Ukraine - Premier League Relegation Group




FC Olexandria




halftime (1:1)
»Game details
Date Saturday 28th April 2018
Time 13:00 CEST
Venue nameArena Lviv
90'   in Anton Shendrik
90'   out Andriy Tsurikov
89'   Jorge Carrascal
81'   out Maryan Shved
81'   in Leonid Akulinin
81'   Oleksiy Hutsuliak
76'   in Evgeny Protasov
76'   out Vasili Gritsuk
75'   out Andrey Nesterov
75'   in Catriel Sanchez
72'   in Andriy Batsula
72'   out Artem Sitalo
63'   in Rodrigo Vargas
63'   out Cristian Damian Erbes
59'   Oleksiy Dovgiy
59'   Evgen Banada
52'   Artem Sitalo
40'   Ivan Lobaj
35'   Evgen Banada
4'   Andrey Nesterov
Goalkeeper: Oleksiy Shevchenko

Substitute player: Leonid Akulinin
Substitute player: Dmitriy Klots
Substitute player: Orest Lebedenko
Substitute player: Rodrigo Vargas
Substitute player: Roman Mysak
Substitute player: Catriel Sanchez
Substitute player: Andrey Remenyuk

Coach: Oleg Boychyshyn

Starter: Andrey Nesterov
Starter: Oleksiy Hutsuliak
Starter: Denys Miroshnichenko
Starter: Cristian Damian Erbes
Starter: Nazar Verbnyi
Starter: Francisco Di Franco
Starter: Ivan Lobaj
Starter: Jorge Carrascal
Starter: Sergiy Myakushko
Starter: Maryan Shved
Goalkeeper: Yuri Pankiv

Substitute player: Sergey Starenkiy
Substitute player: Sergiy Chebotaev
Substitute player: Anton Shendrik
Substitute player: Evgeny Protasov
Substitute player: Vladislav Levanidov
Substitute player: Andriy Batsula
Substitute player: Dmytro Shastal

Coach: Volodymyr Sharan

Starter: Vasili Gritsuk
Starter: Andriy Tsurikov
Starter: Valeriy Bondarenko
Starter: Evgen Banada
Starter: Pavlo Pashaev
Starter: Artem Sitalo
Starter: Andriy Gitchenko
Starter: Andriy Zaporozhan
Starter: Oleksiy Dovgiy
Starter: Vitali Ponomar
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KarpatyFC Olexandria
WON in last 1 Premier League Relegation Group's games.WON in last 5 Premier League Relegation Group's games.
NOT LOST in last 3 Premier League Relegation Group's games.NOT LOST in last 10 Premier League Relegation Group's games.

Karpaty webWebsitesFC Olexandria web
2.League position1.
  8pts.Last five games  15pts.
  9pts.last 5 home/away only  11pts.


under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:1
»Head to Head matches
21st Oct 18 Ukraine - Premier LeagueFC Olexandria : Karpaty 2:1
22nd Jul 18 Ukraine - Premier LeagueKarpaty : FC Olexandria 0:2
28th Apr 18 Ukraine - Premier League Relegation GroupKarpaty : FC Olexandria 1:2
18th Mar 18 Ukraine - Premier League Relegation GroupFC Olexandria : Karpaty 1:1
26th Nov 17 Ukraine - Premier LeagueFC Olexandria : Karpaty 3:0
20th Aug 17 Ukraine - Premier LeagueKarpaty : FC Olexandria 0:0
05th Mar 17 Ukraine - Premier LeagueKarpaty : FC Olexandria 1:0
25th Sep 16 Ukraine - Premier LeagueFC Olexandria : Karpaty 3:2
10th Apr 16 Ukraine - Premier LeagueKarpaty : FC Olexandria 2:2
20th Sep 15 Ukraine - Premier LeagueFC Olexandria : Karpaty 4:1
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21.4.Chornomorets Odessa1:3FC OlexandriaMore details about Chornomorets Odessa-<b>FC Olexandria</b> game
15.4.Olimpik Donetsk0:0FC OlexandriaMore details about Olimpik Donetsk-FC Olexandria game


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1FC Olexandria321015732:2745
3Olimpik Donetsk32991429:3836
5Chornomorets Odessa326111526:4929
6Feniks Bucha32681823:4426
 relegation relegation  

1FC Olexandria1667317:925
2Olimpik Donetsk1664616:2022
5Chornomorets Odessa1647516:1919
6Feniks Bucha1615108:178
1FC Olexandria1648415:1820
3Feniks Bucha1653815:2718
4Olimpik Donetsk1635813:1814
6Chornomorets Odessa16241010:3010

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1FC Olexandria550010:315
3Chornomorets Odessa52125:67
5Feniks Bucha51135:84
6Olimpik Donetsk51041:83

1FC Olexandria53206:111
4Chornomorets Odessa52126:67
5Olimpik Donetsk51131:54
6Feniks Bucha50233:62
1FC Olexandria53207:311
3Feniks Bucha53025:69
4Olimpik Donetsk51134:74
5Chornomorets Odessa51134:74

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