Luxembourg National Division 2020/2021 Luxembourg | National Division | 2020/2021

National Division facts

Home field has no special importance on game result. Home team get average 1.49 points per game.!
Number of draws is on average level. 24% of games finish as draw
Number of goals is above the average. It's 2.95 goals per game!
Number of games with three or more goals is above the average. It's 56% of all games.!
Average league for betting.

Predictions and upcoming games

dateround  1X2result predictionGoals (2.5)Score tip
8 May26FC Victoria Rosport
FC Wiltz 71
8 May26US Hostert
FC Progres Niederkorn
4 on FC Progres Niederkornover1:2
8 May26Racing FC Union Luxembourg
Una Strassen
6 on Racing FC Union Luxembourgover3:0
8 May26FC Etzella Ettelbruck
CS Fola Esch
10 on CS Fola Eschover1:4
8 May26AS Jeunesse Esch
F91 Dudelange
5 on F91 Dudelangeover1:2
9 May26US Mondorf les Bains
Swift Hesperange
10 on Swift Hesperangeover0:3
9 May26FC Differdange 03
RM Hamm Benfica
9 May26Union Titus Petange
FC Rodange 91
5 on Union Titus Petangeunder2:0
12 May27FC Wiltz 71
Una Strassen
3 on FC Wiltz 71over2:1
12 May27Union Titus Petange
FC Differdange 03
3 on FC Differdange 03over1:2
12 May27FC Victoria Rosport
US Mondorf les Bains
2 on US Mondorf les Bainsover1:2
12 May27RM Hamm Benfica
AS Jeunesse Esch
4 on AS Jeunesse Eschunder0:1
12 May27Swift Hesperange
FC Etzella Ettelbruck
10 on Swift Hesperangeover4:1
12 May27F91 Dudelange
Racing FC Union Luxembourg
3 on F91 Dudelangeover2:1
12 May27CS Fola Esch
US Hostert
8 on CS Fola Eschover3:0
12 May27FC Progres Niederkorn
FC Rodange 91
10 on FC Progres Niederkornover3:0
16 May28FC Etzella Ettelbruck
FC Victoria Rosport
3 on FC Victoria Rosportover1:2
16 May28FC Differdange 03
FC Progres Niederkorn
4 on FC Progres Niederkornover1:2
16 May28US Hostert
Swift Hesperange
9 on Swift Hesperangeover0:3
16 May28FC Rodange 91
CS Fola Esch
10 on CS Fola Eschover0:3
16 May28Racing FC Union Luxembourg
RM Hamm Benfica
6 on Racing FC Union Luxembourgover3:0
16 May28Una Strassen
F91 Dudelange
10 on F91 Dudelangeover0:3
16 May28US Mondorf les Bains
FC Wiltz 71
2 on FC Wiltz 71over1:2
19 May23RM Hamm Benfica
FC Etzella Ettelbruck
6 on RM Hamm Benficaunder2:0

All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1CS Fola Esch24175268:2856
2Swift Hesperange25167258:2455
3F91 Dudelange25174454:2255
4Racing FC Union Luxembourg251411036:2743
5FC Progres Niederkorn25126739:2942
6AS Jeunesse Esch25117736:3240
7FC Differdange 032496941:3933
8US Hostert2589838:4133
9FC Wiltz 7123941035:3431
10Una Strassen25781035:5329
11FC Victoria Rosport25821532:5226
12US Mondorf les Bains25651422:4223
13RM Hamm Benfica244101027:3522
14Union Titus Petange25561422:3621
15FC Rodange 9125481321:4420
16FC Etzella Ettelbruck24281418:4414
 champions league qualification champions league qualification  

1CS Fola Esch92138:1329
2F91 Dudelange84129:1028
3FC Progres Niederkorn83225:1627
4Swift Hesperange83231:1327
5FC Wiltz 7180424:1224
6AS Jeunesse Esch63316:1421
7Racing FC Union Luxembourg61512:1319
8Una Strassen45418:2517
9FC Victoria Rosport51618:2616
10Union Titus Petange43513:1115
11FC Rodange 9143610:1915
12US Hostert43524:2815
13FC Differdange 0343516:1715
14RM Hamm Benfica25513:1411
15FC Etzella Ettelbruck15610:218
16US Mondorf les Bains14711:227
1Swift Hesperange1284027:1128
2CS Fola Esch1283130:1527
3F91 Dudelange1290325:1227
4Racing FC Union Luxembourg1380524:1424
5AS Jeunesse Esch1354420:1819
6US Hostert1346314:1318
7FC Differdange 031253425:2218
8US Mondorf les Bains1351711:2016
9FC Progres Niederkorn1243514:1315
10Una Strassen1233617:2812
11RM Hamm Benfica1225514:2111
12FC Victoria Rosport1331914:2610
13FC Wiltz 711114611:227
14Union Titus Petange131399:256
15FC Etzella Ettelbruck121388:236
16FC Rodange 911205711:255

