Japan J. League 3 2020 Japan | J. League 3 | 2020

J. League 3 facts

Home field has no special importance on game result. Home team get average 1.42 points per game.!
Draws are less common in this league. 23% of games finish as draw!
Number of goals per game is normal. It's 2.66 goals per game
Number of games with three or more goals is normal. It's 49% of all games.
Bet very carefuly here. Outsiders are winning lot of games.!

Predictions and upcoming games

dateround  1X2result predictionGoals (2.5)Score tip
28 Oct24Gamba Osaka U23
Fukushima United
30 Oct24Kamatamare Sanuki
Fujieda MYFC
31 Oct24Gainare Tottori
Cerezo Osaka U23
7 on Gainare Tottoriunder2:0
31 Oct24YSCC
Grulla Morioka
3 on Grulla Moriokaunder0:1
31 Oct24Blaublitz Akita
Vanraure Hachinohe
10 on Blaublitz Akitaunder2:0
31 Oct24FC Gifu
SC Sagamihara
3 on SC Sagamiharaover1:2
31 Oct24Kagoshima United
Imabari FC
31 Oct24Nagano Parceiro
Kataller Toyama
4 on Nagano Parceiroover2:1
31 Oct24Roasso Kumamoto
Azul Claro Numazu
6 on Roasso Kumamotoover3:0
1 Nov32Gainare Tottori
FC Tokyo U23
3 Nov25Imabari FC
Gamba Osaka U23
3 Nov25Vanraure Hachinohe
Roasso Kumamoto
5 on Roasso Kumamotounder0:2
3 Nov25Azul Claro Numazu
Gainare Tottori
3 Nov25Blaublitz Akita
Kamatamare Sanuki
9 on Blaublitz Akitaunder2:0
3 Nov25Grulla Morioka
Fukushima United
3 on Fukushima Unitedover1:2
3 Nov25Kataller Toyama
Kagoshima United
4 on Kagoshima Unitedover1:2
4 Nov25YSCC
FC Gifu
10 on FC Gifuover0:3
8 Nov26Grulla Morioka
Vanraure Hachinohe
8 Nov26Fujieda MYFC
Imabari FC
3 on Imabari FCunder0:1
8 Nov26Gainare Tottori
7 on Gainare Tottoriunder2:0
8 Nov26FC Gifu
Kataller Toyama
8 Nov26Cerezo Osaka U23
Azul Claro Numazu
2 on Azul Claro Numazuunder1:1
8 Nov26Gamba Osaka U23
Kamatamare Sanuki
3 on Gamba Osaka U23under1:0
8 Nov26Nagano Parceiro
Blaublitz Akita
3 on Blaublitz Akitaunder0:1
8 Nov33FC Tokyo U23
Grulla Morioka

There have to be at least four rounds played to make predictions.
All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Blaublitz Akita23167039:755
2Nagano Parceiro23126535:1842
3Roasso Kumamoto23133739:2742
4SC Sagamihara23126530:2642
5FC Gifu23124740:3140
5FC Tokyo U2300000:00
6Kagoshima United23114834:2837
7Gainare Tottori23114831:2737
8Imabari FC2389621:1833
9Fujieda MYFC2395936:3532
10Kataller Toyama23941037:3131
11Fukushima United23831232:3927
12Gamba Osaka U2323751133:3826
13Grulla Morioka23751120:3626
14Azul Claro Numazu23741223:2925
15Vanraure Hachinohe23641328:4022
16Kamatamare Sanuki23481125:3420
18Cerezo Osaka U2323371322:4116
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1Blaublitz Akita75018:526
2SC Sagamihara74118:1125
3Nagano Parceiro80319:924
4Roasso Kumamoto72224:1423
5Gainare Tottori62316:1120
6Kagoshima United52412:1617
7Fujieda MYFC52519:1717
8Gamba Osaka U2351518:1816
9Azul Claro Numazu43413:1115
10Fukushima United43619:2215
11FC Gifu43413:1515
12Kataller Toyama42615:1314
13Vanraure Hachinohe41714:1913
14Grulla Morioka41712:2513
15Imabari FC2559:1511
16Cerezo Osaka U2324510:1610
18Kamatamare Sanuki24511:1510
19FC Tokyo U230000:00
1Blaublitz Akita1192021:229
2FC Gifu1281327:1625
3Imabari FC1164112:322
4Kagoshima United1262422:1220
5Roasso Kumamoto1261515:1319
6Nagano Parceiro1246216:918
7SC Sagamihara1152412:1517
8Gainare Tottori1252515:1617
9Kataller Toyama1152422:1817
10Fujieda MYFC1143417:1815
11Grulla Morioka113448:1113
12Fukushima United1040613:1712
13Gamba Osaka U231224615:2010
14Azul Claro Numazu1231810:1810
16Kamatamare Sanuki1224614:1910
17Vanraure Hachinohe1123614:219
18Cerezo Osaka U231213812:256
19FC Tokyo U2300000:00

