Iran - Azadegan League


Karun Arvand Khorramshahr


Mes Rafsanjan

halftime (0:0)
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Date Thursday 17th January 2019
Time 11:30 CET
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Karun Arvand KhorramshahrMes Rafsanjan
WON in last 1 Azadegan League's games.WON in last 1 Azadegan League's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 Azadegan League's games.NOT DRAW in last 2 Azadegan League's games.

15.League position10.
  5pts.Last five games  5pts.
  6pts.last 5 home/away only  5pts.


under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
17th Jan 19 Iran - Azadegan LeagueKarun Arvand Khorramshahr : Mes Rafsanjan 0:1
19th Aug 18 Iran - Azadegan LeagueMes Rafsanjan : Karun Arvand Khorramshahr 2:2
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Karun Arvand Khorramshahr
Iran - Azadegan League 2018/2019
30.4.Khoneh Be Khoneh3:0Karun Arvand Khorramshahr
23.4.Karun Arvand Khorramshahr1:0Qashqai
10.4.Karun Arvand Khorramshahr0:2Gol Reyhan Alborz
04.4.Navad Urmia3:1Karun Arvand Khorramshahr
29.3.Karun Arvand Khorramshahr0:0Aluminium Arak
16.3.Shahin1:1Karun Arvand Khorramshahr
09.3.Karun Arvand Khorramshahr0:0Gol Gohar
03.3.Mes Kerman2:0Karun Arvand Khorramshahr
25.2.Karun Arvand Khorramshahr0:0Shahrdari Tabriz
19.2.Shahrdari Mahshahr0:1Karun Arvand Khorramshahr
13.2.Karun Arvand Khorramshahr2:1Baadraan Tehran
06.2.Fajr Sepasi1:0Karun Arvand Khorramshahr
31.1.Karun Arvand Khorramshahr0:0Malavan
17.1.Karun Arvand Khorramshahr0:1Mes Rafsanjan
10.1.Havadar SC1:1Karun Arvand Khorramshahr
15.12.Karun Arvand Khorramshahr0:1Khoneh Be Khoneh
08.12.Qashqai1:0Karun Arvand Khorramshahr
24.11.Gol Reyhan Alborz2:0Karun Arvand Khorramshahr
17.11.Karun Arvand Khorramshahr1:0Navad Urmia
11.11.Aluminium Arak2:1Karun Arvand Khorramshahr
04.11.Karun Arvand Khorramshahr0:3Shahin
28.10.Gol Gohar3:0Karun Arvand Khorramshahr
22.10.Karun Arvand Khorramshahr1:3Mes Kerman
16.10.Shahrdari Tabriz1:2Karun Arvand Khorramshahr
Mes Rafsanjan
Iran - Azadegan League 2019/2020
08.8.Navad Urmia0:1Mes Rafsanjan
02.8.Mes Rafsanjan1:0Fajr Sepasi
25.7.Khooshe Talaee Sana Saveh3:1Mes Rafsanjan
18.7.Mes Rafsanjan3:2Gol Reyhan Alborz
12.7.Malavan1:0Mes Rafsanjan
06.7.Mes Rafsanjan3:0Rayka Babol
30.6.Mes Kerman0:0Mes Rafsanjan
28.2.Mes Rafsanjan1:1Aluminium Arak
23.2.Damash1:3Mes Rafsanjan
15.2.Mes Rafsanjan3:1Arman Gahar Sirjan
08.2.Elmoadab Tabriz0:3Mes Rafsanjan
02.2.Mes Rafsanjan1:1Havadar SC
26.1.Niroye Zamini2:3Mes Rafsanjan
19.1.Mes Rafsanjan1:2Qashqai
13.1.Esteghlal Khuzestan0:1Mes Rafsanjan
08.1.Mes Rafsanjan1:0Sepidrood Rasht
18.12.Mes Rafsanjan1:0Khooshe Talaee Sana Saveh
12.12.Baadraan Tehran0:2Mes Rafsanjan
06.12.Mes Rafsanjan3:1Navad Urmia
30.11.Fajr Sepasi2:1Mes Rafsanjan
15.11.Gol Reyhan Alborz1:1Mes Rafsanjan
10.11.Mes Rafsanjan3:0Malavan
04.11.Rayka Babol2:0Mes Rafsanjan
30.10.Mes Rafsanjan1:1Mes Kerman


