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Liga 1 description

Home field has extraordinary big influence on result. Home team get average 2.07 points per game.!!!
Number of draws is on average level. 25% of games finish as draw
Number of goals per game is normal. It's 2.7 goals per game
Number of games with three or more goals is normal. It's 47% of all games.
Average league for betting.

compare with other leagues

Predictions and upcoming games

dateround home team away teamresult prediction# goals tipscore pick 
18 Jul16Persipura JayapuraPSIS8 on Persipura Jayapuraunder2:0
18 Jul16Mitra KukarSriwijaya FCdrawover2:2
18 Jul16Persebaya SurabayaPSMS7 on Persebaya Surabayaunder2:0
20 Jul17PS TIRAPusamania Borneodrawunder1:1
21 Jul17Sriwijaya FCArema6 on Sriwijaya FCover2:1
21 Jul17Bali United PusamBhayangkara FC3 on Bali United Pusamunder1:0
21 Jul17Mitra KukarPersija Jakartadrawover2:2
22 Jul17Perseru SeruiPersipura Jayapuradrawunder1:1
22 Jul17PSISPersebaya Surabayadrawunder1:1
22 Jul17Barito PuteraPersib Bandung3 on Barito Puteraover2:1
23 Jul17PSMSPSM Makassar4 on PSM Makassarover1:2
27 Jul18Persija JakartaBhayangkara FCdrawunder1:1
28 Jul18PS TIRAPersib Bandung4 on Persib Bandungover1:2
28 Jul18PSMSBali United Pusam3 on Bali United Pusamunder0:1
28 Jul18Barito PuteraMadura United5 on Barito Puteraover3:0
29 Jul18Persela LamonganPersipura Jayapura5 on Persela Lamonganunder2:0

All these predictions and picks are only informative. Please use your own brain when betting.


Main table plus home and away only tables.
1PSM Makassar1684423:1928
2Barito Putera1683528:2327
3Madura United1674523:2325
4Persib Bandung1574420:1125
5Sriwijaya FC1565428:2023
6Persela Lamongan1665525:2123
7Bali United Pusam1665519:1623
8Bhayangkara FC1665520:2123
9Persija Jakarta1664625:2122
10Persipura Jayapura1564524:2022
11Pusamania Borneo1664621:2022
13Persebaya Surabaya1447320:1819
14Perseru Serui165389:1618
15PS TIRA1653820:3418
16Mitra Kukar1552820:2517
 relegation relegation  

1PSM Makassar870117:821
2Madura United862018:820
3Persib Bandung861113:319
4Pusamania Borneo853018:818
5Barito Putera853017:818
6Persela Lamongan853017:518
7Sriwijaya FC853022:818
8Bali United Pusam852112:517
10Persipura Jayapura751115:516
11Mitra Kukar750215:815
13Bhayangkara FC835012:814
15Persija Jakarta842211:814
16PS TIRA84138:1313
17Perseru Serui84136:413
18Persebaya Surabaya63216:411
1Barito Putera830511:159
2Bhayangkara FC83058:139
3Persebaya Surabaya815214:148
4Persija Jakarta822414:138
5PSM Makassar81436:117
6Bali United Pusam81347:116
7Persib Bandung71337:86
8Persipura Jayapura81349:156
9PS TIRA812512:215
10Perseru Serui81253:125
11Madura United81255:155
12Persela Lamongan81258:165
13Sriwijaya FC71246:125
14Pusamania Borneo81163:124
16Mitra Kukar80265:172

