Poland - Ekstraklasa


Lechia Gdansk


Miedz Legnica




halftime (1:0)
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Date Friday 10th August 2018
Time 18:00 CEST
Venue nameStadion Energa Gdansk
84'   in Lukasz Gargula
84'   out Marquitos
76'   in Karol Fila
76'   out Jakub Arak
72'   Henrik Ojamaa
68'   out Lukas Haraslin
68'   in Michal Mak
68'   in Petteri Forsell
68'   out Adrian Purzycki
57'   in Wojciech Lobodzinski
57'   out Mateusz Piatkowski
56'  Assist Lukas Haraslin
56'   Patryk Lipski
46'   out Blazey Augustyn
46'   in Ariel Borysiuk
44'   Pawel Stolarski
39'  Assist Pawel Stolarski
39'   Jakub Arak
27'   Michal Nalepa

Goalkeeper: Dusan Kuciak

Defence: Pawel Stolarski
Defence: Filip Mladenovic
Defence: Blazey Augustyn
Defence: Michal Nalepa

Midfield: Jaroslaw Kubicki
Midfield: Flavio Paixao
Midfield: Lukas Haraslin
Midfield: Daniel Lukasik

Forward: Jakub Arak
Forward: Patryk Lipski

Substitute player: Adam Chrzanowski
Substitute player: Mateusz Sopocko
Substitute player: Zlatan Alomerovic
Substitute player: Karol Fila
Substitute player: Ariel Borysiuk
Substitute player: Michal Mak
Substitute player: Mateusz Lewandowski

Coach: Piotr Stokowiec
Goalkeeper: Anton Kanibolotski

Defence: Pawel Zielinski
Defence: Frank Adu Kwame
Defence: Tomislav Bozic
Defence: Fran Cruz

Midfield: Henrik Ojamaa
Midfield: Adrian Purzycki
Midfield: Fabian Piasecki
Midfield: Omar Cabrera Santana
Midfield: Marquitos

Forward: Mateusz Piatkowski

Substitute player: Wojciech Lobodzinski
Substitute player: Kornel Osyra
Substitute player: Lukasz Sapela
Substitute player: Jonathan de Amo
Substitute player: Petteri Forsell
Substitute player: Lukasz Gargula
Substitute player: Rafal Augustyniak

Coach: Dominik Nowak
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Lechia GdanskMiedz Legnica
WON in last 1 Ekstraklasa's games.LOST in last 3 Ekstraklasa's games.
NOT LOST in last 4 Ekstraklasa's games.NOT DRAW in last 4 Ekstraklasa's games.

4.League position13.
  8pts.Last five games  3pts.
  4pts.last 5 home/away only  0pts.
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10th Aug 18 Poland - EkstraklasaLechia Gdansk : Miedz Legnica 2:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Lech Poznan44009:112
2Jagiellonia Bialystok43015:19
3Piast Gliwice43017:59
4Lechia Gdansk42204:18
5Korona Kielce42116:57
6Legia Warszawa42116:57
7Gornik Zabrze41306:46
8Zaglebie Lubin42026:66
9Wisla Krakow41213:35
10Slask Wroclaw41125:54
11Arka Gdynia40311:33
12Zaglebie Sosnowiec41035:83
13Miedz Legnica41033:73
14Wisla Plock40224:62
16Pogon Szczecin40131:71
 relegation play off relegation play off  

1Lech Poznan22006:06
2Wisla Krakow31203:25
3Lechia Gdansk21103:14
4Korona Kielce21013:33
5Miedz Legnica21012:33
6Piast Gliwice21013:43
7Zaglebie Sosnowiec21014:23
8Slask Wroclaw21013:23
9Zaglebie Lubin21012:33
10Jagiellonia Bialystok21011:13
11Gornik Zabrze20202:22
12Legia Warszawa20111:31
13Arka Gdynia20111:31
14Pogon Szczecin20111:31
16Wisla Plock20022:40
1Legia Warszawa22005:26
2Piast Gliwice22004:16
3Lech Poznan22003:16
4Jagiellonia Bialystok22004:06
5Korona Kielce21103:24
6Lechia Gdansk21101:04
7Gornik Zabrze21104:24
8Zaglebie Lubin21014:33
9Arka Gdynia20200:02
10Wisla Plock20202:22
11Slask Wroclaw20112:31
13Wisla Krakow10010:10
14Miedz Legnica20021:40
15Zaglebie Sosnowiec20021:60
16Pogon Szczecin20020:40

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