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Italy Campionato Primavera 1 2018/2019 Italy | Campionato Primavera 1 | 2018/2019


Main table plus home and away only tables.
0Chievo U1900000:00
1Atalanta Primavera30214577:3767
1Atalanta U1930214577:3767
2Inter Primavera30175854:4056
2Roma U19961231:1319
3Roma Primavera30167780:4355
4Torino Primavera30156967:4451
5Juventus U19952218:1617
5Fiorentina Primavera30148848:3950
5Torino U19851220:1016
6Chievo Primavera301341350:5843
6SSC Napoli U19951311:1016
7Cagliari Primavera301110940:4143
8Inter U19943223:1615
8Juventus Primavera301191056:5442
9Palermo Primavera301081234:4938
10SSC Napoli Primavera301071338:4937
10Sassuolo U19724116:1310
11Sampdoria Primavera308111131:2835
12Sassuolo Primavera30981343:4735
13Empoli Primavera30891343:5033
14Genoa Primavera30951639:5432
15AC Milan Primavera30871540:5931
15Genoa U1971155:124
15Udinese U1981167:224
16Udinese Primavera30362124:7215
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1Atalanta U19111337:2034
2Atalanta Primavera111337:2034
3Roma Primavera101444:2231
4Torino Primavera83437:2227
5Inter Primavera83427:1827
6Sampdoria Primavera75322:926
7Juventus Primavera72627:2723
8Fiorentina Primavera65423:2223
9Palermo Primavera56419:2021
10Genoa Primavera55518:2020
11SSC Napoli Primavera54619:2119
12Sassuolo Primavera52819:2117
13AC Milan Primavera52820:2817
14Empoli Primavera45624:2717
15Chievo Primavera44725:3416
16Cagliari Primavera36618:2315
17Inter U1932015:611
18Torino U1931010:410
19Roma U1930214:99
20Udinese Primavera231014:379
21Juventus U193028:109
22SSC Napoli U192124:67
23Sassuolo U191114:34
24Udinese U191035:133
25Genoa U190121:31
26Chievo U190000:00
1Atalanta U1915103240:1733
2Atalanta Primavera15103240:1733
3Inter Primavera1592427:2229
4Cagliari Primavera1584322:1828
5Fiorentina Primavera1583425:1727
6Chievo Primavera1590625:2427
7Torino Primavera1573530:2224
8Roma Primavera1566336:2124
9Juventus Primavera1547429:2719
10Sassuolo Primavera1546524:2618
11SSC Napoli Primavera1553719:2818
12Palermo Primavera1552815:2917
13Empoli Primavera1544719:2316
14AC Milan Primavera1535720:3114
15Genoa Primavera15401121:3412
16Roma U19431017:410
17SSC Napoli U1943017:49
18Sampdoria Primavera151689:199
19Juventus U19422010:68
20Sassuolo U19413012:106
21Torino U19420210:66
22Udinese Primavera15131110:356
23Inter U1941128:104
24Genoa U1941034:93
25Udinese U1940132:91
26Chievo U1900000:00

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1Chievo U19   000
2Roma U19
3Inter U19
4Sassuolo U19   2.335.54.14
5Roma Primavera
6Atalanta U19
7Atalanta Primavera
8Juventus U19   3.643.78
9Torino U19   3.543.75
10Torino Primavera   3.933.473.7
11Juventus Primavera   3.63.733.67
12Udinese U19   4.52.753.63
13Chievo Primavera   3.933.273.6
14AC Milan Primavera
15Udinese Primavera   3.433.2
16Inter Primavera   33.273.13
17Genoa Primavera   2.533.673.1
18Empoli Primavera
19Sassuolo Primavera   2.673.333
20SSC Napoli Primavera   2.673.132.9
21Fiorentina Primavera   32.82.9
22Palermo Primavera   2.62.932.77
23Cagliari Primavera   2.732.672.7
24Genoa U19   1.333.252.43
25SSC Napoli U19   22.752.33
26Sampdoria Primavera   2.071.871.97

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team betting index

Teams ordered by SoccerVista tips profitability
Negative number means that team plays less predictable - this team can beat big favourite and lose against weak team. Be very careful when adding this team to your betting slip!

 Total bets Average OddsBetting Index
1Atalanta U1900.0
2Udinese U1900.0
3Genoa U1900.0
4Chievo U1900.0
5Sassuolo U1900.0
6SSC Napoli U1900.0
7Torino U1900.0
8Roma U1900.0
9Palermo Primavera00.0
10Udinese Primavera00.0
11Torino Primavera00.0
12Sassuolo Primavera00.0
13Sampdoria Primavera00.0
14SSC Napoli Primavera00.0
15Roma Primavera00.0
16Juventus Primavera00.0
17Inter Primavera00.0
18Genoa Primavera00.0
19Fiorentina Primavera00.0
20Chievo Primavera00.0
21Cagliari Primavera00.0
22Atalanta Primavera00.0
23AC Milan Primavera00.0
24Empoli Primavera00.0
25Juventus U1900.0
26Inter U1900.0

Average betting index at Italy Campionato Primavera 1 is 0 units. That means: Soccer summary for Italy Campionato Primavera 1 league. Season 2018/2019 - tables, statistics, odds and picks. Football teams - Chievo U19,Atalanta Primavera or Atalanta U19

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