Latest results

dateround home team away team
5 May18FTUnion Titus Petange5:1FC Wiltz 71
5 May22FTUS Mondorf les Bains0:0RM Hamm Benfica
2 May25FTUnion Titus Petange1:1US Hostert
2 May25FTFC Wiltz 710:1Racing FC Union Luxembourg
2 May25FTFC Progres Niederkorn3:1FC Etzella Ettelbruck
2 May25FTUna Strassen0:5AS Jeunesse Esch
2 May25FTCS Fola Esch2:3US Mondorf les Bains
2 May25FTF91 Dudelange3:1FC Differdange 03
2 May25FTSwift Hesperange1:0FC Victoria Rosport
2 May25FTRM Hamm Benfica3:2FC Rodange 91
28 Apr24FTFC Rodange 910:3F91 Dudelange
28 Apr24FTFC Etzella Ettelbruck2:2Union Titus Petange
28 Apr24FTFC Victoria Rosport1:5CS Fola Esch
28 Apr24FTUS Mondorf les Bains0:1FC Progres Niederkorn
28 Apr24FTFC Differdange 031:1Una Strassen
28 Apr24FTAS Jeunesse Esch0:1Racing FC Union Luxembourg

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1F91 Dudelange541013:213
2Racing FC Union Luxembourg54019:212
3RM Hamm Benfica532012:311
4FC Progres Niederkorn53209:511
5Swift Hesperange53209:511
6AS Jeunesse Esch53029:49
7CS Fola Esch522115:78
8US Mondorf les Bains52124:67
9Una Strassen51317:106
10Union Titus Petange51228:85
11US Hostert51226:95
12FC Differdange 0351136:104
13FC Victoria Rosport51046:143
14FC Wiltz 7151044:123
15FC Etzella Ettelbruck50234:112
16FC Rodange 9150144:131

1FC Progres Niederkorn541011:413
2Swift Hesperange532014:411
3CS Fola Esch531116:710
4F91 Dudelange531110:510
5AS Jeunesse Esch53117:310
6Racing FC Union Luxembourg53025:49
7RM Hamm Benfica522110:68
8Union Titus Petange52127:47
9FC Victoria Rosport52038:136
10FC Wiltz 7152034:56
11US Hostert51228:115
12FC Differdange 0351134:64
13FC Rodange 9151043:123
14Una Strassen50234:142
15US Mondorf les Bains50233:82
16FC Etzella Ettelbruck50234:122
1CS Fola Esch541014:413
2Swift Hesperange541012:413
3F91 Dudelange540113:512
4Racing FC Union Luxembourg54018:212
5US Hostert53207:311
6AS Jeunesse Esch531111:510
7US Mondorf les Bains53026:79
8RM Hamm Benfica52217:68
9Una Strassen521210:137
10FC Progres Niederkorn52123:37
11FC Differdange 0352039:106
12FC Etzella Ettelbruck50323:63
13FC Victoria Rosport51045:113
14Union Titus Petange50233:122
15FC Rodange 9150237:112
16FC Wiltz 7150144:131

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1CS Fola Esch10079624.253.754
2Una Strassen10060443.313.753.52
3FC Victoria Rosport8868523.673.083.36
4FC Differdange 038767422.753.923.33
5Swift Hesperange8460443.383.173.28
6US Hostert8452324.332.083.16
7F91 Dudelange88722433.083.04
8FC Wiltz 71834822333
9FC Progres Niederkorn6844323.152.252.72
10AS Jeunesse Esch7252282.52.922.72
11FC Rodange 917248282.2332.6
12RM Hamm Benfica7542252.252.922.58
13FC Etzella Ettelbruck7958212.582.582.58
14US Mondorf les Bains6456282.752.382.56
15Racing FC Union Luxembourg6852242.082.922.52
16Union Titus Petange64442022.622.32

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team betting index

Teams ordered by SoccerVista tips profitability
Negative number means that team plays less predictable - this team can beat big favourite and lose against weak team. Be very careful when adding this team to your betting slip!

 Total bets Average OddsBetting Index
1CS Fola Esch2044.5
2F91 Dudelange2139.5
3Swift Hesperange1937.4
4Racing FC Union Luxembourg2131.4
5FC Rodange 912027.5
6FC Progres Niederkorn2125.7
7FC Victoria Rosport2121.9
8FC Etzella Ettelbruck1916.3
9US Mondorf les Bains2016.0
10FC Wiltz 711813.9
11Union Titus Petange2013.5
12AS Jeunesse Esch2011.0
13Una Strassen218.6
14FC Differdange 03204.5
15RM Hamm Benfica204.0
16US Hostert21-6.7

Average betting index at Luxembourg National Division is 19.32 units. That means: Average league for betting.

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