Germany - Regionalliga Bayern


Ingolstadt II


SpVgg Bayreuth

halftime (1:2)
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Date Wednesday 27th March 2019
Time 19:30 CET
90'   Shpetim Sulejmani
60'   Sven Kopp
32'   Christopher Kracun
13'   Tobias Weber
7'   Patrick Hasenhuettl
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Ingolstadt IISpVgg Bayreuth
LOST in last 1 Regionalliga Bayern's games.LOST in last 1 Regionalliga Bayern's games.
NOT DRAW in last 3 Regionalliga Bayern's games.NOT DRAW in last 3 Regionalliga Bayern's games.

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18.League position9.
  7pts.Last five games  5pts.
  8pts.last 5 home/away only  2pts.


over 2.5 goals
score tip - 2:2
»Head to Head matches
27th Mar 19 Germany - Regionalliga BayernIngolstadt II : SpVgg Bayreuth 1:4
24th Aug 18 Germany - Regionalliga BayernSpVgg Bayreuth : Ingolstadt II 1:0
18th Nov 17 Germany - Regionalliga BayernIngolstadt II : SpVgg Bayreuth 6:0
21st Jul 17 Germany - Regionalliga BayernSpVgg Bayreuth : Ingolstadt II 3:1
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Ingolstadt II
Germany - Oberliga Bayern South 2019/2021
31.10.Ingolstadt II1:1SpVgg Hankofen-Hailing
24.10.FC Deisenhofen2:0Ingolstadt II
04.10.Ingolstadt II2:1TSV Schwabmuenchen
20.9.1860 Muenchen II0:2Ingolstadt II
07.3.Ingolstadt II3:2TSV Dachau
30.11.FC Pipinsried3:1Ingolstadt II
22.11.Ingolstadt II7:2Tuerkspor Augsburg
16.11.Donaustauf1:1Ingolstadt II
10.11.Ingolstadt II5:1TSV Landsberg
03.11.Jahn Regensburg II3:4Ingolstadt II
26.10.TSV 1861 Noerdlingen2:2Ingolstadt II
18.10.Ingolstadt II1:1FC Ismaning
11.10.TSV 1880 Wasserburg5:1Ingolstadt II
05.10.Ingolstadt II0:2SV Kirchanschoering
28.9.SV Pullach0:2Ingolstadt II
21.9.Ingolstadt II2:2TSV Kottern
14.9.SpVgg Hankofen-Hailing2:1Ingolstadt II
11.9.Ingolstadt II6:0Jahn Regensburg II
06.9.Ingolstadt II3:0FC Deisenhofen
31.8.TSV Schwaben Augsburg0:2Ingolstadt II
23.8.TSV Schwabmuenchen1:1Ingolstadt II
17.8.Ingolstadt II3:21860 Muenchen II
10.8.TSV Dachau3:1Ingolstadt II
03.8.Ingolstadt II2:4FC Pipinsried
SpVgg Bayreuth
Germany - Regionalliga Bayern 2019/2021
31.10.SpVgg Bayreuth2:1VfB Eichstaett
24.10.SpVgg Bayreuth2:0Nuernberg II
17.10.1860 Rosenheim0:1SpVgg Bayreuth
07.3.FV Illertissen1:4SpVgg Bayreuth
30.11.SpVgg Bayreuth1:1Augsburg II
23.11.TSV Buchbach3:1SpVgg Bayreuth
16.11.SpVgg Bayreuth4:0FC Memmingen
09.11.VfR Garching1:1SpVgg Bayreuth
02.11.SpVgg Bayreuth1:1Viktoria Aschaffenburg
26.10.SpVgg Bayreuth6:1SV Schalding-Heining
19.10.SV Heimstetten0:3SpVgg Bayreuth
12.10.SpVgg Bayreuth3:1FC Schweinfurt
05.10.TSV Rain/Lech1:2SpVgg Bayreuth
28.9.SpVgg Bayreuth0:0Burghausen
21.9.Greuther Fuerth II2:0SpVgg Bayreuth
14.9.SpVgg Bayreuth2:2TSV Aubstadt
07.9.VfB Eichstaett0:1SpVgg Bayreuth
30.8.SpVgg Bayreuth0:0Tuerkguecue Muenchen
23.8.SpVgg Bayreuth3:01860 Rosenheim
17.8.Nuernberg II1:1SpVgg Bayreuth
09.8.SpVgg Bayreuth7:2FV Illertissen
02.8.Augsburg II0:3SpVgg Bayreuth
26.7.SpVgg Bayreuth1:1TSV Buchbach
23.7.FC Memmingen2:3SpVgg Bayreuth