Latest results

dateround home team away team
17 Jul16FTMadura United2:0Perseru SeruiMore details about  -  soccer game
17 Jul16FTPersija Jakarta0:2Bali United PusamMore details about  -  soccer game
16 Jul16FTPersib Bandung1:0Persela LamonganMore details about  -  soccer game
16 Jul16FTPusamania Borneo2:1Barito PuteraMore details about  -  soccer game
15 Jul16FTPSM Makassar2:1Bhayangkara FCMore details about  -  soccer game
15 Jul16FTArema2:2PS TIRAMore details about  -  soccer game
12 Jul15FTPSMS1:3Persipura JayapuraMore details about  -  soccer game
12 Jul15FTPSIS0:0Madura UnitedMore details about  -  soccer game
12 Jul15FTPerseru Serui0:0Persib BandungMore details about  -  soccer game
11 Jul15FTBali United Pusam2:0PSM MakassarMore details about  -  soccer game
11 Jul15FTPersela Lamongan2:0Pusamania BorneoMore details about  -  soccer game
11 Jul15FTBhayangkara FC3:3Persebaya SurabayaMore details about  -  soccer game
11 Jul15FTBarito Putera0:0AremaMore details about  -  soccer game
10 Jul15FTSriwijaya FC2:2Persija JakartaMore details about  -  soccer game
10 Jul15FTPS TIRA0:0Mitra KukarMore details about  -  soccer game
8 Jul14FTPersib Bandung1:0PSISMore details about  -  soccer game

Last5 Tables

Tables including only last five games played.
2Bali United Pusam53118:310
3Bhayangkara FC53118:510
4Persib Bandung53115:110
5Pusamania Borneo530210:69
6Madura United52215:38
7PSM Makassar52216:68
8Barito Putera52128:77
10Sriwijaya FC521212:87
11Persebaya Surabaya51316:66
12Persela Lamongan52036:86
13PS TIRA51224:115
14Persipura Jayapura51225:75
15Persija Jakarta51226:95
16Perseru Serui51134:94
17Mitra Kukar51136:114

1PSM Makassar55009:215
2Pusamania Borneo541014:513
3Persela Lamongan541011:213
4Sriwijaya FC541017:513
5Mitra Kukar540112:612
6Persib Bandung54017:112
7Barito Putera532010:411
8Bhayangkara FC532010:611
10Madura United53209:511
11Bali United Pusam53118:410
13Persipura Jayapura531111:410
15Persebaya Surabaya52215:48
16Persija Jakarta52216:58
17PS TIRA52124:87
18Perseru Serui52124:37
1Barito Putera52038:96
2Bhayangkara FC52035:86
3Persib Bandung51224:35
4Persebaya Surabaya50418:94
5PS TIRA51138:144
6Perseru Serui51132:94
7Bali United Pusam51135:84
9Madura United51132:94
10Persipura Jayapura51134:84
11Persija Jakarta51139:94
12Sriwijaya FC51136:94
13PSM Makassar50324:93
14Pusamania Borneo50141:71
15Mitra Kukar50142:111
16Persela Lamongan50143:111

Under - Over goals statistics

 Over in % of gamesAverage # of goals
1PS TIRA7556502.634.133.38
2Sriwijaya FC7367533.752.573.2
3Barito Putera8169443.133.253.19
4Mitra Kukar7360533.292.753
6Persipura Jayapura10047332.8632.93
7Madura United7556443.252.52.88
8Persela Lamongan8144372.7532.88
9Persija Jakarta8750442.383.382.88
10Persebaya Surabaya7143361.673.52.71
11PSM Makassar7544253.132.132.63
12Pusamania Borneo7544313.251.882.56
13Bhayangkara FC6944252.52.632.56
16Bali United Pusam6925192.132.252.19
17Persib Bandung60402022.142.07
18Perseru Serui3112121.251.881.56

Average number of goals is taken from sum Goals for and Goals against.

Team profit

If you bet on every game team plays. Each bet is 100 units.
 Total profitProfit per game
1Persebaya Surabaya00
3Pusamania Borneo00
4Perseru Serui00
5Barito Putera00
6Mitra Kukar00
7Bali United Pusam00
8Bhayangkara FC00
12Madura United00
13PSM Makassar00
14Persib Bandung00
15Persela Lamongan00
16Persipura Jayapura00
17Persija Jakarta00
18Sriwijaya FC00

Teams with positive numbers can be undervalued by bookmakers.
Only games with odds from bookmakers included

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