Main table plus home and away only tables.
0Gostaresh Foolad FC00000:00
0Machine Sazi FC00000:00
0Esteghlal Jonoub00000:00
1Gol Gohar301513247:2658
3Gol Reyhan Alborz30139830:1948
4Aluminium Arak301212627:2348
5Mes Kerman301211738:2247
6Havadar SC301110948:3843
7Baadraan Tehran301110935:3243
9Fajr Sepasi309111026:2438
10Mes Rafsanjan30991240:4236
12Khoneh Be Khoneh307101322:3031
13Navad Urmia307101323:4031
14Shahrdari Tabriz306101427:4528
14New Bargh Fars00000:00
15Karun Arvand Khorramshahr306101417:3628
16Naft Tehran10010:30
16Siah Jamegan31022:50
16Shahrdari Mahshahr305101519:3425
 promotion promotion   relegation relegation  

1Aluminium Arak15113120:936
2Gol Gohar1596025:1133
3Gol Reyhan Alborz15102322:1032
5Mes Kerman1584324:928
8Baadraan Tehran1566317:1524
9Navad Urmia1565417:1823
10Khoneh Be Khoneh1558215:1123
11Mes Rafsanjan1565426:2123
12Shahrdari Tabriz1557316:1422
13Fajr Sepasi1557310:722
14Havadar SC1556427:1821
15Karun Arvand Khorramshahr154656:1118
16Shahrdari Mahshahr1553710:1418
17Siah Jamegan21012:23
18Esteghlal Jonoub00000:00
19New Bargh Fars00000:00
20Machine Sazi FC00000:00
21Gostaresh Foolad FC00000:00
22Naft Tehran10010:30
1Gol Gohar1567222:1525
3Havadar SC1564521:2022
4Baadraan Tehran1554618:1719
5Mes Kerman1547414:1319
6Gol Reyhan Alborz153758:916
7Fajr Sepasi1544716:1716
10Mes Rafsanjan1534814:2113
11Aluminium Arak151957:1412
12Karun Arvand Khorramshahr1524911:2510
13Navad Urmia151596:228
14Khoneh Be Khoneh1522117:198
15Shahrdari Mahshahr150789:207
16Shahrdari Tabriz15131111:316
17Esteghlal Jonoub00000:00
18New Bargh Fars00000:00
19Siah Jamegan10010:30
20Machine Sazi FC00000:00
21Gostaresh Foolad FC00000:00
22Naft Tehran00000:00

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1Gol Gohar54106:113
3Mes Kerman52308:49
4Baadraan Tehran52214:48
5Navad Urmia52125:57
6Gol Reyhan Alborz52125:37
7Aluminium Arak52125:47
10Khoneh Be Khoneh51312:26
11Karun Arvand Khorramshahr51223:65
12Mes Rafsanjan51223:45
13Fajr Sepasi51226:65
14Shahrdari Mahshahr51135:74
15Shahrdari Tabriz51136:124
16Havadar SC51044:103
17Esteghlal Jonoub00000:00
18New Bargh Fars00000:00
19Siah Jamegan00000:00
20Machine Sazi FC00000:00
21Gostaresh Foolad FC00000:00
22Naft Tehran00000:00

1Aluminium Arak54106:113
3Mes Rafsanjan532011:611
6Mes Kerman53119:410
7Khoneh Be Khoneh52304:29
8Gol Gohar52307:49
9Navad Urmia52218:68
10Baadraan Tehran52214:48
11Shahrdari Tabriz52217:68
12Fajr Sepasi52214:28
13Shahrdari Mahshahr52123:37
14Gol Reyhan Alborz52127:57
15Karun Arvand Khorramshahr51311:26
16Havadar SC50236:102
17Esteghlal Jonoub00000:00
18New Bargh Fars00000:00
19Siah Jamegan00000:00
20Machine Sazi FC00000:00
21Gostaresh Foolad FC00000:00
22Naft Tehran00000:00
1Baadraan Tehran53117:610
3Gol Gohar52213:48
4Fajr Sepasi521211:107
5Gol Reyhan Alborz51313:26
6Havadar SC51226:95
7Mes Rafsanjan51225:65
8Karun Arvand Khorramshahr51133:74
10Shahrdari Mahshahr50324:63
11Aluminium Arak50322:43
12Mes Kerman50322:43
13Navad Urmia50140:51
15Khoneh Be Khoneh50142:61
16Shahrdari Tabriz50144:121
17Esteghlal Jonoub00000:00
18New Bargh Fars00000:00
19Siah Jamegan00000:00
20Machine Sazi FC00000:00
21Gostaresh Foolad FC00000:00
22Naft Tehran00000:00

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