China - Super League


Liaoning Hongyun


Shanghai SIPG FC




halftime (2:3)
»Game details
Date Saturday 14th October 2017
Time 9:30 CEST
Venue nameTiexi New District Sports Center
RefereeYejun Huang from China
89'   Jiahe Li
87'   Wenjun Lue
86'   in Jiahe Li
86'   out Yanqiang Hu
83'   out Shihao Wei
83'   in Hai Yu
83'   out Huan Fu
83'   in Wenjun Lue
77'   in Chenglin Li
77'   out Yifei Sang
55'  Assist Anthony Ujah
55'   Ye Zhang
46'   in Yi Zhang
46'   out Huikang Cai
45'   in Yanjun Zhang
45'   out Wei Lu
43'   Lei Wu
43'  Assist Shihao Wei
42'   Olivier Boumal
40'  Assist Shihao Wei
40'   Lei Wu
28'  Assist Shenchao Wang
28'   Elkeson
3'  Assist Ye Zhang
3'   Yanqiang Hu

Goalkeeper: Xiaotian Shi

Defence: Shangkun Liu
Defence: Shuai Yang
Defence: Assani Lukimya-Mulongoti
Defence: Wei Lu

Midfield: Ye Zhang
Midfield: Olivier Boumal
Midfield: Yifei Sang
Midfield: Yanqiang Hu
Midfield: Yu Yang

Forward: Anthony Ujah

Substitute player: Yusong Ni
Substitute player: Jiahe Li
Substitute player: Chenglin Li
Substitute player: Yanjun Zhang
Substitute player: Hao Wang
Substitute player: Zhenfeng Xiong
Substitute player: Zhenqiang Zhang

Coach: Junzhe Zhao
Coach: Lin Ma
Goalkeeper: Junling Yan

Defence: Shenchao Wang
Defence: Ke Shi
Defence: Guan He
Defence: Huan Fu

Midfield: Odil Akhmedov
Midfield: Lei Wu
Midfield: Oscar
Midfield: Shihao Wei
Midfield: Huikang Cai

Forward: Elkeson

Substitute player: Yi Zhang
Substitute player: Chuangyi Lin
Substitute player: Shenglong Li
Substitute player: Zhen Wei
Substitute player: Wenjun Lue
Substitute player: Hai Yu
Substitute player: Le Sun

Suspended: Hulk

Coach: Hui Xie
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Liaoning HongyunShanghai SIPG FC
LOST in last 3 Super League's games.LOST in last 1 Super League's games.
NOT WON in last 11 Super League's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Super League's games.

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16.League position2.
  1pts.Last five games  7pts.
  2pts.last 5 home/away only  8pts.

10 on Shanghai SIPG FC

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 0:3
»Head to Head matches
14th Oct 17 China - Super LeagueLiaoning Hongyun : Shanghai SIPG FC 3:3
03rd Jun 17 China - Super LeagueShanghai SIPG FC : Liaoning Hongyun 4:1
23rd Jul 16 China - Super LeagueLiaoning Hongyun : Shanghai SIPG FC 3:1
10th Apr 16 China - Super LeagueShanghai SIPG FC : Liaoning Hongyun 4:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Guangzhou Evergrande30204669:4264
2Shanghai SIPG FC30177672:3958
3Tianjin Quanjian30159646:3354
4Hebei CFFC30157855:3852
5Guangzhou R&F F.C.30157859:4652
6Shandong Luneng301310749:3349
7Changchun Yatai301281046:4144
8Guizhou Hengfeng301261239:4542
9Beijing Guoan301171242:4240
10Chongqing Lifan30991237:4036
11Shanghai Shenhua30981352:5535
12Jiangsu Suning FC307111240:4532
13Tianjin Teda30871530:4931
14Henan Jianye30791434:4630
16Liaoning Hongyun30462030:7418
 relegation relegation  

1Guangzhou Evergrande15131138:1840
2Hebei CFFC15112232:1335
3Shanghai SIPG FC15112245:1635
4Tianjin Quanjian15104131:1634
5Shandong Luneng15104134:1734
6Guangzhou R&F F.C.1594236:2231
7Beijing Guoan1575325:1726
8Guizhou Hengfeng1574423:1925
9Changchun Yatai1566323:1824
10Tianjin Teda1572621:2123
11Chongqing Lifan1556417:1621
12Shanghai Shenhua1554631:2419
13Jiangsu Suning FC1545618:1717
15Henan Jianye1528513:1914
16Liaoning Hongyun1542920:3214
1Guangzhou Evergrande1573531:2424
2Shanghai SIPG FC1565427:2323
3Guangzhou R&F F.C.1563623:2421
4Tianjin Quanjian1555515:1720
5Changchun Yatai1562723:2320
6Hebei CFFC1545623:2517
7Guizhou Hengfeng1552816:2617
8Henan Jianye1551921:2716
9Shanghai Shenhua1544721:3116
10Jiangsu Suning FC1536622:2815
11Shandong Luneng1536615:1615
12Chongqing Lifan1543820:2415
13Beijing Guoan1542917:2514
15Tianjin Teda151599:288
16Liaoning Hongyun15041110:424

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Changchun Yatai541011:513
2Guangzhou R&F F.C.540111:812
3Tianjin Teda540110:512
4Tianjin Quanjian53118:410
5Shanghai Shenhua531114:610
6Jiangsu Suning FC53028:89
7Hebei CFFC521211:97
8Shanghai SIPG FC521211:107
9Guangzhou Evergrande521212:117
10Shandong Luneng52129:107
12Henan Jianye52038:106
13Guizhou Hengfeng51047:143
14Beijing Guoan51042:63
15Chongqing Lifan50234:92
16Liaoning Hongyun50146:151

1Hebei CFFC541012:513
2Tianjin Quanjian541011:413
3Guangzhou R&F F.C.541013:813
4Guizhou Hengfeng540111:512
5Guangzhou Evergrande540115:812
6Tianjin Teda540111:712
7Shandong Luneng532014:611
9Shanghai SIPG FC530215:99
10Changchun Yatai52308:49
11Jiangsu Suning FC52216:58
12Chongqing Lifan52216:58
13Shanghai Shenhua521210:67
14Beijing Guoan521210:77
15Henan Jianye51134:94
16Liaoning Hongyun50236:132
1Changchun Yatai540113:712
2Shanghai SIPG FC522111:98
3Guangzhou Evergrande522110:78
4Hebei CFFC52129:87
5Jiangsu Suning FC521210:87
6Henan Jianye52037:86
7Guangzhou R&F F.C.52036:86
8Tianjin Quanjian51224:75
9Shanghai Shenhua51136:164
10Tianjin Teda51137:114
11Guizhou Hengfeng51044:143
13Shandong Luneng50322:63
14Chongqing Lifan50144:91
15Beijing Guoan50143:91
16Liaoning Hongyun50052:140

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