Netherlands - Eerste Divisie


Jong PSV


Helmond Sport




halftime (0:0)
»Game details
Date Tuesday 23rd February 2021
Time 21:00 CET
Venue nameDe Herdgang
90'   Tijn Daverveld
90'  Assist Fredrik Oppegaard
89'   Sander Vereijken
89'   Tijn Daverveld
87'   out Karim Loukili
87'   in Gaetan Bosiers
84'   in Nigel Thomas
84'   out Cheick Toure
84'   in Fredrik Oppegaard
84'   out Dennis Vos
84'   in Mathijs Tielemans
84'   out Dante Rigo
79'   Lance Duijvestijn
78'   Maxime De Bie
72'   out Fode Fofana
72'   in Kristofer Ingi Kristinsson
71'   Lance Duijvestijn
71'  Assist Jordy Thomassen
65'   in Jordy Thomassen
65'   out Jelle Goselink
63'   Shurandy Sambo
63'  Assist Fode Fofana
54'   Johan Bakayoko
53'   Jeff Stans
51'   in Jeff Stans
51'   out Guus Joppen
46'   in Mees Kreekels
46'   out Armando Obispo
35'   Guus Joppen
35'   Fode Fofana

Goalkeeper: Maxime Delanghe

Defence: Shurandy Sambo
Defence: Armando Obispo
Defence: Dennis Vos
Defence: Tijn Daverveld

Midfield: Cheick Toure
Midfield: Dante Rigo
Midfield: Emmanuel Matuta
Midfield: Johan Bakayoko

Forward: Mathias Kjoeloe
Forward: Fode Fofana

Substitute player: Mathijs Tielemans
Substitute player: Kyan van Dorp
Substitute player: Nigel Thomas
Substitute player: Jenson Seelt
Substitute player: Mark Spenkelink
Substitute player: Kristofer Ingi Kristinsson
Substitute player: Fredrik Oppegaard
Substitute player: Fedde Leysen
Substitute player: Luis Felipe
Substitute player: Damian Timan
Substitute player: Mees Kreekels
Substitute player: Mohammed Amin Doudah

Coach: Peter Uneken
Goalkeeper: Stijn van Gassel

Defence: Dean van der Sluys
Defence: Joel Roeffen
Defence: Alec Van Hoorenbeeck
Defence: Guus Joppen

Midfield: Maxime De Bie
Midfield: Lance Duijvestijn
Midfield: Sander Vereijken

Forward: Jelle Goselink
Forward: Karim Loukili
Forward: Arno Van Keilegom

Substitute player: Robin Mantel
Substitute player: Kay van der Vorst
Substitute player: Orhan Dzepar
Substitute player: Gaetan Bosiers
Substitute player: Jordy Thomassen
Substitute player: Jessy Hendrikx
Substitute player: Juul Respen
Substitute player: Rowen Koot
Substitute player: Jeff Stans

Coach: Wil Boessen
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Jong PSVHelmond Sport
LOST in last 1 Eerste Divisie's games.LOST in last 1 Eerste Divisie's games.
NOT WON in last 2 Eerste Divisie's games.NOT WON in last 3 Eerste Divisie's games.

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17.League position11.
  4pts.Last five games  5pts.
  5pts.last 5 home/away only  4pts.

3 on Helmond Sport

over 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:2
»Head to Head matches
23rd Feb 21 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieJong PSV : Helmond Sport 2:2
27th Nov 20 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieHelmond Sport : Jong PSV 1:0
13th Apr 20 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieJong PSV : Helmond Sport 0:0
29th Nov 19 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieHelmond Sport : Jong PSV 2:3
01st Mar 19 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieHelmond Sport : Jong PSV 0:2
31st Aug 18 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieJong PSV : Helmond Sport 1:1
12th Jan 18 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieJong PSV : Helmond Sport 1:2
25th Aug 17 Netherlands - Eerste DivisieHelmond Sport : Jong PSV 1:2
»Latest games
Jong PSV
Netherlands - Eerste Divisie 2020/2021
26.2.Go Ahead Eagles1:0Jong PSV
23.2.Jong PSV2:2Helmond Sport
19.2.Jong PSV1:0FC Den Bosch
05.2.Roda JC Kerkrade5:1Jong PSV
29.1.Jong PSV1:2Jong Ajax
22.1.Cambuur5:1Jong PSV
18.1.Jong PSV1:1NAC Breda
11.1.FC Dordrecht2:3Jong PSV
05.1.Jong PSV2:3Go Ahead Eagles
21.12.Jong PSV1:2Almere City FC
11.12.TOP Oss3:2Jong PSV
05.12.Jong PSV1:1Roda JC Kerkrade
30.11.Jong PSV0:1Cambuur
27.11.Helmond Sport1:0Jong PSV
24.11.Jong PSV1:1Jong FC Utrecht
20.11.MVV Maastricht3:3Jong PSV
06.11.FC Den Bosch1:2Jong PSV
23.10.De Graafschap2:1Jong PSV
20.10.Jong PSV1:1NEC Nijmegen
16.10.FC Volendam5:1Jong PSV
02.10.Jong PSV3:0Telstar
26.9.NAC Breda2:1Jong PSV
18.9.Jong PSV1:2FC Eindhoven
14.9.Jong Ajax1:2Jong PSV
Helmond Sport
Netherlands - Eerste Divisie 2020/2021
27.2.FC Dordrecht2:1Helmond Sport
23.2.Jong PSV2:2Helmond Sport
19.2.Helmond Sport1:2Roda JC Kerkrade
16.2.Helmond Sport2:1Almere City FC
29.1.Helmond Sport1:1Telstar
22.1.MVV Maastricht1:1Helmond Sport
15.1.Helmond Sport4:0FC Den Bosch
09.1.Jong Ajax2:2Helmond Sport
02.1.Helmond Sport5:2FC Dordrecht
18.12.Jong AZ Alkmaar2:2Helmond Sport
14.12.Roda JC Kerkrade2:2Helmond Sport
04.12.Helmond Sport0:2Go Ahead Eagles
27.11.Helmond Sport1:0Jong PSV
20.11.Jong FC Utrecht2:1Helmond Sport
13.11.Helmond Sport2:1Excelsior
06.11.NEC Nijmegen2:2Helmond Sport
30.10.Helmond Sport1:1MVV Maastricht
Netherlands - KNVB Cup 2020/2021
26.10.Excelsior4:0Helmond Sport
Netherlands - Eerste Divisie 2020/2021
23.10.Telstar2:0Helmond Sport
19.10.Helmond Sport1:2De Graafschap
12.10.FC Den Bosch1:2Helmond Sport
06.10.Helmond Sport1:5Cambuur