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1Bayern Munich II34227572:3073
2VfB Eichstaett34199669:4466
4FC Schweinfurt341413755:4355
5Nuernberg II341510950:3855
6FC Memmingen341391255:5748
7FV Illertissen341451558:6347
8TSV Buchbach341371452:4846
9SpVgg Bayreuth341291351:4745
10Viktoria Aschaffenburg349141147:5441
11VfR Garching3410111346:5341
12SV Schalding-Heining341181541:5341
13Augsburg II341161743:5039
14Greuther Fuerth II341081645:4938
151860 Rosenheim341071737:5837
16SV Heimstetten341051948:7335
17FC Pipinsried34891746:6933
18Ingolstadt II341291353:4845
 promotion play off promotion play off   relegation play off relegation play off   relegation relegation  

1Bayern Munich II17114236:1637
2VfB Eichstaett17104336:2134
3FC Schweinfurt1794432:1731
4Nuernberg II1786332:1930
5Ingolstadt II1784525:2228
7SpVgg Bayreuth1775522:1626
8FV Illertissen1773733:3124
9FC Memmingen1766528:2624
10Viktoria Aschaffenburg1764722:2322
11VfR Garching1756621:2221
12TSV Buchbach1763825:2721
13Greuther Fuerth II1762923:2220
14FC Pipinsried1746728:3318
15SV Heimstetten1753924:4118
161860 Rosenheim1745822:3117
17Augsburg II1744921:2716
18SV Schalding-Heining1744920:3016
1Bayern Munich II17113336:1436
2VfB Eichstaett1795333:2332
4SV Schalding-Heining1774621:2325
5TSV Buchbach1774627:2125
6Nuernberg II1774618:1925
7FC Memmingen1773727:3124
8FC Schweinfurt1759323:2624
9Augsburg II1772822:2323
10FV Illertissen1772825:3223
11VfR Garching1755725:3120
121860 Rosenheim1762915:2720
13Viktoria Aschaffenburg17310425:3119
14SpVgg Bayreuth1754829:3119
15Greuther Fuerth II1746722:2718
16Ingolstadt II1745828:2617
17SV Heimstetten17521024:3217
18FC Pipinsried17431018:3615

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Bayern Munich II531110:410
3FV Illertissen530212:119
4TSV Buchbach53029:99
51860 Rosenheim530210:89
6FC Pipinsried52126:67
7Augsburg II52128:67
8Ingolstadt II521213:37
9Viktoria Aschaffenburg51404:37
10FC Schweinfurt52129:97
11VfR Garching51316:76
12SV Heimstetten52036:176
13FC Memmingen51226:105
14Greuther Fuerth II51226:85
15Nuernberg II51227:95
16SpVgg Bayreuth51226:75
17SV Schalding-Heining51136:94
18VfB Eichstaett50329:113

1SpVgg Bayreuth541012:313
3VfB Eichstaett531112:610
4Bayern Munich II53119:510
5FV Illertissen530214:99
6SV Heimstetten53029:159
7Nuernberg II523011:79
8VfR Garching52218:78
9Ingolstadt II52219:98
10FC Pipinsried52126:87
11SV Schalding-Heining52129:87
12Greuther Fuerth II52128:87
131860 Rosenheim521210:107
14TSV Buchbach52036:96
15Viktoria Aschaffenburg51225:65
16FC Memmingen51228:105
17Augsburg II51138:94
18FC Schweinfurt51137:94
1Augsburg II53117:310
3Bayern Munich II531110:610
4FC Schweinfurt53117:510
5FV Illertissen530210:109
6Nuernberg II53028:89
7VfR Garching522110:108
8VfB Eichstaett522112:118
9Ingolstadt II521214:47
101860 Rosenheim52127:67
11TSV Buchbach52039:96
12Viktoria Aschaffenburg51317:116
13Greuther Fuerth II51226:85
14FC Pipinsried51135:94
15FC Memmingen51136:114
16SV Heimstetten51046:103
17SpVgg Bayreuth50236:112
18SV Schalding-Heining50143:101

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