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halftime (0:0)
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Date Tuesday 5th June 2018
Time 20:00 CEST
89'   in Levan Gegechkori
89'   out Jaba Jigauri
86'   in Dirk Carlson
86'   out Daniel Da Mota
79'   in Lasha Shergelashvili
79'   out Giorgi Navalovski
76'   out Aurelien Joachim
76'   in Mario Mutsch
71'   out Enes Mahmutovic
71'   in Kevin Malget
69'   Aurelien Joachim
62'   in Budu Zivzivadze
62'   out Nika Katcharava
58'   in Danel Sinani
58'   out Vincent Thill
56'   out Giorgi Aburjania
56'   in Otar Kiteishvili
56'   out Giorgi Kharaishvili
56'   in Lasha Dvali
46'   in Ralph Schon
46'   in Saba Lobzhanidze
46'   out Giorgi Beridze
46'   out Olivier Thill
46'   in Aldin Skenderovic
46'   out Anthony Moris
Goalkeeper: Anthony Moris

Substitute player: Aldin Skenderovic
Substitute player: Dirk Carlson
Substitute player: Danel Sinani
Substitute player: Florian Bohnert
Substitute player: Jan Ostrowski
Substitute player: Leandro Barreiro
Substitute player: Mario Mutsch
Substitute player: Ralph Schon
Substitute player: Marvin Santos
Substitute player: Kevin Malget

Starter: Laurent Jans
Starter: Vincent Thill
Starter: Mathias Jaenisch
Starter: Olivier Thill
Starter: Lars Cristian Krogh Gerson
Starter: Christopher Martins
Starter: Daniel Da Mota
Starter: Enes Mahmutovic
Starter: Aurelien Joachim
Starter: David Turpel
Goalkeeper: Giorgi Makaridze

Substitute player: Levan Kharabadze
Substitute player: Levan Gegechkori
Substitute player: Budu Zivzivadze
Substitute player: Lasha Dvali
Substitute player: Lasha Shergelashvili
Substitute player: Roin Kvaskhvadze
Substitute player: Saba Lobzhanidze
Substitute player: Otar Kiteishvili

Starter: Jaba Jigauri
Starter: Davit Khocholava
Starter: Vakhtang Tchanturishvili
Starter: Giorgi Kharaishvili
Starter: Giorgi Beridze
Starter: Nika Katcharava
Starter: Giorgi Aburjania
Starter: Guram Kashia
Starter: Jaba Kankava
Starter: Giorgi Navalovski
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05th Jun 18 International - FriendliesLuxembourg : Georgia 1:0
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