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Katsina United


Kano Pillars




halftime (1:1)
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Date Saturday 13th January 2018
Time 16:00 CET
90'   penalty Destiny Ashadi
61'   Ibrahim Alhassan
45'   Chinedu Ajanah
43'   Victor Denis
33'   Junior Lokosa
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Katsina UnitedKano Pillars
LOST in last 1 Professional Football League's games.DRAW in last 3 Professional Football League's games.
NOT DRAW in last 7 Professional Football League's games.NOT LOST in last 7 Professional Football League's games.

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7.League position3.
  9pts.Last five games  7pts.
  15pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.
»Head to Head matches
13th May 18 Nigeria - Professional Football LeagueKano Pillars : Katsina United 3:1
13th Jan 18 Nigeria - Professional Football LeagueKatsina United : Kano Pillars 2:2
19th Jul 17 Nigeria - Professional Football LeagueKatsina United : Kano Pillars 1:0
26th Feb 17 Nigeria - Professional Football LeagueKano Pillars : Katsina United 1:0
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Lobi Stars24134725:1643
2Akwa United24125727:1741
3Kano Pillars24911430:1738
5Plateau United24114927:2037
6Niger Tornadoes24114921:2337
7Katsina United241131028:2236
8Abia Warriors24810620:1634
9Rivers United FC2497822:2234
10Enugu Rangers2489719:1533
11MFM FC241031122:2433
12Nasarawa United24921326:2929
13El Kanemi Warriors24851117:2129
14Wikki Tourist24851121:2629
15Kwara United2478921:2829
16Go Round24851116:2329
17Ifeanyi Ubah United24771023:2628
18Sunshine Stars2487922:2728
19Yobe Desert Stars24841220:3028
20Heartland Owerri24581115:2720

1Katsina United12111021:334
2Lobi Stars12111018:434
3Plateau United12102024:632
4Akwa United12102023:532
5Kano Pillars1293023:530
7MFM FC1292118:629
8Nasarawa United1292122:1029
9Go Round1284013:528
10El Kanemi Warriors1284016:328
11Rivers United FC1284014:328
12Wikki Tourist1284017:428
13Sunshine Stars1284019:928
14Niger Tornadoes1291214:628
15Yobe Desert Stars1283113:327
16Abia Warriors1275014:426
17Enugu Rangers1274113:325
18Ifeanyi Ubah United1273218:824
19Kwara United1273215:1024
20Heartland Owerri1246210:718
1Niger Tornadoes122377:179
2Lobi Stars122377:129
3Akwa United122374:129
4Abia Warriors121566:128
5Kano Pillars120847:128
6Enugu Rangers121566:128
8Rivers United FC121388:196
9Plateau United121293:145
10Kwara United120576:185
11Heartland Owerri121295:205
12MFM FC1211104:184
13Ifeanyi Ubah United120485:184
14Sunshine Stars120393:183
15Katsina United1202107:192
16Go Round1201113:181
17Yobe Desert Stars1201117:271
18El Kanemi Warriors1201111:181
19Wikki Tourist1201114:221
20Nasarawa United1200124:190

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Akwa United54016:312
2Kwara United53117:410
3Katsina United53024:59
4Abia Warriors52304:29
5El Kanemi Warriors52124:37
6Plateau United52126:67
7Rivers United FC51403:27
8Wikki Tourist52125:47
9Sunshine Stars52124:37
10Niger Tornadoes52124:57
11Nasarawa United52127:77
12Kano Pillars51405:37
14Go Round52033:46
15MFM FC52033:56
16Lobi Stars52035:46
17Heartland Owerri51223:45
18Enugu Rangers51222:35
19Yobe Desert Stars51133:84
20Ifeanyi Ubah United50233:62

1Katsina United55006:115
2Lobi Stars55007:015
3El Kanemi Warriors54109:113
4Niger Tornadoes54105:113
5Nasarawa United54109:413
6Kano Pillars541011:213
7Akwa United54108:313
8Go Round53204:111
9Plateau United53208:511
10Rivers United FC53204:011
11Sunshine Stars53209:511
12Kwara United53208:411
14MFM FC53117:310
15Abia Warriors52305:39
16Wikki Tourist52306:39
17Enugu Rangers52304:09
18Yobe Desert Stars52213:28
19Ifeanyi Ubah United52126:57
20Heartland Owerri51403:27
1Abia Warriors51313:36
2Akwa United51221:35
3Niger Tornadoes51133:84
4Kano Pillars50412:34
5MFM FC51042:63
6Ifeanyi Ubah United50322:73
7Rivers United FC50325:73
8Kwara United50321:43
10Plateau United50232:52
11Lobi Stars50233:62
12Enugu Rangers50231:42
13Go Round50142:71
14Katsina United50143:91
15Wikki Tourist50142:81
16Sunshine Stars50142:71
17Yobe Desert Stars50052:120
18El Kanemi Warriors50050:60
19Nasarawa United50052:90
20Heartland Owerri50051:100

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