Latest results

dateround home team away team
25 Oct23FTSC Sagamihara1:0Roasso Kumamoto
25 Oct23FTCerezo Osaka U231:1Gamba Osaka U23
25 Oct23FTVanraure Hachinohe1:0Kagoshima United
25 Oct23FTAzul Claro Numazu0:0Blaublitz Akita
25 Oct23FTImabari FC0:2Kamatamare Sanuki
25 Oct23FTGrulla Morioka0:4FC Gifu
25 Oct23FTFujieda MYFC1:2Gainare Tottori
25 Oct23FTFukushima United1:0Nagano Parceiro
24 Oct23FTKataller Toyama3:0YSCC
21 Oct12FTKataller Toyama1:1Vanraure Hachinohe
18 Oct22FTKataller Toyama0:1Grulla Morioka
18 Oct22FTKagoshima United0:0Cerezo Osaka U23
18 Oct22FTFC Gifu1:2Fukushima United
18 Oct22FTNagano Parceiro3:1Vanraure Hachinohe
18 Oct22FTKamatamare Sanuki1:1SC Sagamihara
18 Oct22FTGainare Tottori1:1Gamba Osaka U23

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
1SC Sagamihara54107:113
2Fukushima United540111:612
3Kagoshima United53116:310
4Blaublitz Akita52308:29
5Gamba Osaka U2352217:58
6Azul Claro Numazu52214:28
7Kamatamare Sanuki52217:68
8Grulla Morioka52124:77
9Nagano Parceiro52124:37
10Gainare Tottori52128:77
11Kataller Toyama52128:67
12FC Gifu52038:106
13Imabari FC51223:55
14Vanraure Hachinohe51133:64
15Roasso Kumamoto51135:74
16Cerezo Osaka U2350323:73
17Fujieda MYFC50233:62
19FC Tokyo U2300000:00

1SC Sagamihara54109:513
2Nagano Parceiro54017:212
3Azul Claro Numazu53119:310
4Gamba Osaka U23530210:89
5Blaublitz Akita52306:19
6Roasso Kumamoto530210:69
7Kamatamare Sanuki52217:58
8Kagoshima United52125:77
9Grulla Morioka52124:87
10Gainare Tottori52126:67
11Fukushima United52036:76
12Cerezo Osaka U2351226:75
13Imabari FC51134:74
14Kataller Toyama51135:74
15Vanraure Hachinohe51045:103
17FC Gifu51044:113
18Fujieda MYFC50233:62
19FC Tokyo U2300000:00
1FC Gifu550015:515
2Blaublitz Akita541011:213
3Fukushima United540111:712
4Kagoshima United53118:310
5SC Sagamihara53116:310
6Nagano Parceiro53117:210
7Imabari FC52304:19
8Fujieda MYFC52128:87
9Gainare Tottori52037:96
10Kataller Toyama52038:96
11Grulla Morioka51222:35
12Cerezo Osaka U2351136:114
13Vanraure Hachinohe51137:114
15Kamatamare Sanuki51135:74
16Roasso Kumamoto51133:64
17Gamba Osaka U2350232:52
18Azul Claro Numazu50142:81
19FC Tokyo U2300000:00

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1FC Tokyo U23   000
3Gamba Osaka U237448353.272.923.09
4Fukushima United9652303.1533.09
5Fujieda MYFC83703933.183.09
6FC Gifu8761432.553.583.09
7Vanraure Hachinohe7852352.753.182.96
8Kataller Toyama7861262.333.642.96
9Roasso Kumamoto7452303.452.332.87
10Cerezo Osaka U237048302.363.082.74
11Kagoshima United6557302.552.832.7
12Kamatamare Sanuki7043262.362.752.57
13Gainare Tottori7848222.452.582.52
14Grulla Morioka6543353.081.732.43
15SC Sagamihara6552262.422.452.43
16Nagano Parceiro6139262.552.082.3
17Azul Claro Numazu5748262.182.332.26
18Blaublitz Akita5735261.922.092
19Imabari FC5722421.361.7

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team betting index

Teams ordered by SoccerVista tips profitability
Negative number means that team plays less predictable - this team can beat big favourite and lose against weak team. Be very careful when adding this team to your betting slip!

 Total bets Average OddsBetting Index
1Blaublitz Akita1936.8
2Fukushima United1922.6
3Imabari FC1922.1
4Roasso Kumamoto1818.9
5Kamatamare Sanuki1815.0
6Nagano Parceiro1812.2
7Cerezo Osaka U23198.9
8Azul Claro Numazu197.9
9FC Gifu187.2
11Kataller Toyama195.8
12Fujieda MYFC193.7
13SC Sagamihara192.1
14FC Tokyo U2300.0
15Gamba Osaka U2319-0.5
16Grulla Morioka18-1.1
17Gainare Tottori18-4.4
18Vanraure Hachinohe19-4.7
19Kagoshima United19-11.6

Average betting index at Japan J. League 3 is 8.15 units. That means: Bet very carefuly here. Outsiders are winning lot of games.

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