Sweden - Superettan


Joenkoepings Soedra


IFK Vaernamo




halftime (0:2)
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Date Monday 13th August 2018
Time 19:00 CEST
88'   in Axel Lindahl
88'   out Fredric Fendrich
80'  Assist Fredric Fendrich
80'   Erik Moberg
77'   out Paer Cederqvist
77'   in Paulo Marcelo
67'   out Alexander Henningsson
67'   in Sameehg Doutie
64'   in Tyler Lissette
64'   out Daniel Ask
63'   Freddy Winst
63'  Assist Rasmus Wiedesheim-Paul
59'   Jesper Svensson
46'   out Benjamin Tannus
46'   in Amir Al-Ammari
46'   out Pavle Vagic
46'   in Jesper Svensson
42'   penalty Paer Cederqvist
41'    Daryl Smylie
38'   Erik Moberg
29'   Alexander Henningsson
29'   Freddy Winst
25'   Daryl Smylie
23'   penalty Paer Cederqvist
20'   Tom Siwe

Goalkeeper: Frank Pettersson

Defence: Max Watson
Defence: Alexander Jallow
Defence: Tom Siwe
Defence: Erik Moberg

Midfield: Benjamin Tannus
Midfield: Pavle Vagic
Midfield: Fredric Fendrich
Midfield: Daryl Smylie
Midfield: Tommy Thelin

Forward: Jakob Orlov

Substitute player: Joakim Karlsson
Substitute player: Fredrik Olsson
Substitute player: Amir Al-Ammari
Substitute player: Carljohan Eriksson
Substitute player: Sebastian Crona
Substitute player: Axel Lindahl
Substitute player: Jesper Svensson
Goalkeeper: Tobias Andersson

Defence: Claudio Daniel Perez
Defence: Evaldo Neto
Defence: Freddy Winst
Defence: Jon Birkfeldt

Midfield: Viktor Einarsson
Midfield: Daniel Ask
Midfield: Fabio Gama

Forward: Alexander Henningsson
Forward: Rasmus Wiedesheim-Paul
Forward: Paer Cederqvist

Substitute player: Lumala Abdu
Substitute player: Tyler Lissette
Substitute player: Sameehg Doutie
Substitute player: Filip Eriksson
Substitute player: Paulo Marcelo
Substitute player: Anton Maikkula
Substitute player: Isse Ismail
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Joenkoepings SoedraIFK Vaernamo
DRAW in last 2 Superettan's games.WON in last 1 Superettan's games.
NOT WON in last 4 Superettan's games.NOT LOST in last 2 Superettan's games.

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13.League position14.
  6pts.Last five games  7pts.
  7pts.last 5 home/away only  10pts.

3 on Joenkoepings Soedra

under 2.5 goals
score tip - 1:0
»Head to Head matches
13th Aug 18 Sweden - SuperettanJoenkoepings Soedra : IFK Vaernamo 1:3
11th Jun 18 Sweden - SuperettanIFK Vaernamo : Joenkoepings Soedra 0:1
25th Mar 17 International - Club FriendliesJoenkoepings Soedra : IFK Vaernamo 5:1
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Main table plus home and away only tables.
2Falkenbergs FF26174556:2955
3AFC Eskilstuna261212235:1248
4Halmstads BK26135842:3444
5Oergryte FF27127845:3443
6IK Brage26108840:4038
8Oesters IF261061039:3336
10Varbergs BoIS FC26781138:4229
11IK Frej Taeby26851339:5129
13Joenkoepings Soedra26771225:3428
14IFK Vaernamo26751427:4226
15Landskrona BoIS26561533:4721
 promotion promotion   promotion play off promotion play off   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

2AFC Eskilstuna1385024:529
3Falkenbergs FF1382325:1426
4Halmstads BK1373318:1524
5Oergryte FF1372425:1523
6IK Brage1363424:2021
8IK Frej Taeby1354420:2519
10Oesters IF1336418:1415
11Joenkoepings Soedra1335514:1914
13Varbergs BoIS FC1334619:2213
14IFK Vaernamo1333713:1912
15Landskrona BoIS1325619:2211
1Falkenbergs FF1392231:1529
3Oesters IF1370621:1921
4Oergryte FF1455420:1920
5Halmstads BK1362524:1920
6AFC Eskilstuna1347211:719
8IK Brage1345416:2017
9Varbergs BoIS FC1344519:2016
10Joenkoepings Soedra1342711:1514
12IFK Vaernamo1342714:2314
15Landskrona BoIS1331914:2510
16IK Frej Taeby1331919:2610

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Oergryte FF531110:510
3Varbergs BoIS FC53119:310
4Falkenbergs FF53029:59
6Halmstads BK52127:97
8AFC Eskilstuna51405:27
9IFK Vaernamo52127:57
10IK Frej Taeby52129:97
11Joenkoepings Soedra51314:56
12Oesters IF51225:45
14Landskrona BoIS51046:143
16IK Brage50146:141

2AFC Eskilstuna54108:213
3Falkenbergs FF540111:512
4IK Frej Taeby531110:1010
5Oergryte FF530211:89
7Oesters IF52219:38
8IFK Vaernamo52215:48
9Joenkoepings Soedra52129:107
10Halmstads BK52125:77
11IK Brage52128:87
13Varbergs BoIS FC51228:85
14Landskrona BoIS51138:104
1Varbergs BoIS FC53118:510
2IFK Vaernamo531111:610
4Falkenbergs FF530211:69
5Oergryte FF52126:67
7AFC Eskilstuna51405:37
8Oesters IF52036:56
9Halmstads BK520310:86
12IK Brage51137:124
14Landskrona BoIS51044:153
15IK Frej Taeby51046:103
16Joenkoepings Soedra50231:52

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