf27164752:3152
4Wiener SK27155750:4350
5SV Leobendorf271211439:2047
6Rapid Wien (A)271431050:3245
7SC Neusiedl am See 1919271241150:5040
8FCM Arkadia Traiskirchen271141246:5037
9ASK-BSC Bruck/Leitha271141242:5037
10Mattersburg (A)271061143:4736
11SC Team Wiener Linien27871241:4631
12Admira Moedling (A)27941439:5431
14SKN St. Poelten (A)27671432:5225
15FC Stadlau27471633:6419
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1FC Mauerwerk14103128:1033
2ASK Ebreichsdorf13102146:1032
3FC Marchfeld Mannsdorf1392230:1129
4Rapid Wien (A)1391327:1128
5SV Leobendorf1476126:1327
6Wiener SK1483326:1727
7Mattersburg (A)1480628:1924
8SC Neusiedl am See 19191363430:2021
9SC Team Wiener Linien1354421:1919
10SKN St. Poelten (A)1353519:2318
12Admira Moedling (A)1452723:2917
13ASK-BSC Bruck/Leitha1351720:2316
14FCM Arkadia Traiskirchen1451821:2716
15FC Stadlau1444624:2816
1ASK Ebreichsdorf14101334:931
2FC Mauerwerk1372424:1623
3FC Marchfeld Mannsdorf1472522:2023
4Wiener SK1372424:2623
5ASK-BSC Bruck/Leitha1463522:2721
6FCM Arkadia Traiskirchen1363425:2321
7SV Leobendorf1355313:720
8SC Neusiedl am See 19191461720:3019
9Rapid Wien (A)1452723:2117
10Admira Moedling (A)1342716:2514
11SC Team Wiener Linien1433820:2712
12Mattersburg (A)1326515:2812
14SKN St. Poelten (A)1414913:297
15FC Stadlau1303109:363

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Mauerwerk532012:511
2ASK Ebreichsdorf531115:310
3SC Team Wiener Linien53119:610
4FC Marchfeld Mannsdorf531112:410
5Wiener SK53118:610
6FC Stadlau531110:810
7FCM Arkadia Traiskirchen530212:129
8Mattersburg (A)53029:79
9SC Neusiedl am See 1919530210:99
10Admira Moedling (A)52129:87
11SV Leobendorf50412:44
12Rapid Wien (A)51133:74
14ASK-BSC Bruck/Leitha50236:112
15SKN St. Poelten (A)50144:131

1FC Marchfeld Mannsdorf550019:115
2ASK Ebreichsdorf541018:313
3Rapid Wien (A)540111:212
4FC Mauerwerk531111:510
5Admira Moedling (A)531110:510
6Wiener SK531110:510
7Mattersburg (A)530210:69
8FC Stadlau530210:109
9SC Neusiedl am See 1919530211:79
10SC Team Wiener Linien52125:57
11ASK-BSC Bruck/Leitha52039:96
12SV Leobendorf51316:66
15FCM Arkadia Traiskirchen51049:163
16SKN St. Poelten (A)50327:113
1ASK Ebreichsdorf531112:210
2Admira Moedling (A)53119:710
3Wiener SK53119:810
4SC Neusiedl am See 191953029:119
5FC Mauerwerk52219:78
6FCM Arkadia Traiskirchen52219:88
7SV Leobendorf51401:07
8FC Marchfeld Mannsdorf52127:67
9SC Team Wiener Linien520310:106
10Mattersburg (A)51225:105
12Rapid Wien (A)51133:84
13SKN St. Poelten (A)51045:103
14ASK-BSC Bruck/Leitha50233:142
15FC Stadlau50142:121

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