Main table plus home and away only tables.
2De Graafschap26183554:3557
3NAC Breda26165551:2353
4Almere City FC26165556:3653
5Go Ahead Eagles26155637:1850
6NEC Nijmegen26145748:3147
7FC Volendam26128654:3444
8Roda JC Kerkrade26118748:3641
11Helmond Sport26791036:4130
12Jong Ajax26861242:5230
13FC Eindhoven26781137:4529
14Jong FC Utrecht26911638:5128
15TOP Oss26841427:4328
16MVV Maastricht26751428:5226
17Jong PSV26661437:5424
18Jong AZ Alkmaar26651536:6923
19FC Dordrecht26531825:6718
20FC Den Bosch26371630:6016
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off  

2De Graafschap1392226:1529
3Almere City FC1392223:629
4NAC Breda1391329:1228
5NEC Nijmegen1373325:1324
6Roda JC Kerkrade1364325:1622
7Go Ahead Eagles1363415:1021
8FC Volendam1353528:1818
9MVV Maastricht1352620:2917
10TOP Oss1352621:2017
11Helmond Sport1352619:2017
13FC Eindhoven1344526:2316
15Jong FC Utrecht1350819:2315
16FC Den Bosch1335519:1814
17Jong Ajax1334618:2513
18Jong AZ Alkmaar1333724:3612
19FC Dordrecht1333715:2512
20Jong PSV1325616:2211
2Go Ahead Eagles1392222:829
3De Graafschap1391328:2028
4FC Volendam1375126:1626
5NAC Breda1374222:1125
6Almere City FC1373333:3024
7NEC Nijmegen1372423:1823
8Roda JC Kerkrade1354423:2019
10Jong Ajax1352624:2717
12Jong PSV1341821:3213
13Jong FC Utrecht1341819:2813
14Helmond Sport1327417:2113
15FC Eindhoven1334611:2213
16Jong AZ Alkmaar1332812:3311
17TOP Oss133286:2311
18MVV Maastricht132388:239
19FC Dordrecht13201110:426
20FC Den Bosch13021111:422

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1NAC Breda550014:415
2De Graafschap54109:513
4Roda JC Kerkrade540116:612
5Go Ahead Eagles54018:312
6FC Volendam53119:710
7MVV Maastricht53025:49
8NEC Nijmegen530211:69
9Jong AZ Alkmaar52127:147
11FC Dordrecht52037:136
12Helmond Sport51227:85
13Jong PSV51135:104
14Jong Ajax51137:124
15FC Den Bosch511310:124
16Jong FC Utrecht51046:123
17TOP Oss51049:123
18Almere City FC51046:123
19FC Eindhoven50235:92

1NAC Breda541014:313
2De Graafschap54109:313
4Go Ahead Eagles54017:312
5MVV Maastricht53116:410
6NEC Nijmegen531110:510
7Helmond Sport531113:610
9Almere City FC52125:47
10Jong AZ Alkmaar52038:136
11Jong FC Utrecht52038:86
12Roda JC Kerkrade52039:116
13TOP Oss520311:116
14FC Volendam520310:96
15Jong PSV51227:85
16FC Den Bosch51228:75
18FC Dordrecht51136:124
19FC Eindhoven51137:94
20Jong Ajax50235:92
1Go Ahead Eagles550013:215
2Roda JC Kerkrade541013:413
3De Graafschap540112:612
4NAC Breda532010:511
6FC Volendam53207:311
7NEC Nijmegen53029:99
8Almere City FC530212:119
9Jong Ajax52037:116
11Jong AZ Alkmaar51225:125
12Helmond Sport50418:94
14Jong PSV51047:163
15Jong FC Utrecht51045:103
16MVV Maastricht51041:103
17TOP Oss51042:93
18FC Dordrecht51046:153
19FC Eindhoven50234:72
20FC Den Bosch50146:161

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